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Best Watches for Kids – 2022’s Top Styles for Boys and Girls

Understanding time is a major concept for kids to learn. The best watches for kids help kids learn to read both a digital and analog clock and make sense of time, which can help with hectic schedules and long days. To help out, we found all the best watches for boys and girls, including teaching, digital, and even smartwatches. 

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Best Kids Watches

The Disney Kids’ Mickey Mouse Watch is geared towards a young Disney fan with a very easy to read face with all of the minutes clearly shown as Mickey’s hands point to the hour and minutes; whereas the Marvel Avengers Kids’ Watch is fun for any kiddo who loves the Avengers but is geared towards older children with its more mature design and face showing only numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 for the hours and minutes. 

Timex My First Watch

Timex Girls' My First Easy Reader Quartz Analog Synthetic Leather Strap, Pink, 12 Casual Watch (Model: T790819J)

The Timex My First Easy Reader Watch lets little girls learn to tell time in perfect simplicity. The price is nice too considering all the high-quality features like an easy-to-see minute and hour hands, large numerals, and a faux leather strap.

Next, the analog watch is non-toxic and safe for little kids. It is water-resistant for handwashing, but not able to go into the tub. The watch fits up to a 6-inch wrist circumference.

There’s not much to complain about with this beautiful, simple, and reliable girl watch from Timex. 

Disney Kid’s Cars Watch

The Disney Kid’s Cars Watch is a teaching watch ready to teach young boys how to tell time. First, though, the watch sports a fancy image of the car from the movie Cars, which Disney fans will love. Even the band is cars inspired with tons of attention to detail.

Children ages 3 to 7 will love this watch and the easy-to-read seconds in a red border all around the face of the clock. The minute and hour hands are easy to see in contrasting colors and clearly marked. It even comes with a second hand to further the time-telling teaching. 

Lastly, the watch is water-resistant to 99 feet to withstand rain and splashes but should not be submerged into water. The silicone strap comes in an adult style that’s very adjustable. It’s time for racing! This watch is not water-resistant. 

Disney Kids’ MK1080 Mickey Mouse Watch

Disney Kids' MK1080 Mickey Mouse Watch with Black Rubber Strap

If your kid likes Disney but not Cars, how about the Mouse? Yes, theDisney Kids’ MK1080 Mickey Mouse Watch is an adorable and classic watch with some modern embellishments ready to help your kid learn time. Even better, the watch uses Mickey’s actual hands as the minute and hour hands. 

The seconds are displayed on the outer silver-tone face while the minutes and hours are on the inside. Mickey himself looks vintage with a couple of vivid splashes of red and yellow to break up the silver and black watch. A simple twist knob adjusts the time too. 

The silicone rubber band with buckle closure will fit comfortably and won’t slip around your child’s watch. All this with quartz movement on the analog display. Do notice though that this watch isn’t water-resistant and shouldn’t be worn in the water. 

Marvel The Avengers Kids’ Watch

Marvel The Avengers Kids' AVG3508 Watch with Black Rubber Band

The Marvel The Avengers Kids’ AVG3508 Watch is perfect for fans of the Avengers including Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. The watch works for older kids, too, with a non-childish design in black with simple icons on the side and a fun, colorful picture on the watch face.

Little kids will have a harder time reading the analog face with only the 3, 6, 9, and 12 presenting with the other numbers represented by circles. 

As this is a stylish boy watch, with a plastic case, plastic window, and rubber band, it’s not water-resistant, but it is perfect for fans and advanced time readers. It’s the right price, easy to adjust, and perfect for older children who don’t want to appear too childish. It doesn’t utilize extra features or any fun functions, but kids can use it as a pretend walkie-talkie to act like an Avenger, too. 

Minnie Mouse Kids Analog Watch

Disney Analog, Kids, Girls Watch, Minnie Mouse (Model: MN1157)

The Minnie Mouse Kids Analog Watch was made with quality and teaching time in mind. It’s in bright pink with a durable rubber strap and a special easy-to-read face. Minnie Mouse is standing on the watch face, ready to help little girls understand the hour and the minute hands, which are clearly marked, so kids don’t forget which is which.

