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30 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 2-Year-Old Girls in 2022

As your little girl transitions from a baby into a toddler, it opens up new doors for gift ideas. Everything from pretend play toys to smart toys is sure to thrill a toddler!

Here, we’ve chosen some of the most highly-rated gifts for your 2-year-old girl. This list of the best toys for 2-year-old girls is a great resource for anyone looking for an age-appropriate gift that a little girl will love.

Top Gifts for 2-Year-Old GirlsWhy It's BestRating
VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk This toy is like preschool at home- with a variety of learning activities, it is sure to keep your girl busy.♥♥♥♥♥
Playz 10-Piece Boys & Girls Dress Up Castle PlayThis sweet hideaway is the perfect place for rest or play.♥♥♥♥♥
Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen35+ piece accessory set lets your girl "cook" in her own kitchen.♥♥♥♥♥
Emily Winfield Martin The Wonderful Things You Will BeStory of parent's dreams for their children with poems and rhyming.♥♥♥♥♥
Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!Realistic broom, mop, etc. that helps make cleaning fun.♥♥♥♥♥
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The 30 Best Toys and Gifts For Any 2-Year-Old Girl

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe, Pink


This activity desk provides tons of educational activities appropriate for your little girl. It features an interactive desktop with five pages of engaging content including numbers, letters, music, and colors.

There are eight additional expansion packs you can purchase separately to add content to continue challenging your child. The desktop also converts into an easel and chalkboard with storage space below for art supplies.

Parents can use the volume control to keep the noise level at a minimum while still allowing their child to interact with the desk’s activities. There are five activity pages that work with the desktop that each feature a different activity. The desk comes with a matching stool that is just the right size for a toddler or pre-schooler.

This also includes a toy telephone and music player for your girl to use to “call” her friends and family and listen to music anytime. Just like a mini teenager.

Things You Will Love

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Lots of Activities
  • Volume Control
  • Teaches Essential Skills for School
  • Eight Additional Expansion Packs For Further Learning Opportunities
  • Art Easel and Storage


  • Must Purchase Additional Modules for Extra Activities
  • Takes Up Space
  • Music Can Be Loud
  • Easel Doesn’t Lock and Can Cause Injury


This best learning toy for 2-year-olds will give your little girl hours of educational fun. With a variety of activities, it is sure to keep her interest over time. As she progresses, you can purchase additional activities to continue challenging her.

For a not so subtle way of teaching numbers, colors, letters, music, and more, this is a great option for 2-year-old girls. Just make sure to watch her fingers when closing the easel.

Playz 10-Piece Boys & Girls Dress Up Castle Play Tent

Playz Twin Boys & Girls Dress Up Castle Play Tent Bundle with 2 Tents, Crawl Tunnel, Butterfly Wings, Tiara Crown, Princess Wand, Tutu Dress Up Costume, Superhero Cape & Mask for Prince & Princess

Your little girl’s eyes will light up when she sees Playz 10-Piece Boys & Girls Dress Up Castle Play Tent. Watch the stars glow in the dark, providing an imaginative play area for her and her friends.

The set comes with a pink castle and a blue castle along with a girl costume and a boy costume with a tunnel to connect the castles. It’s a great set for siblings who love to play together or two friends. 

This tent folds up into a carrying case for travel and can go anywhere with you. It sets up easily with the four included support rods. The set comes with the tent and stabilizing poles to ensure sturdiness.

It is the perfect place for a tea party, peek-a-boo, naps, or any type of imaginative play that your girl can come up with. She can store her special treasures easily inside her own private area. This tent is great fun for a bedroom, playroom, basement, or living area.

As a bonus, it comes with a tutu, tiara, wings, and a fairy wand. This pretty pink castle gift is sure to please your little princess.

Things You Will Love

  • Glow in the Dark Stars
  • Dual Netted Windows for Ventilation
  • Can be Used Indoors or Outdoors
  • Carrying Case to Store it Away or Take it With You
  • Lends Itself to Imaginative Play
  • Can Accommodate 3-5 Children
  • Two castles and a tunnel
  • Bonus dress-up stuff!


  • Takes up a Large Amount of Space When Set Up
  • May Not Hold Up Well Outdoors
  • Materials May Not Last Long


The adorable tent will look great in any play area and allows little girls a place of their own to play. Whether she wants to play alone or with friends and family, this best toy for 2-year-old girls is the perfect addition. This will quickly become a favorite play space for years to come.

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Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen | Pink Kitchen with Realistic Lights & Sounds |Play Kitchen Set | Pink Kids Kitchen Playset & 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set

Toddlers learn from watching their parents, everything from speaking, walking, and everyday chores. With the Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen, your little girl will be the star of her own kitchen.

Including over 35 kitchen pieces, your toddler will have hours of fun making meals for family or friends. The pan and pot will make frying and boiling sounds when placed on the stove-top burners, enhancing their make-believe play. The kitchen features an instant coffee machine, microwave, fridge, oven, sink, stovetop, and even pretend food dishes for pets!

Things You Will Love

  • Pink Themed Full Kitchen Set made of non-toxic BPA-free plastic
  • 35+ Piece Kitchen Accessory Set
  • Includes sink with a faucet, a refrigerator, an oven, a stove with electronic burners, microwave, and instant coffee machine
  • Pot and pan activate frying and boiling sounds when placed on the burners
  • Enhances fine motor skills and imaginative play
  • Minimal assembly required


  • No pre-drilled holes for assembly; need a drill to put it together
  • Sometimes missing instructions/stickers/accessories
  • For best security, bolt the kitchen to the wall to prevent tipping over if your toddler tries to climb on it


As the little girl in your life turns into a toddler, she is introduced to fundamental life skills that she will need throughout her lifetime. Everyone should know the basics of cooking, and using a playset will make this activity fun and enjoyable for your little one.

With so many options and enough room to play with a sibling or a friend, she will learn how to share, enhance motor skills, and spread her imagination!

