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Warm Up with the Best Baby Winter Coats of 2022

A coat should protect against the elements, including rain, snow, and wind. But no one wants their baby to look like the Michelin Man or the kid from A Christmas Story (“I can’t put my arms down!!”).

We’ve found that the best coats overall are made by Buckle Me Baby Coats, as these coats work to keep your baby safe when buckled into a car seat. Check out the other coats to see which baby coat options suit your child and environment.

Best Baby Winter Coat Overall:
Best Coat for Newborn:
Warmest Baby Coat:
Best Baby Girl Coat:
Best Baby Boy Coat:

Best Baby Winter Coats

The Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Hooded Sweater Jacket is lined with sherpa making it warm but not a traditional heavy winter coat, available in sizes newborn-24 months; whereas the CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with Hoods is a water resistant puffer winter coat that is available in sizes 12 months-4T. 

CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with Hoods 

CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with Hoods (Padded) Light Puffer Jacket for Outdoor Warmth, Travel, Snow Play | Little Girls, Little Boys | Baby, Toddlers, 4T, Blue

Puffer coats work great for both boys and girls and with the CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with Hoods you can afford to buy one for multiple kids or multiples for one kid and all in different colors.

The best feature is the little ears on the hood to help your little one turn into a tiny winter bear. 

Pick from eight different colors including, pink, red, orange, yellow, light blue, bright blue, brown, and black. Now, your kid can have a coat in his favorite color, which is great for picky kids who will only wear exactly what they want. 

The polyester-filled coat with a nylon shell keeps your child warm all winter long. The water-resistant coat protects against the weather to keep them warm when playing outside.

Wash in the machine for easy cleaning.

Comes in sizes 12 months through 4T. 


Nylon helps the coat protect against wind but rips easier than sturdier fabrics such as polyester or cotton.

Also, the zipper isn’t the highest quality and could break.

The coat runs a little large as well. 

Simple Joy’s Baby Hooded Sweater Jacket with Sherpa Lining

Simple Joys by Carter's Unisex Babies' Hooded Sweater Jacket with Sherpa Lining, Grey, Newborn

Simple Joy’s by Carter’s Baby Hooded Sweater Jacket with a sherpa lining is a simple looking but functional and super warm jacket.

This hoody jacket has a warm sherpa lining that extends down the arms to keep baby toasty. 

It comes in grey and oatmeal colors (grey pictured above). And there is an easy to use, front, center zipper. 

The coat is one of the lowest priced on this list and has the best overall reviews on Amazon for good reason. Despite the low price it is well made and you’ll love the thick fleece and cushy feel.

Sizes range from newborn through 24 months or 30 lbs. 

It runs slightly small and ordering a larger size will make sure it fits and has some room for growth.

Carhartt Infant and Kids Coat

Carhartt Baby Girls' Redwood Jacket Sherpa Lined, Pink, 24 Months

The Carhartt Infant and Kids Coat is another hooded, lined coat and unlike the Simple Joy, offers sizes for newborns, through grade school all the way up to youth sizes. 

You may know the Carhartt brand as very high-quality and long-lasting apparel. It is well reviewed and will easily last you through several kids.

The outer shell is thick and durable. The inside has a sherpa lining that covers the entire surface up into the hood. The softer inside is a contrast to the more rugged outside but this coat is still softer than some other Carhatts.

This is not an inexpensive coat. It is worth what you pay for it but not on the cheap end of the spectrum.

When you click the link above you’ll see a variety of bright colors to choose from. If you would like more subdued, boyish colors try this one on Amazon instead. 

Best Baby Girl Coats

Baby Girls Winter Coat by Dorami is a lightweight, dressy hooded jacket that is available in sizes 6 months-3T, while the Osh Kosh Girls’ 4 in 1 Heavyweight Jacket is designed for cold weather with an extra inside liner giving 4 options for different temperatures, available in sizes from 12-24 months.

Baby Girls Winter Butterfly Coat by Dorami

For special occasions, or lighter winter climates, the Baby Girls Winter Butterfly Coat by Dorami keeps babies warm with beautiful butterflies. 

This adorable coat includes several adorable embellishments for an added appeal. The bottom bells out, making this a great choice to wear with dresses. Instead of a zipper, the coat uses white buttons.

Also, the hood has an extra patterned collar to keep cold breezes away from your little girl’s skin. Furthermore, the coat has a bow on the back!

