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The 10 Best Maternity Pillows for Much Needed Rest During Pregnancy

If you want to boost your immune system, improve your brain function, and regulate growth hormone levels, then you need your sleep during pregnancy! Even though sleep is more important than ever when you are pregnant, it’s probably much harder to come by, too. You can thank all the crazy changes your body goes through for that!

Laying on your side is a must in order to keep blood flowing where it needs to go, and a good maternity pillow is the best way to accomplish that.

Our list of the best maternity pillows has all the top-selling and highly recommended pregnancy body pillows to help support your body and get you the rest you need. 

Best Full Body Pregnancy Pillow:
Best Pregnancy Pillow for Hip Pain :
Best Maternity Pillow for Your Belly:

Best Full Body Maternity Pillows

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow is a C-shaped pillow that curves around your body from the back to front; whereas the QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow is U-shaped which offers comfort on both sides and your belly and back are supported.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow, C-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support ( Grey Jersey Cover)- Support for Back, Hips, Legs, Belly for Pregnant Women

The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow does the job of many pillows, but it’s all wrapped up on one soft jersey cover.

This C-shaped pillow was designed to help pregnant women (and others with injuries, too!) rest comfortably. The top of the C-shape supports the neck and head, while the back can curve around the front to support the belly or it can curve around the back to support your own back. The bottom is very supportive for the hips and knees and helps with proper alignment. No matter which side you want to lay on, this pillow can help!

The soft jersey cover is totally washable so that it stays looking clean and soft. The adjustable polyfill material works with your body to get the fluff where you want it. Because of the high level of stuffing, this pillow is quite firm and supportive. To some users, this was a positive quality. Others found the firmness to be a turn-off. 

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Original Maternity/Pregnancy Total Body Pillow, Ivory 60 Inch

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow has a C-shape that is loved by many moms the world over for its cradling support. This C-shape has a more crooked top and bottom, which totally changes the way it cradles your aching pregnant body.

When your head, belly, back and hips are all supported, as they are with this pillow, you can kiss annoying things like sciatic pain, heartburn, and hip pain goodbye! It’s so much easier to sleep when your hips aren’t screaming and your tummy feels settled. And you don’t need multiple pillows to do it- you can just use this one pillow and save your bed from becoming a nest of pillows!

Cleaning this white (or brown or gray or pink) pillow is easy, thanks to the zip-off cover. The cover can be machine washed and dried. That means that you can let the washer do the work while you sneak in one more episode on Netflix.

While many were surprised by the comfort and quality of this pregnant pillow, a few were critical, claiming the pillow was much stiffer than they expected. 

Who makes the best preggo snuggle buddy? See our take on Snoogle and Boppy pregnancy pillows.

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping, Maternity Body Pillow for Pregnant Women with Removable Velvet Cover, Gray

The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow provides ample support throughout all 3 trimesters.

At 55 inches long and 31 inches wide, it’s generously sized. That means that mom can stretch out and still get support on both sides. The U shape gives 360 degree support of the head, neck, and back. It even helps with soreness and pain in the hips, knees, and feet. Many moms-to-be experience new conditions during pregnancy, like sciatica, carpal tunnel, or gastric reflux. This pillow will position the body properly and can help alleviate these symptoms without the need for medication. Pregnant moms can use this pillow to keep still and cozy at night, and then they can use it once they start nursing. While sitting up, it can wrap around the side and front for good positioning for breastfeeding. 

Moms rave about the comfort and sound sleep this pillow provides. They praise its firmness and durability, claiming it doesn’t lose its shape after months of use. A 30-Day refund or exchange is guaranteed if you aren’t satisfied with your Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow.

Meiz Total Body Contoured Pregnancy Pillow

Meiz Pregnancy Pillow, U Shaped Full Body Pillow, Pregnancy Pillows for Sleeping, Maternity Pillow for Pregnant Women with Removable Velvet Cover (60 Inch, Gray)

The Meiz Total Body Contoured Pregnancy Pillow is designed to work equally well whether you are sitting or lying down.

