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The Best Swaddle Blankets of 2022

In a quest for better sleep, I’m quite certain I have tried every swaddle blanket out there. Besides looking like an adorable burrito, the best swaddle blankets provide your baby with the comfort and feel of being right back inside your belly. 

Best Swaddle Blanket:
Best Sleepsack Swaddle:

Best Swaddle Blankets 

The Upsimples Blanket is the highest rated swaddle blanket compared to the others below. For a wide variety of designs, the Hudson Baby and aden + anais blankets offer the most options.

Upsimples Baby Swaddle Blanket

Baby Swaddle Blanket Upsimples Unisex Swaddle Wrap Soft Silky Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets Neutral Receiving Blanket for Boys and Girls, 47 x 47 inches, Set of 4 - Fox/Elephant/Giraffe/Dinosaur

The Upsimples Baby Swaddle Blanket is the right balance of soft and stretchy, allowing you to securely wrap your baby up for sleep. Something I really appreciate when it comes to the best swaddle blankets. 

Firstly, unlike other swaddle blankets on our list, the Upsimples swaddle is made with 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Bamboo fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal choice for swaddling in warmer temperatures. If you want to use it during the winter, I recommend doubling up on the swaddle or making sure they are dressed appropriately underneath. 

Secondly, the blanket measures 46″ x 45″ inches, allowing ample space to wrap your baby up. I have you covered on all the steps required to swaddle in just a moment, so keep reading! 

Finally, the set comes with 4 swaddle blankets with adorable prints of animals on them. Remember, swaddle blankets like these are also perfect for tummy time, nursing or stroller covers, and a burp cloth. When your child is old enough, you can use it as a regular blanket. 

The only downside with the blanket is it is hand wash only. Since it does come with 4 blankets, you at least shouldn’t have to wash them daily. 

Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket

aden + anais Swaddle Blanket, Boutique Muslin Blankets for Girls & Boys, Baby Receiving Swaddles, Ideal Newborn & Infant Swaddling Set, Perfect Shower Gifts, 4 Pack, Leader of The Pack

The Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket is an extremely comfortable and breathable option for your baby. Made from muslin fabric, the blanket is gentle on your baby’s skin and prevents the risk of overheating. 

Firstly, the set comes with 4 blankets, each measuring 47″ x 47″. The large size makes it easier to get a perfect fit when you swaddle. 

In addition, I love that it comes with 4 because it never hurts to have extras on hand, especially during the middle of the night. You can even stash one away in your diaper bag to use as a burp cloth. Another plus is they keep their softness even after being run through the washing machine. 

Secondly, while I never quite mastered swaddling with the blanket, they are so great to have on hand. From covering your stroller to an impromptu changing mat to a nursing cover, receiving blankets are wonderful. 

Finally, there are a ton of colors and prints to choose from. I could write a whole article just on your available choices. For the Disney fans, they have prints from the Lion King, Jungle Book, and Bambi.  

Miracle Blanket 

Miracle Blanket Baby Sleep Wearable Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Infant Boy or Girl 0-3 Months, Solid Heather Gray

There is something magical about the Miracle Blanket. It’s a different take on a typical swaddle. 

Firstly, there are no buttons, snaps, zippers, or velcro to the blanket. It helps make it easy to wrap the baby up and unwrap for a diaper change. No loud velcro sounds or searching for snaps in the dark. 

The inner flap of the miracle blanket holds your baby’s arms down, and the outer flaps securely wrap around your little one’s body. 

Secondly, your baby’s feet fit in the pouch, but it is roomy and allows them to kick their feet around. One size fits all when it comes to the Miracle Blanket, so it’s up to you to determine when they’ve outgrown it. When my son got too tall for his, I cut the bottom off thinking that would help extend the life of my Miracle Blanket. Just one of the many things you do when you’re sleep-deprived. 

In addition, you are able to leave one arm out of the swaddle, if you think your child would benefit from being able to suck on their hand. It’s not advised to swaddle with the Miracle Blanket with both arms out. At this point, it’s best to move on to a sleep sack. 

Finally, as someone who used (and loved) the Miracle Blanket, I can tell you it takes some getting used to. Once you master getting their arms tucked securely, the rest is cake. Plus, not having velcro means no loud noises as you are swaddling them up.  