If you have a smaller baby or one in a smaller percentile, you can pick from sizes 6month, 1T (about the same as 12month), 2T, and 3T. A few customers said the coat runs larger.

A great coat for sisters to wear for pictures. Made of a cotton blend with inner cinching inside the sleeve and the bottom of the coat to keep cold air out. Fleece-lined for added warmth. 


The coat is white with a design, which means you cannot bleach it for a cleaner coat. Make sure to use color-safe bleach.

Also, while affordable, the quality may not last for a second child. At least the price is affordable enough to use the coat for one winter. 

OshKosh B’Gosh Baby Girls Heavyweight 4-in-1 Systems Jacket

The OshKosh B’Gosh Baby Girls Heavyweight 4-in-1 Systems Jacket is the best choice for cold climates with snow or temperatures under forty degrees.

Made of 100% polyester, this coat works in four ways. Use with the inner jacket, without the inner jacket, or switch the liner direction for additional uses. No matter the weather or how much your child exercises, you can add or remove a layer to make her more comfortable.

The pale pink is not only attractive but also easier to pair with any clothing styles despite the casual style of the coat. The pink fur around the color protects against cold breezes while adding an adorable frame to your little one’s face. 

Finally, toss the hooded coat in the wash for easy care. Take the fleece lining out first for a better wash for both pieces and check the functional pockets.

Comes in size 12 months through 24 months. If your child is at the top of the percentile chart, the 12 months size should fit at 9 months of age.

All this for a reasonable price when you consider it’s a jacket and coat in one. 


The sleeves do not taper down, nor do they cinch around the wrist for a better fit and less cold airflow.

Otherwise, the only possible issue is the zipper breaking early as most zippers are plastic now. 

London Fog Baby Girls Puffer Jacket 

If you prefer a warmer coat without the extra layer, try the London Fog Baby Girls Puffer Jacket. Overall, the coat is quite similar to the last baby coat, except for the extra jacket, but with a few other notable differences. 

First, pick from several colors, including dark pink, dark blue snowflakes, pale pink snowflakes, multi-color snowflakes, or light blue. Two of the options come with lower pockets with fur-lining. The majority of the choices keep the pockets on a slant up close to the chest to help little ones warm hands easier. 

The 100% polyester puffer jacket includes a sherpa linking around the hood and a coordinating beanie cap. Both are machine washable, including the inner fleece lining. Also, the fabric around the wrists includes elastic to cinch in for added warmth from the elements.

It comes in 12 months through 24 months, fitting true to size. 


Despite the description, this coat does not come with a scarf, although it still comes with a hat. However, scarves can cause choking for little children and babies who do not have the dexterity to get out of a tangled strip of fabric. The price is a bit steep as this is only a single coat and doesn’t include a jacket. 

Best Baby Boy Coats

The GETUBACK Baby Boy’s Hooded Fleece Coat is made in a lightweight, soft jersey fabric with a fleece lining, toggle buttons, and hood which allows your little one to wear this jacket in his car seat, while the LONDON FOG Baby Boys Puffer Jacket is a polyester shell with a fleece lining and hood as well as a coordinating hat which is more functional in the cold temps but prevents car seat wear. 

Osh Kosh Baby Boys’ 4-in-1 Heavyweight Systems Jacket Coat

Harsh weather needs a heavy-duty coat to keep little boys playing and moving. Osh Kosh’s Baby Boys’ 4-in-1 Heavyweight Systems Jacket Coat works just like the girls 4-in-1 coat by the same brand above. Use just the outer coat, or only use the inner jacket, or use the liner in either way attached to the coat. 

The best part of this coat besides the 4-in-1 aspect is the color selection. Little boys run fast, and when you need to chase them, it’s much easier to keep blue and brown in your line of sight than dark colors. The inner liner, though, is navy blue with a red lining, so not as bright, but still helps your little man adjust to the weather.

Other features include a zipper and buttons, three functional pockets, adjustable sleeves around the wrist, and a fur-lined hood. The 100% polyester coat and jacket are machine washable, but make sure to separate the two pieces and check pockets before washing.

Comes in sizes 12 months to 2T. 


Beyond the potential for a weak zipper and a slightly high price for the larger jackets, this is a problem-free coat for little boys. 