Why don’t they have this for adults? Sadly, it’s only recommended for children between the ages of three and seven, but seriously, learning analog isn’t natural for many people, and this watch makes it so much easier. However, the watch sticks with the basics and doesn’t come with the date or day of the week. Nor is this watch waterproof, but it can handle a little water from handwashing and the like, just not showering or submersion. 

Kids Watch Analog

Children who want a sophisticated watch will love the Kids Watch Analog. The watch is basic with one color but with several color options. It’s safe and comfortable with a water-resistant strap for durability, elasticity, and flexibility.

The letters come in gold in this version with the full black, simplistic face. You may need to set the time for your child since the small dial on the side may not make sense to children. The glass on the front is made from a highly clear resin material that tolerates a lot of pressure, making it safe for children. 

Furthermore, its the right size for children ages 3 to 15 as you can adjust the band to fit most wrists. Too much contact with water can shorten the life of this watch, so make sure kids take it off for swimming and bathing. It comes with easy-to-see arms for minutes, hours, and seconds. 

Kids Gift Girls Watch

Gifts for 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year Old Girls, Girl Watch Toys for 3-10 Year Old Girl Gift Birthday Present

Little girls who want a little bling need the Kids Gift Girls Watch. It’s colorful, girly, and has 3D decorations on the band with a cute shape on the band to boot! With mermaids and starfish, it’s cute and trendy!

The silicone band is adjustable, and the face is easy to read. All of the numbers are in pink and black with contrasting colored minute and hour arms to make telling the time easier. The seconds surround the outer edge, but there isn’t a second arm on the watch. 

Lastly, the watch uses an analog quartz movement and doesn’t come with any extra features. It’s also water-resistant but not waterproof, so keep it out of the pool and tub. Girls between the ages of 3 and ten will love this adorable watch and learning to tell time! 

LaeLs Kids Analog Watch

Kids Watch for Boys and Girls Waterproof Analog Watch with Rubber Band

With the Kids Analog Watch, you get a colorful and comfortable watch ready to teach your child analog time. The watch comes in five colors with options suitable for both boys and girls, including blues, black, pink, and purple. Moreover, the watch has almost an art deco silicone design with decorative edging added around the sides of the face. 

Extra thick silicone over the face keeps it protected from falls, which is a good thing, as the face couldn’t be cuter with bright, easy-to-see numbers. The only problem is the hands are white, making them a little more difficult to see. Also, the seconds form a circle around the hour and minute numbers for easy viewing. 

Lastly, the watch is water-resistant against rain and splashes, making it a perfect option for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years old. It comes with an adjustable strap made of environmentally-friendly PU material with an ergonomic design for comfort and flexibility. It’s also durable with a quartz movement for precision. It comes in an adorable gift box. 

Kids Watch by Kids Gift

Gifts for 3-12 Year Old Boy Girls, Watch Toys for 4-10 Year Old Boys Girl Age 5-12 Birthday Present for Kids

Little boys who love fire trucks will love the Watches for 3-12 Year Old by Kids Gift because it’s adorable and easy to read. The watch is water-resistant but cannot go in the pool or tub. It also has easy-to-read numbers with the 3, 6, 9, and 12 in a bright red for easier viewing along with seconds all around the outside. 

The simple design offers 3D firetrucks on the silicone outside for kids with an adult face. It doesn’t have a second hand but does use different colors for the hour and minute hand. Moreover, the watch uses Japanese movement for precision and accuracy and a long life without all of the other possibly confusing features. 

Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz Watch

If you don’t mind the high price, the Lacoste Kids’ Quartz Watch comes with the iconic crocodile. The numbers are easy to read, and the hour, minute, and seconds hands are all different colors and easy to see. All this with a simple to read design and smooth watch face. 