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The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Reading to your child every night sets them up for a life-long love affair with books. Emily Winfield Martin’s best-seller The Wonderful Things You Will Be is a touching children’s book that every mother will want to read to her daughter. A story of a parent’s ambitions, hopes, and dreams for their children, Martin’s storybook is a thoughtful gift that will never go out of style.

With rhyming and pacing that will hold your toddler’s attention, The Wonderful Things You Will Be also provides words of positive reinforcement that young children require in their younger years. The author also illustrated the book, and her work has appeared in Publisher’s Weekly and the New York Times.

Available in hardcover and Kindle versions, as well as a wall chart where you can track your little girl’s height as she grows, The Wonderful Things You Will Be is a beautiful poem that is definitely a top gift for 2-year-old girls for your daughter, niece, or your favorite little girl.

Things You Will Love

  • Available in Hardcover, Kindle ebook versions and as a wall chart
  • The story is of parent’s ambitions, hopes, and dreams for their children
  • The rhyming and pacing of the poetry will keep your little girl’s attention
  • Beautiful words and sweet illustrations

Some Considerations

  • More for parents than kids
  • No real plot for kids to follow
  • Keepsake for parents


We love Emily Winfield Martin’s The Wonderful Things You Will Be for its honest and moving depiction of what every parent wants for their child. Although its tone is more of a love letter than an actual story, this book is more of a keepsake than a book for children.

We encourage parents everywhere to read this to their children regularly but make sure you save it in your child’s shadow box. It will make a great gift for when your little girl graduates from high school or has a child of her own. 

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop!

Melissa & Doug Let's Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6 Piece Pretend Play Set

Toddlers love to pretend and are also great helpers. Give her a child-sized broom, mop, dustpan, duster, brush, and storage stand to keep her cleaning tools organized. Then, when someone starts cleaning, she can pull out her tools and help. Or maybe she’ll just tidy up on her own. It is a wonderful way to give her tools she can actually use.

The sturdy wood construction will last for a long time without buckling or bending. Many girls have an obsession with cleaning and this is a set she will love. The stand also makes a great microphone stand during imaginative play. The possibilities of this best gift for 2-year-old girls are endless. Never underestimate the power of a girl’s imagination and a few tools.

Things You Will Love

  • Teaches Kids to Help Clean-Up
  • Kid-Sized
  • Sturdy
  • Good for Imaginative Play
  • Role Play


  • Parts Can Scratch Floors if Pushed too Hard


This fun playset will let her help clean like the rest of the family.

Whether for play or actual introduction to helping out around the house, this set will let her tidy up with items that are just her size. Each piece is designed especially for little hands and will give her endless role-playing fun.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart Deluxe (Frustration Free Packaging) , Pink

Let your little girl serve up some ice cream AND learn with the LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart! Features 4 different ice cream scoops and 3 different toppings to stack on top of each other for realistic ice cream cones.

Your child can “place orders” with each of the six animal cards that feature a different ice cream recipe. Educational phrases and songs play with the press of a button to introduce your child to numbers, flavors, colors, etc. This really is a cart! Children can enjoy strolling the ice cream cart around to different spots of the room or house to serve up dessert!

Things You Will Love

  • Cart really rolls
  • Educational phrases and songs
  • 4 different ice cream flavors, 3 different toppings
  • Animal “order” cards to match ice cream cones to


  • Similar sounds that are played from other LeapFrog toys
  • 3 AA batteries required (included)


Parents love this toy and so do their children, even kids of differing ages! Have fun serving up ice cream with your child with this LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Toy

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Toy

Parents love LeapFrog toys because they teach their children the essential skills that they need before they enter school. The LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Toy is a fun game that uses songs and phrases to teach color recognition, manners, greetings, and counting. It comes with a talking teapot, two teacups, and six pieces of cake on a serving so that your little girl can play with a friend.

When your little one tilts the pot, it lights up, and the liquid moves and makes sounds as if she is pouring tea. The teapot lights up six different colors, encouraging your child to match the color of the tea to the cake piece. The matching exercise will help her with color recognition at a very early age. For younger children, a mirror under the lid of the teapot inspires a quick game of peek-a-boo. This will let her have fun with the set, even if she doesn’t have a friend to play with at the time.

Things You Will Love

  • 10 piece tea set: 2 teacups, 6 pieces of cake, a teapot, and a cake plate
  • Includes tea-time songs, words, and phrases
  • Realistic sounds of pouring tea
  • Introduces colors, matching, and counting
  • Teaches social skills such as greeting, manners, and sharing
  • For children ages 1-3

Some Considerations

  • Cups have holes at the bottom, don’t hold real liquid
  • Volume is loud on the lowest setting, songs might annoy parents
  • Teapot doesn’t always state the correct color and number


Although the LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party has some drawbacks, we love it for what it does.

The lessons your child will learn in sharing and social graces that are unmatched in many other toys on the market today. This best gift for 2-year-old girls offers these important skills for your little girl before she starts attending school.

Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy, Sugar N Spice Doll

Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll, Sugar N Spice Marisa

Every girl needs a best friend and this Sugar N Spice doll will easily fill that space. The soft body is easy to hug and hold. There are five adorable friends to choose from and each can double as a security object.

With no sharp parts, this doll is safe for any child and will be well-loved. This best gift for 2-year-old girls is machine washable and you may need to buy backups for when the doll gets lost or is in the washing machine. A few of the versions have rattles in the heads, so make sure you choose one that will fit your little girl.

Things You Will Love

  • Soft Body
  • Durable and Lasts Through Many Wash Cycles
  • Adorable Design


  • Some Versions Have Rattles in the Head
  • You May Need More Than One


This doll will become a treasured toy very quickly. She will accompany your girl to anything and everything and will likely need regular washing.  It is also a great tool for teaching her to treat babies (real and stuffed) kindly. This simple, no bells and whistles, doll will be a lasting addition to your family.

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VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier, Pink

Does your little girl love animals? Maybe she has asked for one of her own. Here is the perfect option! Give her a pet she can call her own. She can carry her puppy in its carrier or hold it and give it a bottle. Each time she opens or closes the door to the carrier, it will repeat playful phrases and teach opposites.

