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The Best Baby Ear Protection of 2022

Babies are brand new, and so are their ears. As they have little understanding of sound, they will probably become startled by loud noises. Moreover, loud sounds can actually hurt their ears. By the early grade school years, about one in 1000 children develop hearing loss, so it is important to take steps to protect your baby’s hearing (source). We are here to help you out with all of the best options below.

Editor’s Note:  The World Health Organization and International Telecommunications Union recommend avoiding any sounds louder than 75 decibels to prevent hearing loss (source).  It is, therefore, best to choose a product that keeps noise exposure below this range.

Best Baby Headphones:
Best Noise-Canceling Headphones:

Best Baby Headphones

Your baby will get the most comfortable fit with the Alpine Muffy Earmuffs compared to the other ear muffs. The My Happy Tot Headphones are the most reasonably-priced. 

Baby Ear Protection Ear Muffs 

The Baby Ear Protection Ear Muffs are our favorite ear protection because they work, and they are adorable with little ears! Although you may not want the ears, you definitely have the option to get them, along with the ear protection. Now your baby can avoid overly loud sounds with complete comfort. 

With these highly rated ear covers, you also get several color choices, including pink, red, or American flag. They fit children up to two years old by providing a spacious room for ears with extra foam cushioning. This set can also protect babies by reducing sound up to 27 dB, and the has an NRR rating of 18dB. 

Finally, they use non-toxic ingredients and come certified by US CPSIA and ASTM. Adjust the size to fit your baby and expect zero pressure to annoy little ears, so they will actually keep them on. While they don’t cancel out noise, they reduce it so babies can hear what’s going on, but at a comfortable level for sensitive new ears. 

Baby Ear Protection by Spiido

Infants and toddlers up to two years old can enjoy the Baby Ear Protection by Spiido for a low price and imitation leather with double lining. These are not only comfortable, but act as a sponge to reduce ear pressure and keep the skin soft and comfortable. Padding on top of the head keeps babies from ripping off the earphones, and they’re also adjustable. 

Pick from three colors, including pink, teal, and yellow. Also, these adjust up to the first three years of life, depending on the size of your baby. They have an NRR rating of 31dB protection to act as noise dampening covers to protect babies’ ears from hearing loss. Now your kids can enjoy more experiences without any damage to one of their most sensitive senses. 

Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection 

Baby BANZ Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection – Ages 0-2+ Years – Industry Leading Noise Reduction Rating – Soft & Comfortable – Baby Ear Protection

The great benefit to the Baby Banz Earmuffs Infant Hearing Protection is the sheer amount of color options available. They come in over 20 different colors to find the options best for your baby. That’s not the only benefit; they are also flexible, meaning your baby can play with them and not break them. 

They have a lower NRR rating at 28 dB, meaning they are more noise muffling than canceling but offer sufficient noise reduction to help keep kids hearing protected. Next, they are lightweight, adjustable, padded, and do not apply pressure to your baby’s ears. However, they are a little pricy, but are still perfect for almost any budget, especially since they can keep kids from crying in extremely loud situations. 

Baby Headphones Hearing Protection by Scotamalone

If price is a concern, try the Baby Headphones Hearing Protection by Scotamalone. Not only are they extremely affordable, but they come in two colors, both blue and pink, to suit most babies. They also come with a sound-absorbing design, and all the other features a baby needs to reduce sound and live more comfortably. 

Babies three months and older can enjoy these for car races, sporting events, airplanes, and anywhere else you need to go with your baby in tow. From padded cushions to an adjustable and removable band, you can customize these ear covers to your child’s needs, all while keeping their ears protected from strenuous sounds. 

Hearing Protection Headphones by My Happy Tot

My Happy Tot Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones – Kids Ear Protection Earmuffs

The Hearing Protection Headphones by My Happy Tot are a low profile, cup ear cover to keep babies comfy cozy even in their car seat. Moreover, the design is quite different from the options above, with a shorter band and clips for attaching the ear covers. Don’t worry, you can still adjust the headband. 