The silicone strap offers comfort and water resistance up to 50 meters, although kids should avoid swimming with the watch. It’s a gorgeous watch in navy blue perfect for young and older boys to learn how to read an analog clock. No bells and whistles, just a watch with high-quality material and a strong battery. 

Disney Kids Watch Elsa and Anna 

Disney Kids' W001790 Frozen Elsa and Anna Watch, Pink Nylon Band

The Disney Kids Watch Elsa and Anna is very similar to the Tinker Bell watch above, but it features Elsa and Anna from Frozen and comes with a different band and face. What’s the same is that the hour and minute hands are clearly marked and easy to see in contrasting colors. Furthermore, the seconds and minutes are easy to read for an analog clock to help kids learn to tell the time in style. 

What’s truly great about this watch made for children between the ages of 3 and 7 is easy to put on and adjust the nylon strap with a hook and loop closure using velcro. It’s water-resistant but not waterproof, so keep it out of tubs and pools, but a little water here and there is okay. Also, this watch includes a punch-out instruction card to help teach your child time, just like the option above. 

Batman Kids’ Analog Watch

DC Comics Boys' Analog-Quartz Canvas Strap, Black, 16 Casual Watch (Model: BAT5038)

The Batman Kids’ Analog Watch by DC Comics is a teaching watch that looks like an adult watch with an epic Batman logo inside. Moreover, as a teaching watch, it has “hour” and “minute” written on the correct arm so kids can learn to read the analog time correctly. Although, if the world made sense, the minute hand would be shorter than the hour hand. 

A textured band provides both style and comfort, while the face is metal with seconds on the perimeter and a dial to adjust the time. It’s not non-toxic but not waterproof and doesn’t come with lots of bells and whistles. Sorry, the watch does not display a Batman signal in the sky or act as a walkie-talkie to call Batman, but boys can totally pretend it does!

Tonnier Watch Nebula

Tonnier Watches White Resin Super Soft Band Student Watches for Teenagers Young Girls Watches Nebula

Older girls who have a decent history reading analog will fall in love with the gorgeous and modern Tonnier Nebula Watch. It comes with a simple white band and a rainbow galaxy face. You need to make sure your daughter reads time well and knows her numbers, as this watch uses lines like a fancy adult watch instead of digits to display the time. 

The low price makes this watch a great buy for older kids and teenagers. It comes with environmentally friendly rubber material in a beautiful box for easy storage and gifting. Also, it won’t turn yellow, and it’s water-resistant but not submergible. Give the gift of time and elegance. 

Eleoption Kids Analog Watch

Kids Watch for Girls Boys Time Machine Analog Watch, Waterproof Toddlers Watch 3D Cute Cartoon Silicone Wristwatch Time Teacher for Little Kids Boys Girls Birthday Gift

For younger kids who want a little more fun and style, check out the Eleoption Kids Analog Watch. Pick from festive colors and tons of designs like dinosaurs, butterflies, sports themes, hearts, monkeys, and more with this adorable watch. Kids will love the adorable cartoon silicone styles with a cute picture inside the watch as well. 

The watch comes in a gift box with watches for boys and girls. Next, the watch is both durable and shock-resistant, so your kids can live an active life without breaking the affordable watch. It also offers a low profile, so it won’t overwhelm the wrist of your child between the age of 2 to 10. 

Last, the watch does offer some water resistance but should not go in the shower, bath, or pool. It can handle a little rain or splash. Parents will need to set the time for their kids, but it’s easy to do as the watch focuses on telling time with large easy to read numbers and different color minutes, hour, and seconds hands.

The watch may not have tons of extras, but it tells time with flare. 

Best Kids Digital Watches

When comparing smart watches for children, the Kids Smart Watch by Lsflair is an affordable choice that allows your child to make and receive calls, take photos, play games, plus teaches the time and date.  It does not have a GPS to track your child’s location.  However, the GizmoWatch Verizon Wireless Watch is a much more pricey smart watch that tells time, sets goals, tracks steps, has a two way phone, messaging, and for a fee, you can track your child with the GPS.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Black (Amazon Exclusive)

Parents looking for a smartwatch for their child should check out the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2. It comes in blue, pink, or black and offers so many functions it’s not even funny. Children between the ages of four and twelve will love the touch screen and the tons of fun options like a camera and so much more. 