Sliding letter beads play over 100 songs and introduces letters. This set comes with a bottle, comb, bowl, ball, carrier, and her very own puppy.

This best toy for 2-year-old girls is small and compact enough to take anywhere and will let her take charge of caring for a pet of her own. Watch as she pets its tiny head and gently brushes its fur. This is a great way to prepare her for caring for a real pet one day. It may even inspire her to help with the ones you already have. (If you have a furry friend already.)

Things You Will Love

  • Teaches Songs and Letters
  • Carry Case
  • Soft-Bodied Puppy
  • Fun Accessories
  • Compact Sized Carrier
  • Different Teaching Modes


  • Pieces Can Get Lost
  • Voice of Dog is a Male Voice for a Female Dog


Any little girl will love being able to care for her own pet. She can name it, feed it, and carry it around. The small size does not take up much space and is just right for the included puppy.

Besides that, it teaches opposites, letters, and plays songs to entertain your little girl. This best toy will teach her without her even realizing it. Let her nurture her own little friend.

Hontry Star Light Rotating Projector with Timer

Night Lights for Kids, Star Projector with Timer for Boys and Girls

This stylish star projector makes a great addition to any room. It can be used as a nightlight that turns off automatically, or as an all-night star projector to keep your child calm and asleep.

The timer can be set from 5 minutes to 995 minutes. The light changes colors between four primary colors and many combinations in-between. The settings are color-changing, rotating, or with just a warm, soft light. There are two power sources, a 5V DC power supply or four AAA batteries.

The portability of this light makes it nice for sleepovers, tents, or for play anytime, while the nightlight feature can be used anywhere at night to give a warm ambiance. Your little girl’s eyes will light up each time you turn on this magical projector. She will feel like she can really see the stars anytime, day or night.

Things You Will Love

  • Nightlight
  • Bright Stars Project Well on Walls and Ceilings
  • Timer from 5-995 Minutes
  • Two Power Options


  • Red Bulb Burns Out Faster Than Others
  • Made of Plastic, So Not Extremely Durable


This magical light is sure to delight any little girl. She will love her new nightlight and can use it for imaginative play anytime. The two power options allow it to go anywhere for use while on-the-go.

For use as an all-night nightlight, you can set the timer for 995 minutes, however, if you’d rather the light go off after a specified number of minutes, that is also an option.  Every little girl will adore this light in her room.

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Kidoozie My First Purse

Kidoozie My First Purse, Fun and Educational, For Toddlers and Preschoolers, Encourages Safe Play , Pink

Little girls like to feel grown up like mommy, auntie, or grandma. This soft purse has all the essentials including, a cell phone, flower mirror, debit card, lipstick, keys and a wallet. Your girl is sure to carry this around everywhere she goes making phone calls, putting on lipstick, and paying for everything. Pretend play is important to a child’s development and this is one of the cutest pretend play items you can get.

Parents will love that none of the items make noise or require batteries. The purse has an easy to clean outer covering, is easy to open, and sturdy for lots of drops and dragging around. You can carry this with you anywhere and it keeps little hands busy.

Things You Will Love

  • Bright Pink and Purple Color
  • Accessories Just Like Mommy’s
  • Durable
  • Easy to Wipe Clean
  • No Batteries


  • Girls May Prefer Cell Phones That Make Noise
  • None of the Accessories Actually Work (ie; Lipstick does not move up and down, buttons not pressable, etc.)


Most girls will love this pretend play set, however, if your child prefers things that light up, move, and make noise, this may not capture their attention. The product is well-made and is a fun toy for 2-year-old girls.

LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven

LeapFrog Number Lovin' Oven, Teal

If your child loves to bake or cook, they’re going to love the LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven! The oven includes 16 ingredients that can all be stored inside the oven for easy clean-up and portability.

A variety of foods are included with this oven including pizza slices, bread, a fried egg, and more. When food is placed in the oven, children can hear educational tunes about counting, vocabulary, and sharing (30+ phrases and songs total). A number slider is on the oven for kids to visually see and learn numbers 1-5. When a pan is placed into the oven, you’ll hear realistic sizzling sounds! There are a lot of interactive sounds that come with this oven.

Things You Will Love

  • 30+ phrases and songs
  • Pretend play
  • Pretend to slice pizza and bread
  • Learning about numbers, vocabulary, sharing, etc.
  • 16 included ingredients and kitchenware
  • Everything can be stored inside the oven


  • Music may be annoying
  • 3 AAA batteries (included)


If you have a little chef in the making, the LeapFrog Number Lovin’ Oven is a great (and safe) gift for your girl to play with, plus it helps introduce them to numbers and more!

Melissa & Doug Safari Buddies Hand Puppets

Melissa & Doug Safari Buddies Hand Puppets, Set of 6 (Elephant, Tiger, Parrot, Giraffe, Monkey, Zebra)

Your little girl will love using her imagination and playing with these 6 Melissa & Doug Safari Buddies Hand Puppets. Choose from the parrot, elephant, tiger, giraffe, monkey, or zebra. Parents can incorporate a hand puppet into learning new things, making education more fun and exciting. Playing with these puppets is a great way for kids to express emotion and tell stories. The fabric is soft, washable, and fits children’s hands and most adult hands.

Things You Will Love

  • Soft, washable fabric
  • 6 different safari animals
  • Encourages storytelling, imaginative play, etc.


  • No open/close mouths
  • Head tends to bobble/fall forward
  • Some say animals look angry


These 6 Melissa & Doug Safari Buddies Hand Puppets are a fun addition to learning, storytelling, and play that doesn’t involve screens.

Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday, Baby!

Dr. Seuss's Happy Birthday, Baby! (Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection)

It is never too early to expose your child to the wonders of reading. The Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection includes books that are suitable for parents to read to their children from infancy to age 3. They include the fun rhyming familiar to Dr. Seuss’ books while adding an interactive experience. One of the titles in the Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection, Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday Baby!, is a shorter version of the original 1959 classic book Happy Birthday to You!

