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The Best Nursing Covers Reviewed and Compared, Plus Some Bonus Nursing Clothing Reviews

Breast is best … all us moms have heard that expression.

For those of you moms who want and are able to breastfeed your babies … you’re awesome.  I seriously admire your dedication and the bond you’re building with your baby can’t be put into words. 

But if you’re like me and you’re either shy or just want to keep your Milk Duds between you and your baby, I highly recommend a nursing cover, my favorite being the Hicoco Nursing Cover

In addition to a good breastfeeding cover, some good breastfeeding clothing is a must! I’ve got my 3 favorite pieces reviewed just for you! Read on for my review of this best nursing cover, plus a few other great nursing covers to find your own perfect personal privacy screen.

Best Nursing Cover Overall:
Best Nursing Scarf:
Best Cotton Nursing Cover:
Best Muslin Nursing Cover:
Best for Busty Moms:
Best Long-Term Investment:

Best Nursing Covers

The Hicoco Nursing Cover is a lightweight cover that is airy and covers well for mama and baby plus it can be used as a car seat or stroller cover, shopping cart liner, or fashionable scarf, yet the BeBe au Lait Nursing Cover is a lightweight muslin apron style feeding cover that gives privacy, however, it only is designed to work as a nursing cover.

Hicoco Nursing Cover

Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding - Baby Car Seat Covers Breastfeeding Cover Multi Use Nursing Scarf, Boys and Girls Shower Gifts (Feather)

If I’d been able to be a rocking success at breastfeeding, I absolutely would have wanted the Hicoco Nursing Cover.  I’m all about being cost-efficient without sacrificing functionality, style, or comfort, and this cover … well … covers it all.

Why It’s Awesome

This nursing cover has so many other uses, it’s crazy.  It can also be a car seat and stroller cover, shopping cart liner, and stylish infinity nursing scarf (there are three designs from which to choose).  This breastfeeding cover is also made of soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric so you and baby won’t overheat and can have a comfortable snuggle (and don’t worry, it’s peek-proof AND machine-washable!).

Why You Might Pass

This cover is best used during summer months because of the lightweight fabric, so you’ll want a separate warmer cover for cold weather.  Also, the only common complaint I could find in reviews was that it can be too tight on plus-size moms or moms trying to breastfeed twins.

Boppy Infinity Nursing Scarf Cover

Boppy Infinity Nursing Scarf for Breastfeeding, Charcoal

If you want something that multi-tasks, then a nursing scarf is for you! The Boppy Infinity Nursing Scarf Cover is awesome, because you always have your breastfeeding cover right there with you, ready to go. If you don’t like the thought of wearing a nursing scarf every. single. day., then just consider this a super lightweight and small nursing cover that would fit easily into a purse or diaper bag.


  • Fashionable and functional
  • Sheer panel at the top for peeking at baby while still being modest
  • Adjustable neck strap for scarf mode and cover mode
  • Front and back and side coverage
  • Super soft and washable modal fabric
  • Very affordable!


  • Depending on your size, you might feel that this is either way too big or too tight for baby
  • This type of fabric is super clingy and on the thin side
  • The mesh window doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of letting light in or letting you and baby see each other

Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover

Kids N’ Such Baby Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding with Sewn-in Burp Cloth & Matching Pouch, Arrow

The Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover includes a sewn-in extra large burp cloth so that moms can transition from breastfeeding to burping in no time. Made with 100% cotton, this nursing cover includes a rigid neckline and is extra-wide for ultimate modesty with breastfeeding. This nursing cover even comes with a matching carrying pouch for storing small and needed baby items.


  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Extra-large size for more modesty
  • Sewn-in extra large burp cloth for transitioning from breastfeeding to nursing
  • Includes matching carrying pouch


  • Material may be too thin and not as soft as expected
  • Some think the size is too big

Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover 

Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover, Lightweight and Breathable Cotton, Open Neckline, One Size Fits All - Nest

The apron style is another popular choice for breastfeeding moms, mostly due to the ability to adjust the neck and great airflow to baby, so my top choice is the Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover.


  • Adjustable, rig flex open neckline which allows any size of mommy to peek in on baby.
  • Two internal pockets for pacifiers, breast pads, or any other small items.
  • Made of lightweight, machine-washable cotton for sweat-free feedings
  • 8 different designs to choose from


  • Not as many uses as my top choice (unable to use as a cart liner, scarf, etc.)
  • Just like with my top choice, you might need a warmer breastfeeding cover-up for cold weather.

Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover

Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover, Porta

Whether you live in a sunny place, or you live in a place where the temperature randomly decides to spike, you’ll want to have a thinner nursing cover option. That’s why the Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover is a must. It has the convenience of an apron nursing cover with the lightweight breathability of a muslin swaddling blanket.