Yes, your child can learn to tell time, not just from the time on the watch, but also from fun games on the app. Although some of the games have nothing to do with time and are just fun to play. It also offers active motion games to get your kiddo moving with dance, jumping, and more with sound effects, step tracking, and a pedometer. 

The fun doesn’t stop there as the watch comes with two cameras and photo effects. Connect to the computer using the micro-USB cable for charging and loading photos to the computer. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery with 256 MB of memory. 

Finally, kids can still splash and get a little water on it but need to avoid taking it into the pool. The band is adjustable and made durable with the ability to do so much, and yet you, the parent, can still control all the settings. This isn’t just a watch for kids, it’s a mini-computer for the wrist!

Smart Watch by Lsflair

For a lot less money you can get your child the Smart Watch by Lsflair. It comes in black, aqua, and pink with and an adjustable and ultra-sturdy band that flexes really well. This kids’ watch does it all! With a digital display, it can tell the time, the date, and the day of the week. 

What’s super great about the watch is that your kids can make and receive calls, including emergency calls, if necessary. The watch can also play music, take pictures, act as an alarm clock, and play games. It can even record voices, work as a calculator, and it has a do not disturb function too. 

You will need a SIM card to use the phone functions. Also, it doesn’t have a GPS, so if you are looking to track your child, this isn’t the option. Otherwise, children ages 3 to 12 will love this fun little addition to their wardrobe.

L.O.L. Surprise! Digital Kids Watch

L.O.L. Surprise! Girls' Quartz Watch with Plastic Strap, Purple, 16 (Model: LOL4044)

Girls who love L.O.L surprise dolls will love the L.O.L. Surprise! Watch with an easy-to-read LCD screen. It simply tells the time, but in style, with two different color options, including purple and pink. Girls will love the shimmer and sparkle of the watch and, of course, the brand. 

The silicone band sparkles as does the watch head with faux diamonds and a doll on the front. Moreover, the watch is easy to operate and read even for the newest time-tellers. The watch is not waterproof, though, but it is pretty!

Gizmowatch by Verizon 

GizmoWatch Verizon Wireless Watch - Blue

The Gizmowatch by Verizon is another smartwatch that also functions as a clock on your child’s wrist. It’s more expensive by a landslide compared to the other options but comes with a GPS setting to find your child whenever you need them. It also comes with 4G LTE to work as a 2-way voice phone, and you can even message your child. 

Moreover, you can set goals, reminders, track steps, and more with this device. It encourages children in fun ways to make and keep goals. You can literally track your child from your phone, but you will need to pay for the service to do so. 

Lastly, the device can go in the pool or anywhere else and stay strong even when your children play hard. Use this watch with iOS or Android to work with any phone you have. If you want to track your child, this smartwatch can do so and teach them to tell the time in the process. 

Olazone Girls Digital Watch

Girls Watch Kids Digital Sports 7-Color Flashing Light Waterproof 100FT Alarm Gifts for Girls Age for 8-12 487 (Purple)

Girls ages seven to ten might fall in love with this sporty Girls Watch Kids Digital by Olazone. The watch comes in three colors, including pink, purple, and red, with a chunky silicone design and an easy-to-read screen with multiple displays to know everything possible about time from a small machine. 

The watch displays the day, the time, the date, and the seconds. Not all watches show am or pm, but this watch does on the digital display. You can also pick between 12 hour or 24 hour time, which is great for military families. 

Lastly, the watch can handle a little water, but not submersion. The band is made of plastic, and it uses Japanese Quartz for precision. This is a 2019 model ready to help your child learn to tell time the digital way that is as up-to-date as the watch. 