Do yourself a favor and look at the instructions several times before attempting to swaddle your baby before bed. 

Cuddlebug Swaddle Blanket

Cuddlebug Adjustable Baby Swaddle Blanket & Wrap (Spots & Stripes), Pack of 3 (Small/Medium 0-3 Months Old)

The Cuddlebug Swaddle Blanket is another option when it comes to velcro strap swaddles. 

Firstly, the fabric is made from 100% cotton, giving your baby a comfortable, soft place to sleep. The velcro flaps allow you to adjust the fit so it is snug on your baby, making them feel warm and cozy. 

Secondly, the swaddle fits babies between 7 and 14 lbs, or roughly up to 26 inches in length. Remember to stop swaddling once your baby is able to roll over. 

The material isn’t super thick, so your baby will be comfortable inside of it during warmer weather. If the temperatures get cooler, simply dress them appropriately underneath. 

Thirdly, while the swaddle securely fits around their torso, it is roomy around their hips, to provide a safe place to move around. As a reminder, anything tight around their hips puts them at risk for hip dysplasia. 

In addition, there is a slit on the back of the swaddle where you can attach them to a swing or bouncy seat. It is not recommended to swaddle a baby inside of a car seat. 

Finally, for a pack of 3 swaddles, I find the price to be extremely reasonable. You can easily get two packs and still not break the bank. In addition, the swaddle can transition to a blanket when your child is old enough to use one. 

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle - Gently Weighted Swaddle | Baby: 0-6 Months | Cotton 100% | Helps to Reduce Moro (Startle) Reflex | Unisex | TOG 1.5 | Machine Washable

The Nested Bean Zen Swaddle is like a weighted blanket, but light enough for babies. It applies gentle pressure to mimic how your baby feels when you are holding them. The weight is only about an ounce, similar to the weight of your hand on their chest. 

Firstly, the swaddle works for babies 0-6 months. There are no size options, as it’s a 2-in-1 swaddle, allowing them to grow with it.  There is an inner pouch, allowing smaller legs to fit comfortably in the first few weeks. Once they outgrow that pouch, the outer pouch allows longer legs to fit comfortably until about 6 months of age. 

The swaddle stays secure with its velcro straps. In addition, the weighted part is filled with non-toxic poly beads. However, it is still machine washable. To prevent the velcro from getting worn down, I recommend fastening the swaddle before putting it in the wash. 

Secondly, you can either have their arms strapped down on the inside or allow them to freely move their arms inside the swaddle. In addition, the zippered arms allow the option for them to have their arms on the outside of the swaddle. 

The swaddle is made from 100% cotton and the lightweight fabric allows it to be used all year long. The fabric is free of BPA, toxins, and phthalate. 

Thirdly, the swaddle is suitable for babies weighing 7 lbs or more, so not ideal for preemies or smaller babies. 

Finally, you have a choice of 9 colors and prints including white, grey, pink and blue. The price is a bit high on the swaddle, however, it has the distinct feature of being weighted, unlike any other swaddle on the market. 

Anna & Eve Swaddle Strap

Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Small Size Fits Chest 13.5 to 17, Grey

Baby Houdinis are no match for the Anna and Eve Swaddle Strap. If it reminds you of a straight jacket, you’re not wrong. However, it provides a secure hold for your baby to ensure they and you get a good night’s sleep.  

Firstly, the inner strap wraps around your baby’s chest, providing a secure fit. You then tuck their arms in, next to the inner arm pillows, and wrap the outer strap around your baby. 

The strap is considered “hip-healthy” as it doesn’t go around their hips at all. Their legs are completely free on the bottom.  

Secondly, depending on what you dress your baby in for sleep, you don’t have to un-swaddle them to change their diaper. I recommend a onesie and pajama bottoms to make it easier for you. If you go with a zip-up pajama, which is normally my go-to, you will have to un-swaddle your baby to change their diaper. Not necessarily the most ideal situation in the middle of the night. 

Thirdly, the price is a bit high for something that only covers half the baby. However, I can attest to the effectiveness of the Anna & Eve Swaddle Strap. I only wish I had discovered it when my first was a baby. 

Finally, you can choose either small or large, but remember, once your baby is rolling over, you need to stop swaddling for safety reasons. The small fits babies with a chest size between 13.5 and 17 inches. The large fits chests measuring between 16 and 20.5 inches. 