  • Bebe au Lait’s patented Rig flex opening keeps the top of the cover opened up
  • 100% cotton muslin that’s machine washable
  • Two internal storage pockets
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • 30-inch by 36-inch size fits moms of all sizes and gives plenty of coverage


  • The light-colored patterns are borderline see-through
  • A bit pricey for what you get, but you are paying for the Baby au Lait name
  • The rigid neckline makes this hard to get folded small to stick in the diaper bag
  • When you wash it, it may shrink a little and the border/neck strap gets all wrinkly and wonky

Bamboobies Nursing Cover

Bamboobies Women's Chic Nursing Shawl, BlackBerry, One Size

While the nursing covers like the Hiccoco or Copper Pearl or Milk Snob options have taken over as the most popular choice, they might not be right for every mom. Some of us who pump or just have giant milk-filled boobs might need a little more space to conduct business under the cover. That’s why I love the Bamboobies Nursing and Car Seat Cover.

It has the same basic principle – a one-piece cover that can be slipped over the head when needed to give 360-degree coverage – with a bit more room to move and not as much spandex. It’s seriously ideal for pumping since you have more room to get all the parts in and out without feeling smashed. The same goes for busty nursing mammas: you and baby will have more room to breathe under here.


  • More room to move around!
  • Bamboo and spandex blend is lightweight and dries quickly.
  • UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Doubles as a cute, slouchy scarf or a car seat cover.


  • There are limited color options, but the choices are pretty and neutral.
  • It’s on the short side, so tall moms beware! Also, the asymmetrical fit isn’t for everyone.

LifeTree Multi-Use Nursing Cover

LifeTree Multi-Use Nursing Cover Poncho | Breastfeeding Cover | Shopping Cart Cover | Maternity Top | Extra Soft and Stretchy Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy

As you can probably tell by now, I love multi-purpose items that can be used even after you’re pregnant and done nursing.  The LifeTree Multi-Use Nursing Cover is a stylish option that can still be worn even after the days of breastfeeding are long gone, plus it can be used in other ways to make your dollar go even farther.


  • Multi-purpose; can be used as a car seat/stroller cover and shopping cart liner, too.
  • With three striped designs available it has a choice in style
  • Affordable!
  • Breathable, lightweight fabric for cool, comfortable feeding and full coverage front to back.


  • The neckline on this breastfeeding cover-up can be tight for some, which doesn’t allow Mommy to peek in on baby and check the latch.
  • A bit expensive, though you can wear it after you stop nursing.

PPOGOO Nursing Cover

PPOGOO Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding Super Soft Cotton Multi Use for Baby Car Seat Covers Canopy Shopping Cart Cover Scarf Light Blanket Stroller Cover

The PPOGOO Nursing Cover is a versatile rayon blend nursing cover that can be used not only for breastfeeding but as a fashion scarf, car seat cover, and so many more things! It is available in three unisex and trendy designs and is extra-large in size to provide you with the coverage you need when nursing your baby.


  • It can be used for so many things like a stroller cart cover, fashion scarf, etc.
  • Available in three unisex designs
  • Its extra-large size allows you to be modest while nursing
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Stretchy and super soft material
  • Very affordable price


  • There are only three designs to choose from (all being stripes)

Best Nursing Clothing Items

The Smallshow Patchwork Nursing Dress is a rayon/spandex mix cute little dress that has concealed cut outs for easy access to nursing, while the Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Gown is a cotton nightgown that is ideal to pack for the hospital or to wear to bed once you are home and nursing throughout the night.

Smallshow Patchwork Nursing Dress

I know this isn’t technically a nursing cover, but let’s face it … just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we want to look schlumpy when we’re out and about.  I absolutely love the Smallshow Patchwork Nursing Dress for both style AND ease of nursing.


  • Versatile style with over 10 design choices (and since it’s not an obvious maternity dress, it can be worn well after pregnancy and breastfeeding).
  • With concealed cut-out, nursing is still a breeze.
  • Made of soft and stretchy modal rayon fabric
  • Two side pockets


  • More expensive than other nursing choices (but keep in mind it can be worn whether pregnant or not).
  • You might still need an actual breastfeeding cover for privacy purposes.

Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

3 in 1 Labor / Delivery / Nursing Hospital Gown Baby Be Mine Maternity,, Hospital Bag Must Have (S/M, Amelia)

I know I was one of those moms who did her hair and makeup before I waddled into the hospital, so looking good for the inevitable barrage of pictures (even while having super painful contractions) was important.  The Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown is a gorgeous choice for you moms who don’t dig the whole open-in-the-back look with standard hospital gowns.


  • Beautiful and stylish with 13 choices for color and design.
  • Shoulder snaps for ease of nursing, along with a hidden front flap to allow doctors to check you discreetly and snaps in the back for those who get an epidural.
  • Made of 100% cotton, so it’s comfortable and machine-washable.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • Although those flaps and snaps are handy while in the hospital and breastfeeding, they might become cumbersome or annoying if you’re looking to wear it at home and after you’re done nursing.