GETUBACK Baby Boy’s Hooded Fleece Coat 

GETUBACK Baby Boy's Girls Kids Hooded Fleece Coat Winter Outwear Grey 18M

For more formal occasions than playing in the snow, dress your little man up in GETUBACK’s Baby Boy’s Hooded Fleece Coat. Not only will he be styling, but also warm and comfortable. 

The soft jersey fabric comes in gray or brown with a hood and toggle buttons covering an inner zipper. An inner fleece lining keeps little guys warm even in colder weather.

The medium-length cold features two buttoned pockets for snails, rocks, and whatever else your baby finds along the way. 

Finally, the coat comes in 6 months through 5t, but not all the sizes are always available in each color.

A perfect coat for lighter winter climates trips out of town, or out to a function. The thinner material allows a baby to still wear the coat in his car seat. 


The sleeves do not taper down or include elastic to prevent cold breezes from shooting up your little guys’ arms.

Also, the sleeves may be a little long, but great for keeping hands warm.

The size conversion runs a little large. 

London Fog Baby Boys Puffer Jacket Coat

London Fog’s Baby Boys Puffer Jacket coat keeps warm without an inner layer which works better for some children.

Also, this adorable striped coat comes in five different colors: dark blue, gray, red, black, and bright green. The coat comes in 12 months through 24 months and fits true to size. 

Other features of this hooded coat include a coordinating hat, elastic around the wrist for added warmth, fleece lining, and pockets on the side.

Wash the 100% polyester in the machine when dirty. Trust me, with little boys, the coat will go through many washes, and this one can handle the beating. 


The coat may run a little on the small side, depending on the size of your child.

Otherwise, the coat does the job of protecting kids from the elements. 

Comparing Baby Winter Coats

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

FAQ’s About Best Baby Coats

Can my baby overheat in a winter coat?

Yes, children can overheat even its freezing outside!

Baby winter coats tend to heat you up, and your chest could be sweaty and clammy while your legs are freezing cold. Finding a happy middle-ground for your child can be difficult, especially when you cannot look at their face for a clue, as the baby’s cheeks flush when they are cold too.

Dressing in layers is the best way to prevent overheating. Check your child every twenty minutes or so to see if they need another layer removed as they move around and warm up. 

The best winter boots can help keep your children warm without too many layers as well. 

Why don’t they make coats for sizes smaller than 6 months?

This is one of the great mysteries of the baby world. The most likely answer is that babies that small don’t go out in the elements to the extent that they need a coat. If they do, a winter bodysuit is the better choice (see below).

If you are trying to keep a newborn warm in the middle of the bleak midwinter, here are my 2 suggestions:

  • Just get the baby bunting. Yes, it’s big and puffy. Yes, it looks ridiculous (or ridiculously cute). But it works well if you are going to be out in very, very cold weather. Just don’t use it in the car seat, okay? We love the Columbia Snuggly Bunny Bunting.  Bonus: it’s waterproof and available in all kinds of colors and sizes, from 0-3 months to 18-24 months.
  • Layer, layer, layer! Even in the cold mountains, you can get by with a few layers and a good blanket for a baby who’s out running errands in the cold. Start with a long-sleeve onesie, then add a thick fleece jacket. Top with a hat and some mittens, and a cozy baby blanket. Our favorite fleece jacket for infants? The North Face Infant Glacier Hoodie. It has a hood, a zipper, and it’s washable microfleece. Trust me, it is cozy when layered with other winter clothes.

Would a winter bodysuit be better than a winter coat?

If your child is playing directly in the snow, then a bodysuit may be a better option.

However, bodysuits make diaper changes more difficult than the baby winter coats do, not to mention pee breaks too if you are potty training!

Also, bodysuits are more difficult to remove and too bulky for a car seat. The best bet is a coat with a sweater as layers are easier to work with. 

For night time, you’ll want to opt for a baby sleep sack

Is it safe for my baby to wear a winter coat in her car seat?

While baby winter coats get thinner every year with new thinner fabrics emerging all the time, coats are still too bulky to allow car seat straps to fit properly against your baby. In the case of an accident, the material will compress and could allow your child to be ejected from the seat.

The better choice for wearing a coat in a car seat is to wear the coat over the car seat after you buckle your child in. While this is safer, it can be a pain to remove the coat and then put it back on. If you would rather, you could use a blanket for the car. Cars tend to heat up quickly, and the blanket can help them until the heat kicks in. 


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