Just as a personal note, my second son had to wear a cranial helmet when he was 6 weeks old and I was worried about him getting too hot at night. The Anna & Eve Swaddle strap was a lifesaver. I liked how it only covered the top part of his body and I could still put him in pajamas. 

Hudson Baby Swaddle Blankets

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Foxes 3-Pack, One Size

The Hudson Baby Swaddle Blankets come in a 3-pack, making it convenient to have one on hand whenever you need it. 

Firstly, the blankets are made with 100% cotton muslin and measure 46″ by 46″ inches. The blankets are lightweight and perfect for warmer climates. 

Keep in mind, it’s just a blanket and there are no straps or velcro required. Some of the best swaddle blankets are simple and give us exactly what we need. 

Secondly, the blanket can also be used as a stroller cover, a burp cloth, a nursing cover, or a place for tummy time. Once your baby is old enough, it can be used as a regular blanket. 

Thirdly, if you do live somewhere with colder temperatures, you can even double-up with the Hudson Baby Swaddle Blankets. 

Finally, your color and print choices with the Hudson Baby Swaddle Blankets are almost endless. Some of your choices include foxes, whales, flowers, sailboats, and zoo animals. 

I find the price to be very reasonable, especially since it includes 3 blankets.

Ergobaby Swaddle 

Ergobaby Ergonomic Baby Swaddle Wrap for Newborns, with Hip Positioner & Arm Pouches, 100% Breathable Cotton, Sheep

The Ergobaby Swaddle is another ideal choice for keeping your baby’s arms at bay while they sleep.

Firstly, I’m a big fan of Ergo, to begin with. I used the Ergo 360 baby carrier with every single one of my babies and cried the day I knew my time with it was over. 

The Ergobaby Swaddle comes equipped with an ergonomic design, ensuring your baby’s hips are safely secure. 

Secondly, the swaddle has handy arm slots to slip your baby’s arms securely inside. The arm pouches put your baby in a “hand on heart” fetal position and help babies who have a strong startle reflex to sleep better. The 100% cotton swaddle provides a lightweight, breathable place for your baby to sleep soundly at night. 

In addition, the removable leg pouch allows for easy diaper changing. You can even leave the leg pouch open if the weather is warmer where you are. 

Finally, the Ergobaby Swaddle has only one size and best fits a baby no bigger than 15 lbs. This is yet another swaddle I gave a shot at. My only complaint is figuring out how to put it on. I looked at the directions several times before I was actually confident in my swaddle. 

SwaddleMe Easy Change Swaddle

SwaddleMe Easy Change Swaddle(Peekaboo Panda) - Size Small/Medium, 0-3 Months, Pack of 3

The SwaddleMe Easy Change Swaddle has a pretty ingenious setup. It’s definitely built with middle-of-the-night changes in mind. 

Firstly, the bottom of the swaddle has a zipper opening, allowing you to easily change your baby without having to completely un-swaddle them or worse, wake them up. 

The velcro flaps go across your baby’s chest providing a snug, secure fit. Velcro swaddles are overall an easy option, especially if your baby is with someone who isn’t used to swaddling, like their loving grandparents. 

Secondly, the swaddle is made from 100% cotton, making it nice and soft on your baby’s sensitive skin. The swaddle is lightweight, making it easy to dress your baby underneath. 

Thirdly, an interesting feature of the swaddle is the slits in the back. They are there so you can swaddle your baby in a swing or bouncer. As an important note, you should not swaddle your baby in a car seat.

It’s a little tricky to set this one up though. You need to lay the swaddle on your swing or bouncer, pull the straps through the slits, put your baby down and fasten the straps, and then continue swaddling as usual. Clearly, if your baby is already asleep in the swaddle, you cannot pull this one off. 

Finally, you have an array of color and print options to choose from. Pick from blues, pinks, and fun prints like flowers, stars, or bees. 

My only negative with the velcro straps is the noise. Imagine a quiet sleeping baby who only needs a quick diaper change, and then imagine the sound of two pieces of velcro coming apart. That’s why I really appreciate the zipper bottom to allow for diaper changes. 