Babies will love the comfort of this design if the other styles don’t appeal to their sense of personal space.  In addition, these come with a slightly deflated inner cushion to allow for a perfectly sealed fit around your infant’s ear without any pressure. All of this, and help to block sound without deleting it completely. 

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection

Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection for Newborn and Babies 3 - 36 Months – Noise Reduction Earmuffs for Toddlers and Children – Comfortable Infant Ear Muffs Prevent Hearing Damage & Improve Sleep, Pink

If you want a different style of earmuffs, try the Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection. They come with fabulous reviews,  fitting like a headband to keep ears protected and to keep them on your baby’s head with ease. They do cost a little bit more, but, for babies who prefer a headband style, these offer a valuable option.

Pick from black and white, blue and white, or pink and white, including a carry bag for the headphone-style earmuffs. However, they do offer a little less protection at only 23 dB, but come certified by CE to reduce noise damage. Adjusting couldn’t be easier with a simple two-click system for the no-pressure, cushy ear covers. 

HEARTEK Kids Ear Protection Noise Reduction

Noise Cancelling Headphones Kids Adult Earmuffs Shooting Ear Protection

The HEARTEK Kids Ear Protection Noise Reduction are some of the most preferred ear covers on the market. They come in a plethora of colors for both boys and girls. Next, the stylish design offers comfort in all the right places.  Unlike most of the options above, they even fold up for easy storage.

These ear covers can protect ears with a 27 dB NRR noise-canceling ability to block out sounds your baby doesn’t need and shouldn’t hear. There is the padding on both of the ears and on the top to add protection and comfort. Get the right amount of comfort and fit for your child to enjoy life without damaging their ability to hear. 

Baby Noise Canceling Headphones Adjustable by Iwinna

Baby Noise Canceling Headphones Adjustable Noise Protection Earmuffs for Autism Newborn Infant Hearing Protection for 3 Months to 2 Years, Blue

Young babies will love the comfort of the Baby Noise Canceling Headphones Adjustable by Iwinna. They are made of eco-friendly materials with skin-friendly ABS ear cups and foam-filled ear cushions for safety and durability. They also protect ears from harsh sounds, thanks to a 31 dB NRR rating.

The ear covers use two thickening layers of professional noise dampening sponge and imitation leather over the thick foam to provide comfort and noise reduction. Also, they adjust on the sides for a custom fit on your baby’s little ears and head. They even come with a bag to carry the lightweight headphone-style gear in your diaper bag for easy access. 

Baby Hearing Protection Headware 

The Baby Hearing Protection Headware by Smuffs offer a unique style of ear protection that’s probably best for the colder months, as they cover a significant portion of the head in a jersey cotton-blend band. Many babies will find this style more comfortable when sleeping, as it lays flatter and allows for more movement. They only come in size large and in a soft blue color, but are simple and adorable while keeping baby’s hearing safe. 

You can wash them, fold them, and tuck them away in a diaper bag. Inside, a softshell covers the baby’s ears, but without a real rating in the NRR system. They work best for babies between the ages of 4 to 12 months old. Also, they provide an option for children who do not like the traditional headphone style ear protection. 

JeeoMax Baby Ear Muffs and Earplugs Pack 

JeeoMax Baby Ear Muffs Noise Protection Headphones and Earplugs Pack - Ages 2 to 36 Months

The JeeoMax Baby Ear Muffs and Earplugs Pack  provide extensive ear protection. While it’s not a good idea to use earplugs in babies often, for some events, it may be necessary.  That’s where this set comes in. For one very low price, you get both the ear protection and the earplugs, all with a handy case for both the earplugs and covers. 