In Happy Birthday, Baby!, infants and toddlers enter the world of Katroo. The residents of Katroo, led by the Great Birthday Bird, throw a big birthday celebration for the reader. After a full day of gifts, food, and activities, the book ends with the reader laying down for sleep.

Things You Will Love

  • A shortened version of Dr. Seuss’ 1959 classic book Happy Birthday to You!
  • Available in hardcover only
  • Includes interactive features for toddlers
  • The reader can spin, lift flaps, and smell patches to immerse themselves in the birthday story
  • Features rhymes famous in Dr. Seuss stories
  • Introduces your child to animals such as birds and fish

Some Considerations

  • Only available in hardcover
  • No title page; the story begins on the first page (no room for an inscription)
  • Just a few pages long; no real plot to the story
  • Interactive features (tabs, flaps, scented patches) don’t hold up well


We generally encourage Dr. Seuss books as early introductions to childhood reading, and Happy Birthday, Baby! is an excellent starter to Dr. Seuss books. The shorter text, color illustrations, and interactive features will hold your younger child’s attention, but they don’t hold up well.

We think that this book is one of the best gifts for toddlers to be enjoyed for your daughter’s second birthday, then you should safely tuck it away in your child’s shadow box.   

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight, Red

Let her shine her light anywhere and anytime. The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight has a ton of fun features to keep girls occupied and engaged. It is a great toy for 2-year-old girls to take in the car, to grandma’s house, and the doctor’s office. A rainbow of colors light-up while the learning center teaches your girl to count, colors, and fun songs. The on and off switch and volume control help parents stay in control of the device.

The color-changing lights keep girls entertained for hours and let them turn on a light whenever they feel nervous. The songs will have her laughing and singing along. It comes in two color choices, so you can pick the color that she likes most. It runs on three AAA batteries that are easy to replace.

This flashlight is great for building forts and playing in the dark, as well.

Things You Will Love

  • Color Changing Lights
  • Portability
  • Great for Girls Who are Scared of the Dark
  • Songs to Teach Counting, Colors
  • Light is Not Too Bright


  • Can’t do Lights Without Sounds
  • Songs Can Get Annoying
  • Stickers May Come Off


Having a flashlight can make girls feel brave and in control, especially when they can’t reach light switches yet. The rainbow of colors will give any room a new look and it plays a variety of melodies, nature sounds, etc.

It is small enough to carry anywhere and is especially good for any activity in the dark, like fort-building, evening strolls, and turning any dark room into a playroom. She will love this learning toy and it comes in three fun colors.

We put together a list of toddler flashlights here.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin Up Fun Food Truck

Fisher-Price  Laugh & Learn  Servin  Up Fun Food Truck

Does your child love to serve you food? Then she will love the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin Up Fun Food Truck! This food truck offers two sides of play, making it a great toy for multiple children to play with at once. Included with this food truck is 20+ play pieces.

There’s so much interactive play when it comes to this toy! A cash register “rings” up orders plus there are over 125 sounds, songs, and phrases that are played. If you’re familiar with Fisher-Price’s 3 Smart Stages, you’ll be happy to know this toy offers the same thing, which is perfect for a growing child. Behind the food truck is the “food prep area” including a sink, service bell, light-up grill, and activity board. The front of the food truck offers a shape sorter, cup holders, and an open/close sign.

Things You Will Love

  • Two-sided play
  • 125+ sounds, songs, phrases
  • 3 Smart Stages
  • 20+ play pieces
  • Interactive grill, service bell, etc.


  • Top is a little low for tall children
  • 3 AA batteries required


If you have space, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin Up Fun Food Truck will give your child hours and hours of playtime! If you have multiple children, this is a great gift because there’s enough play on both sides to share toys.

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike Pink, 19.88

Many toddlers might start to resist the stroller as they reach the age of two or three, so why not give them a stroller they want to ride? Radio Flyer, known for its red wagons – has been in business for over 100 years, developing safe, active toys for children of all ages. The Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll N Trike is a stroller that transforms into a tricycle. In four stages, it grows with your child into an infant trike, a steering trike, a learn-to-ride trike, and a classic trike.

Perfect for children from 9 months to 5 years, you’ll never have to fight your little girl to get in her stroller again. When in stroller mode, there’s a push handle with a foam grip for comfort. It also has a rear storage bucket, a wrap-around tray with a cup-holder, and an adjustable UV blocking canopy.

As your little girl wants to start learning to ride a bike, the tray and removable footrest come off, giving her access to the pedals and handles, and she can guide her own way. With all of the safety features you rely on from Radio Flyer, this is one gift both the little girl in your life and her mom will thank you for.

Things You Will Love

  • Infant stroller that grows with your child into a tricycle
  • Ages 9 months to 5 years old; 42 lbs weight limit
  • Dimensions: 35 x 19.9 x 40.75 inches; easy to store and travel
  • 4 stages: Infant trike, steering trike, learn to ride trike, and classic trike
  • Push handle with foam grip removes for older riders
  • Removable wrap-around tray with cup holder, removable footrest, and rear storage bucket
  • Adjustable UV blocking canopy and wide rear wheels for safety and stability
  • Three-point harness seatbelt
  • Steel frame

Some Considerations

  • Footrest doesn’t adjust for growing children; can make sitting in stroller awkward at certain ages
  • Wobbly steering
  • Pedals don’t lock
  • Designed more for older kids


We love the RadioFlyer 4-in-1 Stroll N Trike because of its adaptability. Instead of having to buy multiple strollers and tricycles for your growing toddler, your little girl can have fun throughout her younger years on her daily strolls.

This best gift for 2-year-old girls also prepares her for bike riding, which encourages her to live an active lifestyle. Although there are some defects in the design, we still like it for convenience.

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LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet

LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet, Violet, Amazon Exclusive , Purple

Is your little girl constantly wanting to play on your tablet? To protect your investment, get her one of her own! The LeapFrog My First Learning Tablet caters to your toddlers’ interests, making learning fun and engaging. With app icons just like yours, the LeapFrog features lessons on numbers, shapes, letters, colors, and animals.

Other interactive features including the home button and the five dock icons allow your little girl to learn, play, and create with Violet and her friends.