The other issue with velcro is it can lose its adhesiveness over time, so it’s important to keep an eye on that and discontinue use if it’s not sticking properly. When you are running it through the wash, try to remember to keep the folds closed. This will help the velcro last longer. 

Best Sleepsack Swaddles

The Happiest Baby Sleepea is 100% Organic Cotton compared to the other swaddles below. 

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

HALO 100% Cotton Sleepsack Swaddle, 3-Way Adjustable Wearable Blanket, TOG 1.5, Cream, Small, 3-6 Months

What I love about the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle is how long you get to use it. It goes from being a swaddle to a wearable blanket. 

Firstly, the swaddle zips from the feet up, making it easy for the middle of the night diaper changes. No re-swaddling is necessary. In addition, the adjustable fasteners make it easy to secure your baby’s arms inside the swaddle. Simply pull the flaps over and attach the velcro to close. 

Keeping their arms inside the swaddle helps prevent the startle reflex from waking them up. Typically, you’ll see a decrease in their startle reflex around 6 weeks of age. The sack also provides extra room around their hips, which helps prevent hip dysplasia. 

It’s important to stop swaddling once your baby is starting to roll over or if they are continually breaking free from the swaddle. 

Secondly, you can have their hands stick out on top, near their face, in order for them to self-soothe. Keep in mind, their arms will stay wrapped up, and only expose their hands.  I don’t recommend this feature if you feel it will only wake your baby up. 

Finally, you can easily transition them out of the swaddle by keeping one arm out and then both arms out and use the swaddle as a wearable blanket. Since blankets shouldn’t be used in cribs for quite some time, it’s a great, safe alternative. 

The swaddle is made from 100% polyester microfleece fiber, making it an ideal choice in cooler weather. In addition, it comes in two sizes: newborn for 6-12 lbs and small for babies 13-18 lbs. The length measures around 23-24 inches long. I, personally, feel the length is a better estimate of which size you should get. 

The Original Woombie

The Original Woombie Baby Swaddling Blanket I Soothing, Cotton Baby Swaddle I Wearable Baby Blanket, Twilight Heathered Grey, 5-13 lbs, 0-3 Month

The Original Woombie makes it easy to zip your baby up and tuck them in. There are no complicated straps or buttons or techniques. 

Firstly, the idea behind the Woombie is to recreate the comfort of your womb. As opposed to a regular swaddle where their arms are strapped to their sides, the Woombie allows for babies to keep their arms by their chest if they choose to do so. 

Trust me when I say, your baby will look like an adorable little peanut in the Woombie. The material is very breathable which is especially ideal in warmer climates. 

Secondly, I appreciate the zip-up feature, making it easier to change your baby in the middle of the night. The two-way zipper allows you to either zip up or down. 

Thirdly, the Woombie is gentle on your baby’s hips, which helps prevent hip dysplasia. Do keep in mind, the Woombie maxes out once your baby hits about 19 pounds. There is only one size option. 

Finally, since the Woombie is stretchy, it will allow your baby to move around a little in it. While some babies will do just fine with that feature, others may not. It is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex, which gives it that stretchy feeling. 

In addition, ensure you stop using the Woombie once your baby is able to roll over. The only thing I didn’t like how the Woombie is how the snap is right at their neck. I always felt like my son was uncomfortable with it there. 

Love To Dream Swaddle UP

Love To Dream Swaddle UP, Gray, Small, 8-13 lbs, Dramatically Better Sleep, Allow Baby to Sleep in Their Preferred arms up Position for self-Soothing, snug fit Calms Startle Reflex

The Love To Dream Swaddle UP is for those babies who want to be able to move their arms around, but you don’t want them to be able to knock themselves in the face. 

Firstly, while it looks similar to the Woombie, in the Love to Dream your baby’s arms will be positioned up. The snug fit was built to prevent the startle reflex from waking your baby. 

However, they are still able to suck on their hands through the swaddle, in an effort to self-soothe. In fact, a baby’s natural sleeping position is with their hands up. 

Secondly, the looser waist fit allows for a hip-healthy fit, ensuring your baby isn’t at risk for hip dysplasia. In addition, it is totally normal if your baby’s feet don’t quite reach the bottom. 

Finally, the Love to Dream is made of 93% cotton and 7% elastane, which will help your baby feel like they are right back in your womb. It is a single layer of fabric, helping reduce the risk of your baby overheating. As someone who has tried out the Love to Dream, it is very lightweight, which is nice if you live somewhere warmer. 