Simple Wishes D Lite Hands-Free Pumping Bra

So it’s naturally assumed that if you’re breastfeeding, you’re probably going to have to pump at some point in time.  While this isn’t technically a nursing cover, the Simple Wishes D Lite Hands-Free Pumping Bra is highly recommended so you can pump, yet still, have your hands free to do other things.


  • Hands-free pumping, so you can read a book, eat your lunch, type an email … whatever you busy moms need to do.
  • Fits any breast pump.


  • Not multi-purpose … this is a pumping cover bra only and you’ll still probably want a cover while you pump for privacy.
  • More expensive than the others on this page.
  • Although the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, one common complaint was that if the fabric in the bra failed, it left exposed Velcro, which was scratchy on skin and snagged clothes.

Comparing Nursing Covers

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Nursing Cover Buyers Guide

Each mom has different needs and wants when it comes to keeping her milk makers all covered up. Here are just a few things that you can consider as you shop away.

Types of Nursing Covers

  • Apron. Apron nursing covers are exactly what they sound like: an apron that covers the front of you while you nurse. They usually have an adjustable neck strap, a boning of some kind at the top to keep it open for you to see baby, and ample fabric to keep you fully covered.
  • Scarf. A nursing scarf is a clever way to keep covered. It’s usually made out of super stretchy material so that when it’s time to nurse, you simply stretch the scarf open to cover you. These are usually tube-style covers, meaning that they go all the way around for 360-degree coverage.
  • Poncho. Nursing ponchos are similar to nursing scarves in that they can be worn all the time and used for nursing when needed. They double as both a breastfeeding cover and a fashion piece. These usually have more fabric in the front than the back, and they offer really good coverage from the top.
  • Shawl. A nursing shawl is basically a nursing poncho, with a bit more versatility. It’s usually made of a thinner, stretchier material. It’s also designed to be worn as a shawl, a poncho, a wrap, and sometimes even a scarf. These are probably the more versatile of all the nursing covers.
  • Nursing clothes. If you don’t want to worry about an extra breastfeeding cover, oftentimes you can make a large shirt work. Just wear a loose, flowy top with a nursing cami and nursing bra underneath, and you have an instant cover! This works well for little babies, but not so much for the older, bigger babies. You can also find some dresses with a small level of built-in coverage, like the ones on this list.

Features to Look For in the Best Nursing Covers


Is it cold or hot where/when you nurse? That determines if you want cotton, muslin, stretchy bamboo or spandex, or maybe something thicker, like a double-layered cotton or fleece breastfeeding cover.

In any case, look for a fabric that’s machine washable.

Size and Shape

Different sizes and shapes fit different moms, well, differently! Many moms swear by the tube-style that covers both front and back (me!), while some moms like the apron style so that they aren’t as restricted.

Keep in mind that the apron style usually offers the biggest size, while the scarf style is the smallest.


How easy is it to get the breastfeeding cover on and off? Is it adjustable? How small does it fold up? Is it see-through? These might seem nit-picky, but they are the day-to-day aspects that you’ll be dealing with, and they do matter.


Multi-tasking moms need items that are just as hard-working and versatile as we are. If you want something that has fashion and function, or can be used for more than one thing, then look for a versatile breastfeeding cover.

My two favorite multi-taskers:


Nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable while you feed your baby in public. No matter what you pick, make sure you feel good using it.

And if you don’t like the one you try? Keep going! There are so many different options out there, and one will work for you!

FAQs About Nursing Covers

What is a nursing cover?

A nursing cover is designed to help breastfeeding moms have some privacy while feeding in public. It’s a specialized cover that keeps both the breasts and baby shielded from view during a nursing session.

Do I really need a nursing cover?

That’s up to you! If you want to keep things private while you feed your baby, then you will definitely want one!

Even if you don’t mind openly breastfeeding, a cover can work well to keep baby free from distractions while they eat. And trust me, a nursing cover is so much easier to use than trying to drape a hot and smothering blanket over your wiggly baby while they eat.

Is my baby safe under a nursing cover?

Yes! Moms have been covering up with everything from thick blankets to jackets to scarves for years! As long as baby has some sort of ventilation and the fabric isn’t pressed up against their nose or mouth, they’ll be just fine.

What is a nursing scarf?

A nursing scarf is a nursing cover that can be worn as a closet staple and used as a nursing cover. It usually has fabric that’s doubled up around the neck, and then opened and stretched back out when it’s time to nurse.

Am I required to cover while breastfeeding in public?

Each state has its own specific breastfeeding laws, but all 50 states allow for women to breastfeed in public. Most states exclude breastfeeding openly from public indecency laws, so you aren’t considered a flasher just for feeding your baby without a cover. That means that you don’t have to use a cover if you don’t want to.

Is there a difference between a pumping cover and a breastfeeding cover?

It depends on where you are pumping, really. If you have to pump in the open (like an office with big windows or glass walls), then you could totally use any type of nursing cover for some privacy.

You can also use a pumping bra, which offers a lot of coverage while pumping. But there aren’t really pumping-specific covers.


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