Now you can have your tablet back because your toddler won’t be able to tear herself away from her own!

Things You Will Love

  • Tablet activates by pressing app icons or sliding fingers over the screen, like a real tablet
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Apps teach your toddler letters, numbers, sounds, and phrases
  • Music mode allows your little one to create their own music
  • Has all of the features of a grown-up tablet, such as a home button, dock buttons, app icons, and a camera


  • Shuts down after 45 seconds of no activity to preserve batteries
  • No headphone jack


LeapFrog toys are interactive to engage your toddlers with fun and entertaining educational games. If you live in a technology-friendly home, then your little girl will love having her very own tablet.

By introducing sounds, letters, and numbers, this LeapFrog toy will build the language foundations she will need as she enters preschool.

This is one digital toy for 2-year-olds that you won’t mind letting her play with for hours.

Big Girl Panties Board Book

Big Girl Panties

Potty training is an exciting, confusing time for girls. They want to be more like mommy and big sister but the bathroom seems so big and scary sometimes.This sweet book will make girls want to toss their diapers in the garbage in favor of “princess panties that sparkle and shine”. Whether your little girl is already potty training or isn’t quite ready, this book will really get her interested and excited to try.

The colorful pictures of a little, pig-tailed girl will entertain and delight little girls. Hearing the story over and over will make even the most stubborn girl ready to potty train when the time is right. Be warned though, this is a story she may ask you to read over and over.

Things You Will Love

  • Board Book
  • Colorful Drawings
  • Teaches Potty Training Skills


  • May Have to be Read Repeatedly


Reading is a great way for girls to make connections. When she hears about all the other big girls, like mommy, auntie, and grandma who wear big girl panties, she is sure to want to join in. The colorful illustrations will help her understand the process and privilege of wearing panties like all the other strong women in her life.

This book is a great addition to every home library.

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LYLKD Layered Rainbow Tutu Skirts with Unicorn Headband

Little girls were made to be unicorns. These rainbow-colored tutu skirts will have her prancing around like the queen of the world! There are eight rainbow combinations to choose from and come in two sizes so you can find the right one for your little princess. This high-quality set will stand up to daily use by girls spinning and twirling in her fancy tutu.

This best gift for 2-year-old girls may quickly become her favorite outfit and you may have to sneak it into the wash once in a while. The headband is well-made and won’t easily fall apart. The soft tulle won’t be itchy or uncomfortable on her tender skin and the elastic waistband will stretch as she grows, so she can continue wearing it for at least a year or two.

This set comes with the colorful tutu, matching color unicorn headband, and matching hair bow or birthday sash. (Be sure to check pictures to see which ones feature the birthday sash.)

Things You Will Love

  • Rainbow Tutu
  • Unicorn Horn
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Eight Color Choices
  • Soft Tulle
  • Two Sizes


  • Tutu is See-Through


You can’t go wrong with a unicorn tutu set. Little girls will love the dazzling colors and comfortable headband that turn her into a unicorn. This is the perfect outfit for a birthday party, Christmas, or anytime.

Listen to her shriek with delight when she opens this sweet gift and dresses in her best tutu for all her favorite occasions or even every day. Come to think of it, you may need to purchase an extra tutu for laundry days when she can’t do without her favorite outfit.

Ooly Left Right Crayons

Left Right Crayons - Set of 10

Let your little girl’s artistic side flourish with Ooly’s Left Right Crayons! Specially designed for both righties and lefties, these crayons are naturally curved for little toddler hands, encouraging a comfortable grip.

As your two-year-old’s imagination grows, she can draw what her mind sees with these easy-to-use crayons. The rounded edges minimize breakage if she presses too hard on the paper, so you never have to deal with broken tips! Other toddler-friendly crayons are cone-shaped, which are bulky and hard to hold.

The Ooly Left Right Crayons have a smooth design and texture that are perfect for your little one’s hands as she draws the world as she sees it. These crayons are completely erasable from the page and the table. This best toy for 2-year-old girls is non-toxic and eco-friendly, and they will be a welcome addition to your coloring time together.

Things You Will Love

  • Set of 10 ergonomically shaped crayons
  • Fit either lefties or righties
  • Great for ambidextrous children
  • Crayons are non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Fully erasable from paper and surfaces
  • Rounded tips reduce breakage


  • Recommended for ages 3 and up, but your two-year-old will love them!


Including coloring time with your two-year-old is the best way to expand her imagination and to help her strengthen her writing and drawing skills. This is a vital stage for her communication, and coloring is a great activity for her to express herself.

Having her color with other children also promotes group sharing and social development. With the Ooly Left Right Crayons, she can hold the crayons comfortably and make her own masterpieces. 

Check out our list of the best toddler crayons here. 

HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game 

HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game (Made in Germany)

If you notice your little girl stacking their toys on top of one another, then she will love the HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game. This collection of pegs and rings lets your two-year-old build things by stacking the rings and pegs, building their fine motor coordination. Your little one can match the multi-colored rings and pegs on the board, or they can mix them up to make their own creations.

This encourages imaginative and creative play. The materials are made from beech wood and painted with water-based, solvent-free paint. Using several layers of non-toxic lacquer, the manufacturer makes this toy completely safe for your little one if she puts the parts in her mouth.

You’ll love watching your little one build stacks of rings and pegs as tall as they are with this pegging game.

Things You Will Love

  • Detachable multicolored rings and pegs and a plug-in board
  • 32 piece set of rings and pegs that can stack on top of each other
  • Made of German Beechwood
  • Lacquered in non-toxic materials; safe for your little one’s hands and mouths
  • Strengthens hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Bright colors and shapes are engaging for your little girl


  • Lots of pieces can make a mess
  • Your two-year-old might outgrow it quickly


The HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game is a relatively simple toy compared to more sophisticated toys on the market today. In this case, simple is good. The brightly-colored rings and pegs will teach your child the differences between shape and color, and she will learn how to build through stacking the pieces.

This best toy for 2-year-old girls encourages free play, through which the only limit is her imagination. While other digital toys are more absorbing, toys like the HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game encourage problem-solving skills, motor development, and recall. 