Your size options are newborn (5-8.5 lbs), small (8-13 lbs), and medium (13-19 lbs). In addition, you have five color and print options: pink, blue, gray, rainbow, and high five. 

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit - Swaddle Transition Product - Cotton - Cream - 3-6 Months

To finish up my list of the best swaddle blankets is the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. It’s the perfect transition out of swaddles. 

Firstly, the sleepsuit is generally introduced around three months. However, just like with swaddling, you should stop use with the sleepsuit when your baby is rolling over. 

The sleepsuit has zippers on either side, making it easy to get your baby in and out of the suit. Both your baby’s hands and feet are exposed in the suit, which will aid in not letting your baby get too warm. Since the sleepsuit is a bit thicker than other swaddles, make sure your baby’s room is at an ideal temperature

Secondly, the suit is padded, giving them the look of an adorable marshmallow. The suit has two layers: a soft, breathable jersey cotton inner layer and a cotton outer layer. In between the layers, is a stuffing of polyfill to provide the right amount of comfort for your baby. 

Thirdly, the scooped neckline ensures no fabric is getting near your baby’s face. It’s important to find the correct size for your baby, otherwise, the safety and effectiveness of the sleepsuit are compromised. A small will fit babies 12-18 lbs and a large will fit babies 18-21 lbs. 

Finally, remember to always lay your baby on their back in their crib while wearing the sleepsuit. This is true for all of the best swaddle blankets. 

One of the drawbacks to the Magic Sleepsuit is diaper changes. There is no way to avoid completely unzipping the suit to change your baby. 

Happiest Baby Sleepea 5 – Second Swaddle

SleePea Sleep Sack - 100% Organic Cotton - Amazon - Small - Graphite

The Happiest Baby Sleepea 5 – Second Swaddle comes from Dr. Harvey Karp, the creator of the 5 S’s. 

Firstly, the swaddle is made from 100% organic cotton, making it a luxuriously soft place for your baby to sleep in. It offers a snug fit on top but relaxed around the hips to promote a hip-healthy swaddle. 

Secondly, the swaddle is equipped on the interior with what they boast as a “quiet velcro.” While it is quieter than regular velcro, I wouldn’t call it 100% quiet. The velcro gently pins your baby’s arms against the side of their body and then you zip up the swaddle. You can keep their arms free if they prefer that way. 

In addition, there is a zipper on top and on the bottom, making the middle of the night diaper changes a breeze. 

Thirdly, the fabric around the shoulders and legs is a breathable mesh, ensuring your baby doesn’t get too warm. 

The sizes go as follows with the Sleepea: Small 5-12 lbs, Medium 12-18 lbs, and Large 18-26 lbs. The medium and large sizes have snaps on top so you can easily free an arm when they are ready to transition out of the swaddle. 

Finally, the price is a bit high on the Sleepea, especially since you only get one. However, sometimes no price is too high for a good night’s sleep. 

There are several color choices with this one. You can select graphite, graphite planets, midnight planets, ivory planets, rose, rose planets, and teal. 

SwaddleMe Pod

SwaddleMe Pod – Newborn Size, 0-2 Months, 2-Pack (Dainty Flowers)

The SwaddleMe Pod is perfect for preemies and smaller babies. Starting at just 5 lbs, your sweet little one can comfortably feel secure inside the pod. 

Firstly, the swaddle is made of 93% cotton and 7% spandex, allowing for a comfortable, stretchy feel. The two-way zipper, allows for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night, without the concern of waking up your baby. 

Secondly, your baby’s legs can easily go into the familiar frog-like position, ensuring their hips are not bound. Inside the swaddle, your baby has the freedom to move their arms around, however it still prevents the startle reflex from waking them up. 

Thirdly, the fabric is lightweight enough to work in the warmer months but also can be used when it is cooler outside. 

Finally, the SwaddleMe Pod is best for smaller babies. It fits little ones weighing 5-12 lbs and up to 26 inches in length. Once your baby is showing signs of rolling over, it’s time to transition out of the pod. 

The one downside is there is no snap covering the top zipper. While there is a flap over it, it doesn’t secure down. If your little one is trying to find their hands, you may just find your baby sucking on the zipper, which isn’t necessarily ideal. 