Timex Children’s Digital Watch

Timex Kids' TW7B996009J Digital Display Watch with Adjustable Nylon Strap

Another great unisex watch option for children is the Kids Digital Watch by Timex because it comes in a few colors including options for both boys and girls love. The strap is adjustable and high-quality, made to fit a wide variety of wrist sizes. The watch uses a digital LED screen to display time easily, but if you want a watch to teach analog time, then you will need another option. 

Children can learn to use the many other features, including the backlight, stopwatch, calendar, date, alarm clock, water-resistant, shockproof, and anti-drop. It’s perfect for fashion, casual usage, outdoor use, and even sports. Kids ages 3 to 15 can use the watch, although it’s probably a better style for children 13 and under. Easy-to-use buttons make it a cinch to change any of the settings. 

Also, it’s safe in the water for up to 30 meters so kids can sweat, wash their hands, and even shower with it on. You may not want to take it in the pool, as this is more water-resistant than waterproof. If your kid likes to take items apart, then pick another watch, as this one has four screws noticeable on the front, and curious kids with access to a screwdriver may take it apart. 

Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch

Timex Boys TW7C77500 Time Machines Digital Black/Green Camouflage Fast Wrap Strap Watch

Boys who want a more grownup style watch need look no further than the Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch is a kids-sized watch for pint-sized fans. The grownup styled watch will have kids trying to act more grown up with four different camouflage options to pick from. Moreover, the nylon band offers a comfortable grip to keep kids from wanting to pull the watch off. 

The adjustable nylon strap comes in black, brown, gray, and green. It’s also a FastWrap using hook and loop for an easy velcro closure. On the face, kids get large clear numbers on a digital screen. 

Furthermore, the screen displays the day of the week and month. Kids even get the seconds displayed too. Boys can set alarms on the watch too. 

All this with water resistance up to 50 meters for short bursts of water use, but not for snorkeling or diving. Let teenagers and younger kids enjoy an analog quartz wristwatch while supporting their favorite team in the process. 

Marvel Boys’ Touch-Screen Watch

Marvel Spider-Man Kids' Touchscreen Interactive Smart Watch (Model: SPD4588AZ)

Kids who prefer Spiderman to Batman need the Marvel Boys’ Touch-Screen Watch. It’s also digital, unlike the Batman watch, and it displays the full date, including the day of the week. That’s not all of the benefits, either, as this watch comes with a few extras. 

For a very reasonable price, this kids’ digital watch acts like a smartwatch with a selfie cam, voice recorder, games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and a calculator, all with easy access. Parents can upload any photos or videos kids take and enjoy a long-lasting battery for uninterrupted usage.

However, the boys’ watch is not water-resistant, so kids with an active lifestyle need to pick a more durable option.

Last, of all, the watch can work as both an analog or digital option with multiple backgrounds to choose from, all Spidey related, of course. It’s a little on the flashy side, just like it’s an inspiration. Sorry, the watch does not shoot out spiderwebs like some of the best spiderman toys, however, this doesn’t stop boys from pretending!

Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch

Timex Kids TW7C26000 Time Machines Digital 35mm Blue/Black/Green Double-Layered Nylon Strap Watch

For a classic and clean boys watch, try the Timex Time Machines Digital 35mm Watch. It’s simple and comes with an adjustable varied colored nylon band with four color combos. The price is slightly higher but comes with the well-loved Timex name trusted for years for high quality and a ten-year battery 

It utilizes a chronograph, an alarm, and a day-date calendar, and a backlit digital display. Kids can easily read the day of the week, time, and seconds with a clean, beautiful display. The watch can even handle a little bit of water, including swimming, but not diving or snorkeling. 

Finally, the watch even comes with an app to help kids learn to tell time. It uses a velcro strap for easy closure, even for children. All with a classic adult style with a little bit of kid color for fun. 

Best Waterproof Watches

The Kids Waterproof Sports Watch is a child friendly watch that besides telling time can be used as a stopwatch, alarm clock, and calendar plus it is fully waterproof for your active child; whereas the BIGGERFIVE Vigor Fitness Tracker Watch is a full activity tracker with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and calorie counter as well as being completely waterproof for your busy kiddo.