For more HABA games, check out our list here.

Crayola Outdoor Glitter Chalk

Crayola Outdoor Chalk, Glitter Sidewalk Chalk, Summer Toys, 5 Count

The Crayola Outdoor Glitter Chalk will be a hit for your little girl! Who doesn’t love glittery chalk that shimmers in the sunlight?

This chalk set includes 5 different bright colors — blue, pink, orange, yellow, and teal. The edged sides prevent chalk from rolling away or down driveways. Like any chalk, these colors will wash away with water.

Things You Will Love

  • High-pigmented colored chalk
  • Glitter
  • Anti-roll shape


  • Only 5 pieces 
  • Wears down quickly


Outdoor play is extra fun with chalk, especially glitter chalk! You can’t go wrong with the Crayola Outdoor Glitter Chalk as a gift for your 2-year-old girl.

Vtech Doc’s Talk & Trace Clipboard

VTech Doc McStuffins Talk & Trace Clipboard (Frustration Free Packaging), Purple

Children’s toys grow more fascinating with every passing year, and they teach our children more than we ever thought possible.  The Vtech Doc’s Talk & Trace Clipboard is a magnetic drawing board with detachable stencils that pair with learning activities. These games will introduce your little girl to writing letters and numbers as well as other skills and health topics.

The attached stylus fits perfectly in small hands, and the clipboard will encourage fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The Vtech Doc’s Talk & Trace Clipboard is the perfect learning toy for girls that is also fun and interactive, preparing your little girl for the wonders of pre-K.

With the great Doc McStuffins guiding her, playtime will be fun and engaging!

Things You Will Love

  • 4 interactive learning activities and 15 songs
  • Three detachable stencils with letter recognition technology
  • Teaches numbers, letters, early writing skills, and health-related topics
  • Doc McStuffins and her friends help your little one along the way with words of encouragement
  • Magnetic drawing board with an attached stylus for small hands encourages creativity
  • Promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination


  • No headphone jack
  • Tablet won’t recognize letters written without the stencils


Educational toys that make learning fun and engaging are favorites among parents. Child psychologists always recommend them as ways to get your child started on their social and language development.

Your two-year-old will get hours of fun with her favorite characters from Doc McStuffins, while learning the basics of writing, lettering, and numbering. Positive encouragement from this best toy for 2-year-old girls will engage your little one for hours, creating a one-on-one learning experience.

KK CRAFTS Toddler Backpack

Toddler Backpack, Waterproof Preschool Backpack, 3D Cute Cartoon Neoprene Animal Schoolbag for Kids, Lunch Box Carry Bag for 1-6 Years Boys Girls,Floral Unicorn

As your little girl grows up, she will become more independent and want to carry her own belongings. The KK CRAFTS Toddler Backpack is a girl-friendly backpack that is also available as a butterfly, owl, and more!

You can coordinate it with your little one’s wardrobe for the ultimate accessory. Ideal for little girls ages 2 to 5, the bag has most of the features of backpacks catered to older children.

The shoulder straps are adjustable, and they are wide enough to distribute weight on tiny shoulders evenly. The bag comes with an extra top strap for holding or hanging. A mesh pocket on the outer side of the bag for carrying small cups or other things.

The KK CRAFTS Toddler Backpack is a useful travel bag that has a stylish appeal to make your little girl the best-dressed of all of her friends.

Things You Will Love

  • Multiple animals to choose from
  • 3D unicorn horn and ears
  • Adjustable wide shoulder straps with a top strap for hanging/holding
  • Measures 8.3 x 3.9 x 10.2 inches
  • Mesh drink holder on the side
  • Water-resistant neoprene material holds up well to active toddlers and is easy to wash

Some Considerations

  • Side pockets are small and may not fit a traditional sippy cup
  • Zipper breaks when exposed to constant wear (constant opening and closing)
  • Too small for school


Although the KK CRAFTS Toddler Backpack seems like it would be the perfect school bag, it works better as a travel accessory. Your little girl can use this best gift to carry all of her essentials: small toys, snacks, or a change of clothes for a sleepover. This item with be her go-to on-the-road bag for all of her activities.

Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push Car

Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car, Blue

Take a stroll around the neighborhood with your favorite girl with the Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push Car. In this new spin on the stroller, this toddler push car lets you call the shots by pulling her along with you as she commands the sidewalk from her very own car. The wheels smoothly glide along the pavement, so you won’t disturb your neighbors.

With two cup holders, both you and your little one can enjoy the sun in your favorite shades with your favorite lemonade. The car features its own horn, and your litte girl will love the sound it makes. For the child that’s always on the go, the car’s hood includes a storage space for all of her essentials, and you’ll have peace of mind with the safety belt that keeps her strapped in safely.

Things You’ll Love

  • Toddler Push Car with a sturdy design and convenient storage
  • Quiet wheels won’t disturb the neighbors
  • Safety belt keeps your child secure in the seat
  • Two cup holders and storage under the hood
  • Handle folds down for easy transport


  • Some two-year-olds may like the horn a little TOO much
  • No canopy
  • Upgrade is louder than the older version


This is a stylish and fun way to transport your child on a walk through the neighborhood on a nice day. The cupholders and storage hold the same amount of materials as a small diaper bag, and your little girl will have a blast in her own vehicle.

Although some users have complained that the newer version’s wheels are louder than the original model, we still think this best gift for 2-year-old girls is a win.

Mega Bloks Build ‘n Learn Table

Mega Bloks Build 'n Learn Table [Amazon Exclusive]

As your toddler grows up, they love to use their toys to stack and build their own creations. Mega Bloks are great options for both boys and girls because they can make their own buildings and imaginary toys. The Mega Bloks Build ‘n Learn Table is a portable building table for your little one to stack their Mega Bloks on.

This set includes a folding building table, 2 rolling vehicles, a tabletop track, and Mega Bloks (30 pieces total). When she’s done building, the Mega Bloks can conveniently be stored within the building table. 