This product fits babies starting at two months old, and all the way up to 36 months old.  They are adjustable to fit the varying ranges of head size for a custom fit. Even better, the ear-gear is cushioned on the top and  ear covers for comfort and improved sound reduction.   The set only protects to 21 dB on the NRR rating scale, one of the lowest options, and why earplugs may be necessary. 

Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs

Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs - Black with White Headband. Made in The U.S.A! The Original and ONLY Earmuffs Designed specifically for Babies Since 2009

The Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs come with a different setup than the typical set of ear covers:  these come with a headband instead of an over-the-head padded cover.   Although designed in Australia, they are made right here in America, making them a valuable purchase to support our local economy. 

First, you need to pick from several different headband colors or themes, and then you are ready to protect your baby with velcro adjustable ear protection. Second, the washable headband reduces pressure, and even works well for newborn infants. Third, the ear covers use thick foam to further reduce pressure and provide superior comfort.  A few customers, however, had issues keeping the band on their babies heads. 

Lastly, the lightweight ear protectors are interchangeable with other bands, and are compact to save on space. You can store them easily in your diaper bag during loud events. Moreover, the double layers of foam core provide noise reduction at 27 dB to keep your baby’s ears safe from harmful sounds. 

Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection

Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection (Over-The-Ear Sound Protection Ear Muffs Infant/Toddler/Child) (Spa Green), One Size

The last pair of earmuffs are made specifically with infants in mind, and by a company dedicated to improving audio. The Lucid Audio HearMuffs Baby Hearing Protection comes with extra padding and even more adjustability, without the possibility of poking your baby or getting in the way of their movement. They offer advanced hearing protection from loud sounds, and come with a patented, fully adjustable, and completely cushioned headband that is designed for use up to the age of four. 

With passive noise reduction, these earmuffs can provide superior quietness so your baby can sleep anywhere, even at a rock concert!  You get all this, made with non-toxic materials and built to last for years. The only problem is these are rated low on the NRR scale at only 21 dB. For babies who only need reduced sound instead of no sound, these are the perfect option. 

Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Babies

The BBTKCARE Headphones and FridayBaby Headphones are the best-rated at the best price compared to the other noise-canceling headphones below.

Fridaybaby Baby Ear Protection 

Baby Ear Protection (0-2+ Years) - Comfortable and Adjustable Noise Cancelling Baby Ear Muffs for Infants & Newborns | Baby Headphones Noise Reduction for Airplanes Fireworks Concert, Black

With the Fridaybaby Baby Ear Protection, babies get basic ear covers with comfort in mind. They come in four colors including black, teal, lime green, and orange which helps you to find them in the diaper bag. Take these to every loud event to block out extra loud sounds. 

An NRR rating of 31 dB or higher protects little ears from fireworks, rock concerts, loud church music, and even airplane shows. These ear covers are noise-canceling instead of noise-reducing, which means babies will not be able to understand what is going on around them. Otherwise, they are adorable, adjustable, fully padded, and help kids to live comfortably, even when loud sounds enter your life. 

Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones

BBTKCARE Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies for 3 Months to 2 Years (Blue)

Babies three months and above can use the BBTKCARE Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones to keep irritating noises out while providing invaluable ear safety. You get bright color options that are appropriate for  either boys or girls, all with padding around the ears and on top. 

The zero-pressure ear muffs reduce noise, and adjust with ease for exceptional comfort. Moreover, the ear cushions provide thick acoustic foam, an outer shell, and imitation leather on the outside for an extra soft cushion. The only reason these are lower on our list is that they only have an NRR rating of 26 dB.  This means that they can protect against loud noises, but not as well as the other options above. 

Mumba Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones 

Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies and Toddlers - Mumba Baby Earmuffs - Ages 3-24+ Months

The Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones for Babies by Mumba offers everything you need to keep your baby safe ages of 3 to 24 months, although some babies may be able to wear them up to three-years-old. No matter where you go, your baby can enjoy all of the fun without having ear pain from loud noises on sensitive ears. They come in pink, blue, yellow, and teal, all with an affordable price tag. 