The thicker top section provides great support for the head and neck, and it also works well to create a supported position for sitting up when used as a back rest. That means you can use this pillow to lay in bed and watch movies during your pregnancy, then you can use the long arms of the U-shaped pillow to hold the baby while you nurse (once they are born, of course!).

The total body support that the U-shape provides eliminates the need to use a bunch of different pillows to support different parts of the body while you sleep. Whether you prefer to lay on your left side or your right side, you’ll get the same level of support from your head and neck down to your hips and knees. 

Moms love the lower profile of this pillow, as it is not as bulky as some. It provides wonderful support without taking up most of the bed. However, some felt that the pillow lost its shape and became lumpy over time. A 30-Day money-back guarantee is offered if you aren’t completely happy with your purchase.

Ang Qi Pregnancy Body Pillow

AngQi Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, U Shaped Full Body Pillow for Pregnant Women, Gray

The Ang Qi Pregnancy Body Pillow is a pregnancy/maternity pillow that is overstuffed with PP cotton filling for the maximum level of support. 

This huge and fluffy pillow measures 55 inches from top to bottom. It allows you to sleep in a stretched position and still get great support for your belly, back, and head. The inside edges have a contoured design so that it will hug you in all the right places while you sleep on your side, which will keep your hips and spine in the healthy, neutral position that is so beneficial during pregnancy. 

Like a lot of the pillows on this list, this one can do double-duty as a nursing pillow once baby arrives. The U-shape can be really helpful for positioning for breastfeeding. 

Moms love the comfort and support this maternity body pillow provides. They also boast about the soft coziness of the sippered jersey cover. A few were critical of this pillow, claiming that the stitching can come undone. A 30-Day money back guarantee is offered if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase.

ComfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

ComfySure Pregnancy Pillow 59

Sleep is vital to you and your baby’s health during each trimester of your pregnancy. With the ComfySure Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, you can comfortably sleep soundly through the night. 

This U shaped pillow is specially designed to encourage pregnant moms to sleep on their sides. Sleeping on your left side can help with things like blood circulation and it can also help relieve pain in your ligaments and joints. This multi-functional pillow is great for sleeping, but it has lots of benefits during the day, too. Throw this pillow on the couch to give you extra support while you read, watch tv, or just relax. You can arrange and move the extensions to give support where it’s needed. When used sitting up, it can help make breastfeeding easier for mom because baby will be comfortably supported by the pillow. 

When your pregnancy is over, you can keep this pillow around to sleep with. It will come in handy if you ever suffer an injury or need surgery or a procedure done. It can even be a physical therapy tool to help elevate limbs and get proper positioning. 

Side sleepers love the firmness of this pillow. It is resilient and retains its shape. You’ll also appreciate the included pillow cover to make washing the pillow a breeze. 

NiDream Premium Pregnancy Pillow

Meiz Premium Pregnancy Pillow U Shaped, Pregnancy Body Pillow, Maternity Pillow for Side Sleeping, with Zipper Removable Cover(White)

The NiDream Premium Pregnancy Pillow is designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body, no matter how you like to sleep.

It is great for pregnancy pains during, and after, pregnancy. Not just for pregnant moms, this pillow is also great for easing the discomfort of other ailments such as Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction, fibromyalgia, arthritis, upper body pain, and lower body pain. This extra large, full-length body pillow offers the wonderful support for all parts of the body.

While some were critical of the size of this pregnancy body pillow, most users were grateful and praised this pillow for improving their quality of sleep. A 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee is offered if you aren’t completely happy with your new pillow.

Best Maternity Pillows for Your Belly

The hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge is a wedge made of memory foam that supports the growing pregnancy belly while laying down or supporting the back while sitting up.  The Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow provides support for your aching back or for side sleeping comfort.  It has a soft jersey washable cover.

hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge for Maternity | Memory Foam Maternity Pillows Support Body, Belly, Back, Knees

The hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge is for those amazing mamas that are “all belly.” This wedge provides support where you need it and keeps your bed free from extra pillows and props.