This best toy for 2-year-old girls encourages open-ended play, which will enhance creativity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination

Things You Will Love

  • 30-piece set of Mega Bloks and special parts
  • Bloks introduce numbers and colors
  • Table stores Bloks, folds up, and is portable
  • BPA-free and PVC-free polypropylene plastic blocks
  • Large blocks easy for small hands to build with and you can avoid stepping on them
  • Encourages open-ended play
  • Enhances creativity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination

Some Considerations

  • Table legs aren’t super sturdy
  • Bloks can only be stacked in certain parts of the table (because of the tabletop track)
  • Table is not tall (for sitting play)


We like the Mega Bloks Build ‘n Learn Table for girls because it encourages them to build and create. In a world of gender-specific toys, where building blocks and Legos are mostly geared towards boys, your little girl can just as much fun with her building blocks.

While she is fine-tuning her motor skills and coordination, she might learn to love the art of creating and building a common character trait in future architects, scientists, and engineers.

See our reviews of the best building blocks for toddlers here.

Joystar Kids Balance Bike

JOYSTAR 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Girls 12

Riding a bike is a right of passage that encourages outdoor play and provides a way to get around. Perhaps your little girl has seen you or other older kids riding around and is ready to learn to ride a bike herself. On this bike, your little one can ride along with you at the park, on trails, or around the neighborhood. The product comes unassembled with the necessary hex key for assembly.

This balance bike is made for the smallest kids. Toddlers can straddle the bike and learn how to balance, steer, brake, and use caution. The bike features a footrest and low frame to make it easy to step in and out of.

It comes in pink, black, blue, or green and features an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars. This bike is lightweight even for the smallest kids to move around, yet provides a sturdy place to learn to ride a bike.

Things You Will Love

  • The Seat is Adjustable down to 12.2 Inches
  • Develops Vital Skills
  • Footrest
  • Low frame for easy mounting
  • Encourages Outdoor Play
  • Four Fun Color Choices
  • Grows With Your Child


  • Assembly Required
  • A Bit Pricey


A bike is a perfect way to get your girl outside to play. She will feel like the big kid she is becoming as she learns to push herself around and balance on a bike just like older kids.

The bike will fit very small children and will likely last until she is ready for a pedal bike without the need for training wheels. Give her this best gift for 2-year-old girls that will develop skills to last a lifetime.

Check out our list of the best balance bikes here. 

ETI Toys Sorting Matching Cube for Toddlers

ETI Toys, 19 Piece Unique Educational Sorting & Matching Toy for Toddlers. Colorful Sorter Cube Box & Shapes, 100 Percent Safe, Promotes Fun Learning, Creativity & Skills Development

Your two-year-old little girl is at a crucial stage of early brain development. Between the ages of one and three, she will take in motor, language, visual, and memory skills that she will use for the rest of her life. Shape-sorting toys like the ETI Sorter Cube allow your little one to recognize the differences in colors and shapes.

By learning which toys go in the corresponding slot, she will fine-tune her memory, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. With the bright colors and fun shapes, this sorter will keep her busy for hours. Your two-year-old will be having so much fun finding the right shapes for her blocks that she won’t even realize that she will be building crucial problem-solving skills that will benefit her later in life.

Things You Will Love

  • Brightly colored shaped blocks that fit into holes on the sorter
  • ETI Toys Sorter Cube is non-toxic, ABS plastic that is BPA-free
  • No small pieces that could be a choking hazard
  • Easy to clean
  • ETI money-back guarantee
  • Follows all federal toy safety standards


  • Some of the blocks are the same color and shape
  • Looks smaller than advertised
  • The lid is flimsy


Using shape-sorters is a great way for your little girl to enhance the skills she will need later in her life while still having a ball. At two years old, she will begin to understand colors and shapes, and the ETI Shape Sorter will help strengthen this skill.

Any toy like this is a must-have for every toddler, and your little one will love the purple and green theme. The look of glee as she successfully fits a block into the cube is one you’ll never forget.

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home, Pink

Children love playing pretend! With the Little People Big Helpers Home, they can pretend play with this playset that includes Tessa, Chris, Lucky (dog), bed, dog bowl, and 2 bar stools. This playset is 360° of fun and is interactive. Children can push buttons throughout the house to hear relevant sounds, songs, and phrases.

The Little People Big Helpers Home is also a fun way for kids to help around the “house” by feeding the dog, making the bed, and cleaning up toys. Once play is over, all the individual toys can be stored inside the home and closed up for safe-keeping. A handle at the top of the house makes this toy easily portable for on-the-go!

Things You Will Love

  • Interactive (sounds, songs, phrases)
  • Portable
  • Lights
  • Pretend play and learning how to clean up around the house
  • Includes characters, furniture, and a dog!


  • 2 AA batteries required (included)
  • Sounds may be annoying


The Little People Big Helpers Home is a toy that your child will love playing with for years. It’s also a great toy to purchase additional characters, furniture, and pets for. Close up the house when done and your child can carry it wherever they go!

Gifts for Similar Ages

How We Chose the Gifts

When your little girl reaches the age of two, she is beginning to understand the world around her. She will start to mimic the behavior of her parents and other adults as she learns how to do things on her own. This age is crucial for her brain and motor development, and the toys she plays with should enhance these skills.

When selecting the best toys for 2-year-old girls for this list, we chose top-rated toys with great reviews from toddlers’ parents and loved ones. We also picked the best gifts for 2-year-old girls that had educational or social benefits.

The best toys enhanced the skills your little one already has, such as problem-solving and identification. These items will challenge her without limiting her, encouraging open-ended play in building, make-believe, and creative expression.

FAQs for The Best 2-Year-Old Girl Gifts

How do I know what gifts and toys are safe for 2-year-olds?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission posts regular updates on the safety standards for all products that are either made for or exposed to children.

This is a great general resource for checking if a toy or another item would be a proper gift that would be safe for a two-year-old, but a better way to find out is by looking at the item’s specifications.

By law, all manufacturers have to list accurate age ranges for their products. For example, it is illegal for a manufacturer to claim that their product is safe for a two-year-old when it is not.