Tonnier Kids Sports Watch

Tonnier Watch Kids Sports Watch Multi Function Digital Watches Colorful LED Display Waterproof Wristwatches for Children with PU Band Blue

Some boys love camouflage, and they will love the Tonnier Watch Kids Sports Watch that comes in either army green or blue camo print. Like most kids’ watches, it uses waterproof material so kids can continue living. They can bathe, swim, and sweat without any damage to the sporty watch. 

Moreover, the watch includes the time, date, stopwatch, EL light, alarm, hourly chime, and a second stopwatch. It’s the perfect option for active boys on the go and in sports. Boys can even keep track of the day and operate the watch buttons themselves so they can learn time without trouble. 

Kids Watches 3D Cartoon Waterproof 

Venhoo Kids Watches 3D Cute Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Children Toddler Wrist Watch Unicorn for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Girls Little Child-Pink

The Kids Watches 3D Cartoon Waterproof offers a comfortable and adorable silicone band to your child. With a classic design and easy-to-read clock, this unobtrusive watch blends in with the girly decor. It’s designed with pink, red, yellow, pale blue, purple, and white to work with girls without all the pink some girls don’t lean towards. 

Next, the silicone material fits wrists up to 6 inches in circumference. It’s also has a resin case with an acrylic lens to provide some water resistance. The watch is waterproof up to thirty meters and includes an Arabic display. 

Finally, the numbers are easy to read – for an analog clock – with clear numbers and lines for the seconds and minutes. It also has a second hand in a different color than the minute and hour hands. Girls will love this adjustable and comfortable watch to keep track and learn time. 

Casio Classic Quartz Watch

Casio Women's Classic Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Pink, 9 (Model: LA20WH-4A1)

Maybe your first watch back in the day was a Casio. Now, with the Casio Classic Quartz Watch, Pink, it can be your little girl’s first watch, too!

Many kids prefer to read a quick digital time rather than analog time. Just a quick glance at the screen can let her know what time it is. There is an LED backlight for those times when it’s too dark to see. 

This watch is geared more towards older kids for two reasons. One, it’s a women-sized watch. So while the pink resin band is adjustable, it’s on the larger side and just won’t work for a preschooler.  The strap is adjustable to a point though, and the movable plastic parts are comfortable on the wrist. 

Second, the watch has some advanced features, like displaying the day of the week and the numerical day of the month (like SAT 10). It also has an alarm, which can come in pretty handy for older kids! 

Finally, the watch has a reliable quartz movement, an auto-calendar setting, and 5-year battery life. It’s a stylish watch for any preteen or teen girl. 

Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2

Garmin 010-01909-38 Vivofit Jr. 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1-Year Battery Life, Adjustable Band, Disney Frozen 2, Elsa, Light Blue

If you want a kid’s watch that also functions as an activity tracker, you need the Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2. It comes in tons of different patterns and colors, including this one, which features an icy blue with Elsa and snowflakes. The band on this device is silicone and waterproof, and the face can call also go in the water. 

However, what you will love about this smartwatch is the time date, auto daylight savings, alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch functions. It can store history for a full month. Also, it comes with one-year battery life, Bluetooth, and it functions with iOS or Android. 

Furthermore, you can monitor sleep, steps, and movement while also setting goals. The watch wants kids to be active for 60 minutes a day, do chores, and more all with rewards for their work. Get audible alerts and set up the watch from your smart device for a fully functional watch ready to improve your life. 

Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids 8+, Electric Blue / Stainless Steel One Size

If you have a Fitbit and want one for your child, you can get the Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker for Kids. Not only does it function as a clock to help your child keep track of time digitally, but it also tracks steps and promotes a more active lifestyle. 

The battery lasts for about five days, and it is waterproof so your child can swim as part of their activity. Even better, the wrist device tracks sleep, sends bedtime reminders, and silent alarms. Pick from three band colors of silicone, including red, blue, or purple.