There are two sides to this wedge: one firm and one soft. The softer side is made from the cushy memory foam that many of us know and love. The firm side is made of a denser support foam material. Each breathable foam is CertiPUR-US, which means it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Both sides are covered in a soft, plush material that is worthy of touching your sensitive pregnant skin. And it’s washable, which is always a bonus. 

Many of the most common pregnancy problems, like swelling in the hands and feet and nerve pain or numbness, can be solved by simply supporting the growing belly. This can even help if you need support behind your back while sitting!

Although slightly smaller than its competitors, moms praised this pillow for its comfort, durability, and softness. Some complained that it was too hard, while others said the soft side started to get lumpy. Otherwise, this pillow has a stellar reputation. 

Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow

Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow, Petite Trellis Gray and White, Body Pillow with removable jersey cover

Whether you are pregnant, experience backaches, have trouble sleeping due to acid reflux, or just want to up your sleeping game, the Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow is just what you need.  

It provides your body with support and comfort, while allowing you to fully stretch out. You can put it in the front to help support your growing belly, or you can put it behind you to support your back and hips. You can even use it after a c-section to help with recovery!

Many maternity pillows are big, bulky, and overstuffed, but this pregnancy pillow is stuffed just right. It has slightly less filling than other support pillows to make sure it is not too stiff.

Moms highly recommend this maternity body pillow for its comfort and durability. However, some said that the pillow became flat and lumpy after some time.

Beaba Luxury Maternity Pillow

The Beaba Luxury Maternity Pillow is made for the mom that wants snuggled rather than supported. This pillow has a soft and squishy texture and flexible shape, perfect for stuffing it where you want it. 

This pillow actually started out as a nursing pillow, but moms saw the huge benefits it could have during pregnancy. So after you cuddle this during pregnancy, you can turn around and set it on your lap while you are feeding baby. Any product that can last through different stages of life is a winner for me!

The inside of this pillow contains micropearl filling. It’s odorless, non-toxic, and conforms completely to your needs. This pillow’s unique design provides the perfect balance between comfort and support while erring more on the side of comfort. This multi-purpose pillow can easily bend and scrunch to adjust to your preferred resting position. Add in the soft outer Fleur de Cotton fabric and you have comfort central. 

Moms love that this best pregnancy pillow is soft, breathable, and light. However, some felt this pillow was too floppy and overpriced. 

Comparing Pregnancy Pillows 

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Guide to Selecting a Pregnancy Pillow

Choosing the best pregnancy pillow can be a daunting task, since there are so many out there to choose from! Here’s all the different types of pregnancy pillows, plus the features you’ll want to look for.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

You can categorize all the best maternity pillows based on their shapes. Each shape helps a tired and aching preggo body in a different way.

  • U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillows: This pillow gives you nearly 360 coverage. It has a long front section, a curved section for your head and neck, and another long section to support your spine. This type of pillow works really well for women that usually like to sleep on their backs, since it gives the most spinal support.
  • C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow: This type of maternity pillow gives you a high level of support. This has a curved section at the top, for your head and neck, and another one at the bottom, that goes between the legs to provide some hip support. This pillow can either run along the front of the body and be hugged, or it can run along the back of the body to give extra support to the back and bum. This pillow is also ideal for moms that usually like to sleep on their back.
  • J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow: This type of pregnancy pillow works just like a c-shaped pillow, minus one curved section. You can place the curve under your head or between your legs. Then, you can place the long section up front to support your belly, or in the back to support your spine. This is a great pillow for giving extra support while sleeping on your side.
  • Wedge Pregnancy Pillow: This is a smaller pillow that provides more specialized support. It can go under the belly to support the baby bump. It can also be used to support the legs, hips, back, or neck, depending on where you want a little extra boost of support. Many people use a pregnancy wedge in addition to another pillow.