Zippy Swaddle

SleepingBaby 100% Cotton Zippy Swaddle - Baby Swaddle Blanket with Bottom Zipper, Cozy Baby Swaddle Wrap and Baby Sleep Sack (Small/Medium, 7-13lbs, up to 23

The Zippy Swaddle provides your little one with a secure, cozy place to be wrapped up in. 

Firstly, the swaddle is made from 100% cotton, making it suitable to wear all year long. The swaddle is fairly simple to use. There is an internal flap that you snugly fit over their torso. You then secure your baby’s arms with the additional flap. 

Secondly, there are two available sizes: small/medium and medium/large. The small/medium fits baby’s between 7-13 lbs or up to 23″ in length. The medium/large is ideal for baby’s who weigh between 12-18 lbs or up to 25″ in length. 

Thirdly, there is a convenient zipper on the bottom, making diaper changes in the middle of the night a breeze, without the downside of waking up your baby. 

Finally, I really like the prints available with the Zippy Swaddle. Choose from Pink Poppy, Goodnight Moon, or the eLOVEphant print. 

Zipadee-Zip Swaddle

SleepingBaby Poly Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition Baby Swaddle Blanket with Zipper, Cozy Baby Sleep Sack Wrap (Small 4-8 Months | 12-19 lbs, 25-29 inches | Classic Grey)

The Zipadee-Zip Swaddle comes into play once your baby has outgrown the Zippy Swaddle. 

Firstly, your baby will resemble a very adorable starfish when they are cozied up inside the swaddle. There are no straps or folding required, just place your baby inside and zip up. Inside the swaddle, your baby is free to move their arms and legs. 

It’s recommended to begin using the Zipadee-Zip at 3 months of age. Before then, your baby may still wake themselves because of their startle reflex. It is basically a wearable blanket but provides the security of not worrying about fabric getting on your baby’s face. Your baby, however, can still bring their hands up to their mouth to self-soothe. 

Secondly, the swaddle can be used when your child is rolling over because it allows them to push up and roll over safely. 

Finally, there is no lack of sizing with the Zipadee-Zip Swaddle. Sizes range from 3 months to 2 years old. To pick the correct size, measure your baby from head to toe, to ensure you aren’t getting a swaddle too big or too small.

You can also choose from various colors like pink, teal, lavender, and navy. 

How These Swaddle Blankets Compare

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected the Best Swaddle Blankets 

As with anything we use on our babies, we want to make sure we are only using products that are safe and comfortable for our sweet little ones. The best swaddle blankets should be a place of comfort for a baby, and therefore, I used several criteria when selecting the very best. 

Comfortable Fabric

Baby’s have sensitive skin and shouldn’t be wrapped up in something that will irritate them. The most common fabric for swaddle blankets is cotton muslin. It’s a naturally soft and durable fabric, sure to give your baby a good night’s sleep. In addition, it typically is lightweight and breathable. 

You likely will find spandex in some of the swaddles, allowing them to stretch. Other fabrics include fleece, bamboo, and polyester. 

Ease of Use

Do you know what I never enjoyed? Having to re-swaddle my baby several times during the course of the night. The best swaddle blankets offer a comfortable fit for your baby, but also convenient for you, as the parent. 

The swaddles with built-in flaps allow you to easily wrap up your little burrito baby. 

The Right Fit

Swaddles should fit snug around their chest but looser around their legs and hips. You always wanted to make sure there is no fabric bunching around their face, potentially covering their mouth and nose. 

In addition, a number of swaddles are labeled as “hip-healthy” which helps prevent hip dysplasia. When babies are in the womb, their legs are in a frog-like position. When they are tightly bound in a swaddle, it forces their legs to straighten out and can cause damage to the soft cartilage of their socket. This is why it’s important to have a swaddle snug around a baby’s torso but looser around their hips, allowing for them to stay in the frog-like position. 

Easy Diaper Changes

Some of the best swaddle blankets provide easy access for diaper changing. This is especially useful in the middle of the night. Not only does it mean you might be able to get away without waking your baby, but it also means you don’t have to re-swaddle them in the dark. 

FAQs – Swaddle Blankets

How long do babies get swaddled?