Mind you, this option is for children ages six and up. 

Finally, you can sync the device wirelessly with a parent view. It also has an app dashboard, fun incentives, and so much more, making this an awesome device that’s simple to use and stylish for children. Get your kids moving and tracking time now!

USWAT Kid Watch

Kid Watch for Boy Girl Child Multi Function Digital LED Sport 50M Waterproof Electronic Analog Quartz Watches Gift (Black/Green)

Both boys and girls will love the Kid Watch for Boy Girl Child Multi-Function by USWAT. The watch comes in twelve different colors, including options for boys and girls, although there are more neutral colors to suit anyone with several shades of blue. Each one also offers a different backlight so kids can easily see in the dark. 

Furthermore, the sporty watch shows the day the time, the day of the week, and can even serve as an alarm clock. The kids’ digital watch shows time very easily, and you can even use European time if you prefer a twenty-four-hour clock over a twelve-hour clock. It’s also waterproof up to 50 meters, along with all of the options like an hourly chime. 

Finally, the watch is safe and comfortable, thanks to a silicone strap that’s been thoroughly tested. The watch is adjustable and fits children up to thirteen years old. All these features with shock-resistance and even a stopwatch, although parents will need to set all of the settings, as setting the watch is a little difficult for children. 

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids

BIGGERFIVE Vigor Kids Fitness Tracker Watch for Girls Boys Ages 5-15, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Calorie Counter, Alarm Clock, Great Kids Gift

If you are looking for a watch that also functions as an LBS tracker, get the BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids. It’s not only exceedingly affordable but also multi-purpose, so you get more for your money.

First, though, pick from several color choices to suit your child’s color preferences for a smartwatch. It’s compatible with smartphones to help track all of your child’s information. It’s also perfect for telling time as it’s a watch first!

Not only does the smartwatch function as a fitness tracker, but it also tracks heart rate, sleep, and can be used as an alarm. It’s waterproof too so kids can wear it for swimming along with many other physical activities. All this and it comes. with long battery life too so you don’t have to spend your time charging. 

Kids Waterproof Digital Sport Watch

The Kids Waterproof Digital Sport Watch offers a bulky watch ready to make your child’s wrist look amazing. It’s a digital sport watch that’s water-resistant up to 50 meters and comes in seven different colors. All the features you want for your child are right there on the watch, all for a low price. 

Although it says water-resistant, it can go in the pool, the shower, and anywhere else your kid goes like puddles. Moreover, it was designed with kids in mind with four easy-to-press buttons directly around the watch face. They can set the time and date all on their own and improve their independence and understanding of time. 

Kids will love the easy-to-read screen. Moreover, the watch can teach good habits with a stopwatch, date, hour, minutes, calendar, alarm clock, and more. It also comes with an LED backlight for easy sight in the dark. 

CKE Kids Digital Sports Watch

Kids Watch for Boys Girls, Digital Sports Watches for Child with Waterproof Colorful EL Light Stopwatch Alarm

Kids love bright lights and neon colors like the Kids Watch Digital Sports by CKE. This option comes in three bright and translucent colors, including blue, purple, and a red/yellow combo. It’s an adorable watch that children will want to look at over and over again with a few bells and whistles. 

The digital display shows the time, am/pm, the day of the week, and seconds. Next, you can choose from military or standard time and use the watch as a calendar, alarm, and stopwatch. It’s also shock-resistant, waterproof, making it perfect for kids with an active life, but do not press any buttons underwater. 

The Best Kids Watches Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Guide for Best Watches for Kids

Before deciding which watch to pick for your child, here is a buying guide to help you determine the functions you are looking for in a child’s watch.

If you simply want an analog watch to tell time, then you probably have one in mind and are all set. However, for those looking for a watch with a few more functions, read on. 


Kids are messy, and they break things because they are young and still learning how to care properly for their stuff. Make sure to buy a watch that is durable and easy to maintain. Also, even though watches for kids are made to survive life, it’s best to teach your child to care properly for the watch upfront. 