One other type of pregnancy pillow that we don’t cover in this article is a donut pillow. Check out our best donut pillow for pregnancy breakdown for more information. 

Features of Pregnancy Pillows


Pregnancy pillows come in many sizes. It can be tempting to get a great big pillow to provide tons of support, but you need to make sure you have enough room in the bed to hold such a big pillow! If you are tight on space, opt for a regular, full-length maternity pillow (about the size of a king pillow) or a pregnancy wedge.


If you have sensitivities, or just want to be cautious, see what the pregnancy pillow filling is made of. Most pillows are made from polyester fiber, foam beads, microbeads, cotton, or memory foam. If you have allergies or sensitivities, opt for a pillow with hypoallergenic fillings and materials.


Pregnancy pillows can get very, very expensive! Set your budget and then find a pillow that works. Keep in mind that the bigger the pillow, the bigger the price tag. Also look for pillows with good warranties or guarantees to make sure that your money is well-spent.


Like all normal bed pillows, you’ll want a pillow that you can wash (just in case that midnight ice cream snack drips on it!). This is really important if you plan on using your pillow after pregnancy to help feed or hold your baby, since babies are notorious for making messes. Be sure that the cover of your pillow is easy to clean, and also consider purchasing an extra washable pillow cover for your pillow.

FAQ’s about Sleep During Pregnancy

Do pregnancy pillows really help?

Yes! They help take the extra pressure off of your growing and changing body. If you experience discomfort in your neck, back, hips, or stomach while laying down, you’ll love how a pregnancy pillow helps you get comfortable for a more restful night’s sleep.

How do I use a pregnancy pillow?

How you use a pillow depends on the shape. You can use a pregnancy pillow in addition to your regular bed pillows or instead of your bed pillows. Just check that these 4 areas are supported:

  • Neck: make sure you have either a curved portion of the pillow under your neck to support your neck and shoulders, or make sure your regular pillow does the job.
  • Back: Place the long, straight section of your pregnancy pillow close to your back. The best way to do this is to roll slightly toward your stomach, place the pillow behind you, then snuggle back toward it. You want it to be slightly under your back to give the best support.
  • Hips: If you hips ache, you can place part of the pillow or a separate pillow between your legs to relieve the pressure that the baby bump places on your hips. Make sure that the pillow goes between your thighs and also between your knees in order to get proper hip alignment.
  • Belly: Placing part of the pillow (or a wedge!) under your baby bump helps support your growing baby and it’ll make you waaaaay more comfortable.

Also make sure your feet and calves are protected with some pregnancy compression socks. And don’t forget the ladies up top, who will definitely need a comfortable and supportive pregnancy bra.

When should I start using a pregnancy pillow?

This all depends on the mom-to-be’s preferences. Most women don’t need a pillow until around 20 weeks, when the growth of the baby bump really starts wreaking havoc on the different parts of the body. However, if this is your second or third child and you start growing bigger and faster, you can grab a pregnancy pillow at any time to get comfy.

Is it okay to sleep on your back when pregnant?

Nope! When you lay on your back, your tummy pushes down on your intestines, which can cause digestive issues and make problems like constipation or hemorrhoids worse. It also pushes down on your vena cava and aorta, which are major blood vessels that support both you and baby, and restricts the blood flow. Basically, laying on your back can hurt you and it’s not great for baby either! Use a pillow to keep you on your side.

What the best sleep position during pregnancy?

The American Pregnancy Association wants preggo mammas to remember SOS, or Sleep On Side. If you lay on your left side, it optimizes the blood flow from your major blood vessels to the baby. Using a pregnancy pillow and getting good support will help you sleep comfortably and safely on your side.

Final Word

78% of women experience poor sleep during pregnancy, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Don’t wait until your back starts hurting to invest in a quality pregnancy pillow. Any of the pillows mentioned in this article are sure to get you comfortable and sleeping soundly. Pregnancy pillows also make a great gift for expecting mothers and are one of the top pregnancy gift ideas!


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