The extra soft cushion on top will even help to keep moisture off your baby’s head, all while canceling sounds your baby shouldn’t hear for their health. They have an NRR 31 dB protection level, meaning they can handle any noise that comes baby’s way. Also, a large internal space means no pressure on the baby’s ear, and it’s skin-friendly and squishy, so babies will keep them on. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones by Damaiu

Baby Ear Protection,Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids for 0-3 Years Babies

The Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones by Damaiu offer everything you are looking for with six color options and a low price. Take your infant to sporting events, loud church worship, air shows, parks in the city, and more, all without exposure to serious  amounts of sound discomfort. Adjust the sides to fit the baby’s head, and keep the ear muffs snuggly in place. 

Even better, these ear muffs provide zero pressure.  More importantly, they offer an NRR of 31 dB which gives professional noise dampening, and keeps tiny baby ears safe from moderate and extremely loud sounds.  This is may be ideal for children with high sensitivity to even a hint of loudness. Thick cushions on the ears and top, coupled with adjustability on both sides, give you a high-quality product ready to make your baby cry less from ear pain. 

Noise Cancelling Baby Ear Protection Baby Earmuffs by Roms

If you want to decorate with stickers, try the Noise Cancelling Baby Ear Protection Baby Earmuffs by Roms. They come with cute animal and owl stickers printed on the sides in the hopes that kids will reach for them and take control of their own sound protection. Add in two color options, and you have a nice set of ear covers to keep your baby comfortable in the hearing department. 

Beyond the stickers and low price, the earmuffs provide maximum comfort with cushioning on the top and the ear covers for a comfortable fit. These are designed to fit children up to age three to protect their delicate sense of hearing from the over-zealous sound. Moreover, they come with an NRR rating of 23 to 28 dB, so tots can hear what’s going on, but without the excessive sound levels. 

Baby Headphones Baby Ear Protection by Toennesen

Baby Ear Protection TOENNESEN Noise Cancelling Headphones for 3 Months to 3 Years, NRR 34dB Noise Reduction Ear Muffs. The Most Comfortable Ear Protection for Toddlers/Babies. (Blue)

For a mid-range price, the Baby Headphones Baby Ear Protection by Toennesen extend an excellent option to customers with two color option in both blue and pink. They are very similar to the others with extra room in the ear area for babies to get the comfort they seek. The earmuffs offer a stylish way to protect your baby with less discomfort for babies. 

With anti-sound sponges, ABS plastic, faux leather, and adjustable band, you get everything you need. Moreover, the ear covers protect at an NRR rate of 34 dB, which is the highest on this list. They even come with a storage box, and bag along with 100% purchase protection. 

Baby Ear Protection Compared

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Buying Guide for Baby Ear Protection

From protecting kids from loud noises to allowing yourself the ability to go more places with sound sensitive kids, ear protection gives you tons of options to live life better.

Find the right set for your baby above, but read the buying guide below to make sure you have “checked off” all the right boxes. Basically, be sure of  your needs before purchasing.

NRR Rating

The NRR rating stands for Noise Reduction Rating. It is a scale to demonstrate the level of protection a device offers in a loud environment (source).  Also, it measures in decibels (or dB) and sound pressure level (SPL). The higher the number, the better the protection your baby will get from their ear protection, as the higher number keeps more sound out of your baby’s ears.

For a little perspective, a rock concert is 150 dB, and a quiet room is 40 dB (remember this when purchasing your next dishwasher!). You want to buy ear protection for up to 150 dB in order to block out everything from planes to loud sirens and music.

Hearing damage can happen above 75 decibels, especially with prolonged exposure. The louder the sound and the longer it lasts, the more damage can occur. When in doubt, put the headphones on the baby a little sooner than you would put them on yourself.