Typically, babies should no longer be swaddled around 3 months. This is when their startle reflex begins to lessen. In addition, as soon as your baby can roll over, you need to stop swaddling. 

Remember to only swaddle when your baby is actually sleeping. Wake times should involve plenty of tummy time! If you are looking for ways to keep your baby entertained, we have a list of the best newborn toys they will love.

How do I swaddle my baby with a blanket?

There are several steps to master swaddling. Here’s a rundown of how to perfect your swaddling technique. Remember, there shouldn’t be any excess fabric by your baby’s mouth or nose. In addition, the swaddle should not be tight around the baby’s hips. 

  1. Lay your swaddle blanket down in a diamond shape. 
  2. Create a triangle shape on top by folding the top corner towards the center of your blanket. 
  3. While placing your baby on the blanket, make sure their shoulders are parallel with the folded section. 
  4. Grab the right corner of your blanket and tightly wrap it around the torso of your baby. 
  5. Next, take the bottom corner and guide it up and over your baby’s shoulder. 
  6. Now, grab the left corner and wrap it securely around your baby in the opposite direction.
  7. Congratulations, you did it! Make sure there is no loose fabric that could pose a risk to your baby while they are sleeping. If you have any extra fabric, simply tuck it into the top of the swaddle. 

Do I need to use swaddle blankets?

The short answer is no. I know plenty of people who never swaddled. In fact, if your baby has any hip issues, it’s best to discuss swaddling with your pediatricians as it could be aggravated by being bound up. 

However, swaddling your baby helps prevent their startle reflex from waking them up. In addition, babies feel comfort when they are secure in a swaddle, as it mimics being back in the womb. It is also much safer to swaddle your baby than to put a blanket over them. 

I, personally, could never get my children to sleep in those first few months unless they were swaddled. I always dreaded the day I had to transition out of the swaddle. This brings me to my next point. 

How do you transition out of swaddle blankets?

Typically, babies transition out of swaddle blankets around 3 months, right around the time they are starting to roll over. To prepare for it, you can start getting them used to not being swaddled, by keeping one arm out. After a few days, let both arms out and begin switching to a sleep sack instead. 

Your baby might do a great job with the transition but be prepared in case that doesn’t happen. There were many nights where I started trying to transition them but quickly switched back to the swaddle because they kept waking up. It will happen, I promise! 

How do I dress my baby while swaddled?

At this point, you know your baby shouldn’t get too warm while they are sleeping. Your baby typically only needs one layer of clothing under their swaddle. Keep in mind the temperature where you live. If it’s warmer, make sure you don’t over-dress them. A onesie will usually do in this situation. 

In addition, keep in mind the material of your swaddle blanket. Some of the best swaddle blankets are made of fleece, which is thicker than a standard cotton swaddle. Ideally, a baby’s nursery should be between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit

Sometimes the temperature of your house is out of your control. I lived in Southern California where we had no AC because the majority of the year you didn’t need it. There were some very warm days where I had to think through how I was going to dress my baby. There were some nights where he only wore a diaper under his swaddle. Other nights, a onesie worked. 

Finally, it’s recommended to feel your baby’s head or stomach to see if they feel too warm, as opposed to gauging it from their hands or feet. I recommend getting a room thermometer unless you have a baby monitor that shows the temperature. 

Are swaddle blankets safe for newborns?

Swaddle blankets are safe for newborns as it mimics the position they were in while inside the womb. However, once your baby can roll over, you should no longer swaddle, as it becomes a safety risk. 

As a reminder, babies should always be put to sleep on their back, even if they are able to roll over on their own. 

In addition, if your little Houdini keeps getting their arms out, you either need to get a different swaddle blanket or make the transition. 

What’s the best swaddling technique?

This one really is up to you, mama. I could never figure out how to swaddle my babies with receiving blankets. Even after three kids, it was a mess. 

I’d attempt to swaddle them and it was like they were a poster child for unsafe sleeping. I probably should have sat in my hospital bed after giving birth, with a legal pad and pen taking notes while the nurse swaddled my child. How do they make it look so easy?

So, I personally am a fan of the swaddles made for people like me. However, the advantage of using receiving blankets to swaddle, is you can use them as a regular blanket with your child is old enough. It also becomes a sweet memory to hold onto. 


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