Most watches are water-resistant but not waterproof. However, a few of the watches on this list can survive laps in the pool or playing in the bathtub. If your child plans to wear the watch continuously, then make sure to get a waterproof option. Otherwise, a watch that can handle a little rain or a few splashes should work fine so long as you remind your child to take the watch off before going in the water. 


Every child has a different preference when it comes to style. Some want a watch to serve as a fun fashion statement while others want one to sit quietly on their wrist and disappear until they need to know the time. Make sure to know what colors and styles your child wants before making a purchase. 

If your child doesn’t like the pattern, design, or character on the watch, they probably will not wear it, which makes it a waste of money. When in doubt, pick a neutral color with a simple design based on function instead of choosing the wrong character or pattern.

Also, keep age in mind as younger kids won’t mind as much color while other kids may want an older style. 


Let’s face it, children don’t do things they don’t like. For example, wear something uncomfortable like an itchy wristwatch.

Most watches are made with either nylon or silicone, both of which are very comfortable for most people. Some people have allergies or sensitivities to one or the other, and you may need to consider a leather band. 

The face of the watch can cause discomfort for kids, too, if it slides around a lot. Make sure the watch fits snuggly but not too snug, or it may be tight or uncomfortable. Try to get the band to fit with the ability to move, but only just barely. 


The younger the kid, the more likely they will need a simple watch with fun designs and colors. Older kids will want more sophisticated styles and colors leaning toward neutrals and simple patterns. Preteens will want adult-looking watches without velcro because that’s too childish.

Try to find a watch with the most notches for younger kids and avoid watches for children under the age of three. 

Type of Watch

Watches come in five basic styles: analog, digital, sports, multi-functional, and smart.

  • Analog refers to a simple watch with arms.
  • A digital watch tells the time with visible numbers instead of moving hands. 
  • A sports watch usually has a bigger face and band and is waterproof to withstand sweat or swimming.
  • A multi-functional watch tells time, date, and often has alarm and stopwatch features available too.
  • With a smartwatch, you get extra features with a mini-computer screen. Smartwatches tell time, but it’s the least important features as they can act as cameras, phones, GPS trackers, games, and more.

Which you choose depends on your needs and if you want your child to have other functions better or just keep track of time. Reading analog is a dying art form, and most kids can learn digital much faster. 

Ease of Use

Kids do not like messing around, figuring something out. If it’s too difficult to use, they will leave the watch in some random place and never touch it again. Find a watch that’s easy to use or one that you can set for them to make your life easier and your money better spent!

FAQs – Best Watches for Kids

Can silicone irritate my kid’s wrist?

Silicone is a mix of synthetic rubbers and plastic polymers. Anyone who is allergic to either rubber or plastic could react to silicone. The only way to know for sure is to try skin contact with silicone and see if your child has a reaction. 

If your child does have a reaction, it will likely be contact dermatitis, which can cause a red rash, itching, bumps, blisters, swelling, burning, or tenderness. Anyone who has these options should stop wearing silicone immediately and seek medical attention for severe symptoms. 

Is giving a kid one of my old watches an option?

You can give your child one of your old watches, but they may damage it or not like the watch.

Furthermore, the watch may not fit their small wrist and fall off. Kid sizes watches also have safer parts and fun designs you don’t often find on an adult watch. 

If, however, you have a watch from your youth or from an older child, you can pass it down to your younger children. Always keep watches away from children younger than three years old. Always check over any watch for damage, falling of pieces, or anything that could scratch their skin before giving it to a kid. 

Should I get a smartwatch, digital, or analog for my child?

All three are good options and depend on your needs.

A digital watch is the easiest to read, but smartwatches are the most fun and have more functions. For the most part, analog clocks are disappearing, but not analog watches because they are beautiful and make exceptional accessories. 

If your goal is to teach your child to read time, stick with a simple analog watch to ensure they can read the time. After, you can move on to a digital watch or even a smartwatch. Some smartwatches have the option to display time in both digital or analog time, which gives you more options. 



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