Most importantly, consider the toy or item itself. Does it come with any small parts? Two-year-olds are still at the stage where they are putting things in their mouths to figure out what they are.

If something is small enough to fit through an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, it is a choking hazard. Only select a toy with larger pieces that a two-year-old cannot swallow (or attempt to swallow) when choosing safe gifts for 2-year-old girls.

Also, look at the materials used to make the toy. Reputable manufacturers will list all of their safety features in their toys for children. Toys that are non-toxic, fire-retardant, BPA-free, eco-friendly, and PVC-free are great options for your little one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is an excellent resource for how to choose an age-appropriate toy for a child.  

How can I choose a gift that a 2-year-old girl will love?

Although toddlers are notoriously picky, you can choose a gift for them that they will love.

Knowing the child well always helps, so use the little one’s personality traits to help you pick a gift. If they love to read, buy them a book. If they love dolls, buy them the best doll on the market.

Most importantly, try to select a gift that your toddler can play in several different ways. This will make sure that your gift won’t end up at the bottom of the toy bin.

Don’t kids outgrow their toys pretty fast at this age?

Not necessarily. At two-years-old, your little one will be learning crucial life skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Many manufacturers trusted for their children’s toys such as Fisher-Price, Vtech, LeapFrog, Step2, etc. make toys that grow with your child. Choosing a toy that your little one can still use as her skills improve will keep her entertained for much longer than a toy that doesn’t.

Is there a benefit to buying toys that have sound or lights?

Not really. While psychologists recommend toys that encourage a child’s cognitive or educational development from a young age, there is little proof that toys that light up or make sounds are better than toys that don’t.

The best toys are ones that are open-ended, which are toys that do not limit a child’s imagination.

Toys that teach songs or skills, like a learning tablet, benefit your child as their memory processes start kicking into high gear.

Other best toys for 2-year-old girls with fewer bells and whistles, like a shape-sorter set or a set of blocks, will help them learn how to build and enhance their imagination. All of these skills develop during the toddler years, so there is space for both types of toys in your little one’s life. 

How do I choose an imaginative toy?

An imaginative toy is a tool that would allow your little girl to mimic the behaviors she sees daily. This is typical behavior in two-year-olds, known as pretend play.

Choosing a toy for your 2-year-old girl that looks and feels like something she encounters every day would be the perfect imaginative toy. Anything from dolls, stuffed animals, tents, tablets, kitchen sets, blocks, and books would allow them to engage in pretend play as they start to pick up on the behaviors of the adults around them to express themselves.

Is there one gift that will be great for every 2-year-old girl?

Here at Experienced Mommy, we are huge proponents of encouraging literacy at a young age. If you are stuck over what gift you should get the little one in your life, you can never go wrong with a book.

Studies prove that exposing children to books at a young age boost intelligence and encourages them to be readers later in life. If you are a reader yourself, give them your favorite book from when you were a child. Even if you aren’t a reader yourself, we still believe that a book is the best gift you can give.

How do you celebrate a 2-year-old birthday without a party?

It’s easy. A 2-year-old can get excited about anything if you show your own enthusiasm. Keeping it simple avoids overwhelming your child or establishing unnecessary expectations for future birthdays.

For my first son’s second birthday party we went to Wendy’s for a Frosty. He and I looked forward to it all day as we waited for his dad to come home, and we all enjoyed our special outing. (In the interest of full disclosure, there was also a birthday cake several days later when we were with his grandparents on Thanksgiving Day.)

How much should I spend on birthday gifts for my 2-year old?

Less than you’re tempted to. It takes very little to satisfy a 2-year-old unless she is accustomed to being given everything she demands in the store (and if she is, you’re already in trouble). Two or three toys that she will enjoy, regardless of cost, a book or two, and some small treats is a gracious plenty. Buy less (maybe a book and one toy) if your child will receive gifts from other family and friends.

Should I buy an iPad for my 2-year-old?

No. Why be in such a hurry? Devices are addictive and teach your child to crave immediate gratification. Delay it as long as you reasonably can. Your child won’t fall behind. He won’t have trouble using devices later. But if you must have an iPad for your young child, be resolved: no more than one hour of screen time per day.

What is the best doll for a 2-year-old?

There are several good choices. The doll should be approved for a 24-month child, of course, and should ideally be soft and washable. Experienced Mommy recommends Baby Starters Plush Baby Doll. Some other great choices are:

  • New York Doll Collections 11-inch Soft Body Doll
  • Corolle Calin Charming Pastel Baby Doll
  • Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll
  • JC Toys La Baby 16-inch Purple Washable Soft Baby Doll

Are birthday parties necessary for young children?

They are certainly not necessary and may be overwhelming for some. Not all children are ready for a birthday party at age two. Grandparents and other relatives or friends may of course want to wish their little friend a happy birthday, and, if at all possible, that desire should be accommodated in some way; it does not require that everyone come together at one time on the exact date of the child’s birthday.

What kinds of toys are best for 2-year olds?

Toys that encourage learning and development.

  • Toys for pretend (dolls, stuffed animals, dress-up clothes, tools, dishes, etc.)
  • Books
  • Toys for building, stacking, lacing, buckling, zipping
  • Toys for creating (crayons, doodle board, noise/music-makers)
  • Toys for coordination (riding toys, ball, slide, mini-tramp, jumper, toy mower, etc.)
  • Puzzles

Wrap Up

Choosing the best gift or toy for a 2-year-old can be challenging. If you keep in mind the child you are buying for, chat with the child’s parents, and do a little research, you are sure to make the little princess in your life smile. Toddlers are learning more about the world, imitating others, and doing a lot more moving and shaking.

Check out the age recommendation and take into consideration the child. Maybe she is more or less mature than most kids her age and needs a gift that reflects that. Just because a product says it is for a 2-year-old, if it looks too complicated or dangerous, look for something else. If your girl can barely walk, she may not do well on a balance bike.

No matter what you choose, as long as your heart is in it, she will love her gift. Additionally, toddlers are easy to please and will play with any gift you give them, even pots and pans.


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