Special Needs

Children with autism or sensory disorders may need headphones even for common, everyday noises.  They tend to be more sensitive to moderate noises and sounds that do not disturb other children.   Hearing protection not only preserves their hearing, but reduces the distress triggered by certain noises (source).  It can help these children to participate in events that they otherwise would not enjoy. Noise at church, school, parties, the beach, or anywhere else can be overwhelming.  With ear protection, you can still take them to louder events.


Unlike adults, babies cannot understand weighing the pros and cons. If ear protection isn’t comfortable, they will tear it off and throw it onto the ground. For a while, babies will do this until they understand the pros of wearing ear protection, so definitely make sure they are comfortable.  Prior to noisy events, it may help to have your infant “practice” wearing the ear protection for short periods at home.  This may encourage compliance in wearing it.

Look for earmuffs with extra cushion, and that will not press your child’s ear against their face.  Look for ear covers with cushioning on the head band as well to prevent discomfort. Check to make sure the covers do not have any sharp parts.

Finally, make sure the ear protection is adjustable. This allows for added comfort and head growth as most ear protectors should fit for the first couple of years of a child’s life.


Babies are already cute, but don’t underestimate the ability of ear muffs to make a baby cuter. Also, babies tend to like pretty items with lots of colors. Pick the set you think your baby will enjoy the most. Trust us;  your baby will look adorable no matter what, so find the ones they will like.

As for materials, most ear covers are made of plastic, foam, or imitation leather. This is how the companies keep the covers lightweight and comfortable for babies. No one wants to wear something heavy or clunky, and babies do so more so because they won’t tolerate discomfort like adults. 

Do not attempt to use adult ear protection for infants because they will not be effective. While a baby’s head may seem large enough, adult ear protection is bulkier and heavier than baby protection. It also doesn’t offer as much comfort or reduce ear pressure for little ears. 

Sounds to Block 

You may be wondering when to completely block sound.  The answer depends on your baby.  Some babies are more sensitive to sound than others, and may need ear protection before other babies. However, all infants and children need protection from extremely loud sounds, including through the teen age years (source).   Taking steps to protect hearing throughout a child’s life can prevent permanent damage in by adulthood.

The safest bet is to use headphones for anything louder than light traffic noise, including but not limited to movies, extra loud appliances, sports events, fireworks, teenagers’ music, and so much more. Even the vacuum can cause a huge amount of pressure on an ear canal, especially to infants not yet used to louder sounds.

Find what makes your baby comfortable, and start from there as some babies will start to whimper from light noises. 

FAQs – Baby Ear Protection

What else can I do to help protect my baby’s senses? 

You should get the same items for your baby that you would get for yourself, such as sunglasses and sun hats.

Protecting your child’s senses now can help your child in the future. No one wants a child to lose their hearing.  Loud noises can cause permanent damage, so consider adding ear protection to your baby’s diaper bag. 

How can I tell if the headband will fit?

Don’t worry about how the headband fits.  They are usually adjustable and can fit throughout the first two years of life, even if their head is in the highest percentile. If your child tends to outgrow hats quickly, you may want to measure before buying.

Also, make sure to read reviews to see if the pair you are interested in runs small or large.

Can I use headphones to help baby sleep?

Babies should not wear ear protection to bed.   It is not recommended in the American Academy of Pediatric’s safe sleep guidelines (source).  This may also make it difficult for your infant to sleep through the routine noises in your home.  

Unless your house is noisier than traffic outside, allow your baby to learn to fall asleep with a little bit of normal noise..

Is noise-canceling better than noise-reduction?

It depends on what you’re wanting to accomplish with the headphones. If it’s important to you that your baby can’t hear anything – stick to noise-canceling headphones as these earmuffs will reduce noise the most (if not at all). 

Noise-reducing headphones are good if you want baby to be able to hear some things, just not as loud. Reducing the noise can help baby become familiar and comfortable with a louder sound (e.g. fireworks) without canceling out the sound altogether.


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