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The Best Double Strollers For Babies and Toddlers

The demand for double strollers is growing fast. There are 75% more multiple-births (twins, triplets) now than in 1990. This guide includes a variety of double stroller options where you are sure to find one to fit your budget and lifestyle. Most importantly, you want a way to easily transport your little ones.

Best Chicco Double Stroller:
Best Graco Double Stroller:
Best Tandem Stroller:
Best Small Double Stroller:
Best for Infant and Toddler:
Best Double Stroller Travel System:

Best Double Strollers

The Bugaboo Donkey 3 is very versatile as it can be arranged in multiple ways for 1, 2, or 3 children but the price tag is exceptionally high, yet it does have high ratings among the customers who did purchase this high tech, 29″ stroller.  The Peg Perego is also costly, but it is a stroller designed for twins as you can use it for two bassinets, car seats, and as a standard double stroller.  Also 29″ wide, it is longer than the Bagaboo Stroller, but the ratings among parents is a less less than our first choice.  

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller (Carbon)

Baby Jogger makes our “best of” lists quite often, and here we are again with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller. This stroller is the recent update of the much-loved City Mini GT stroller.

This double stroller is fully compatible with either a car seat or bassinet, which is great for children with an age gap. It has bigger tires made of rubber (Baby Jogger’s “forever air” rubber) and all-wheel suspension for nearly unbeatable handling on a wide variety of terrains, including the dreaded gravel. And at just shy of 33 pounds, it has enough heft to support a 50-pound child in each seat.

It Is Stylish

When Baby Jogger redesigned the City Mini GT, they kept the sleek look that it’s known for. The dark materials, dark accents, and richly-hued-yet-neutral fabrics all scream high-end. But this stroller has both style and substance. Other features like the adjustable handlebar, handbrake and big storage basket will keep parents happy. The reclining seat, adjustable calf supports, and big canopies will keep children happy, too. 

Why I Like It

  • It is narrow: This side-by-side stroller is only around 30 inches wide, which is perfect for going to Disney or going through doorways.
  • It has a ton of features: The price of this stroller is on the higher side, but the functionality, features, and style totally justify the price. 

Bugaboo Donkey3 Double Stroller

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono Single Stroller Converts to Side-by-Side Double Stroller, Multiple Seat Positions - Aluminum/Grey Melange

If you want a stroller that has the function of a tandem stroller with the design of a side-by-side stroller, then the Bugaboo Donkey3 Double Stroller is the perfect choice for your family. 

This stroller can be configured to have any combination of a bassinet, a toddler seat, or a side luggage basket. It’s perfect for putting twins of any age next to each other or putting a toddler and baby next to each other. And the transition is easy: expanding the stroller out can be done in “just three clicks,” as the company says. Nearly every part of this beautiful stroller can be adjusted to meet your needs. 

It is Shockingly Compact

With all these features, you’d think this would be a great big stroller. But in double mode, it’s only 29 inches wide. That’s crazy narrow! And with that sleek design goes great handling. One parent commented that she thought this stroller had better handling than her car! That’s thanks to the large EVA foam tires with lockable front wheels. The stroller frame can also be adjusted to be pulled behind you, which is super cool!

Why I Like It

  • It has a smart, modular design: Whether you have one, two, or three kids, you can use this stroller. I love the ability to change and interchange seats and storage baskets as kids grow and change. 
  • It folds so small: You can remove both the front and back wheels to fold the stroller frame down very small. Stack the seats on top of the folded frame and it’ll fit easily in any trunk. 

Peg Perego Duette Piroet Atmosphereo Stroller

Peg Perego Duette Piroet City Grey Stroller

The Peg Perego Duette Piroet Atmosphereo Stroller is the perfect travel system double stroller for twins.

This stroller is made in Italy and has a European style. While the carriage is a bit longer, this stroller can accommodate two bassinets, which is why I think it’s perfect for twins. Also, this stroller has sturdy, soft-ride wheels for smooth pushing. Each of the three-seat types – bassinet, infant carrier, and standard stroller seat – includes its own large canopy to protect infants and toddlers from the elements. Overall, this is a great option for families of multiples.

It is Great for Twins

This Peg Perego stroller model is a great option for twins. The versatile and larger seat size allows the room needed for two infants to each be in a bassinet seat. Plus, this stroller should last for all the years you will need to transport your twins, from newborns to preschool age.

Why I  Like It

  • It is versatile: I like that this double stroller is versatile for families with multiple children and has roomier seats than some other tandem strollers.
  • It is a smooth ride: The wheel design on this stroller makes for a bump-free going. Also, while this stroller is long, it is narrow enough to fit easily through most doors.

Best Chicco Double Stroller

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller, Minerale

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is this author’s personal favorite tandem double stroller. The Chicco brand is top in quality and usability. This double stroller is a top pick because it easily allows for two KeyFit or KeyFit 30 infant car seats to click into the stroller. This makes it a perfect option for twins.

However, with the car seats fitting in either the front or the back stroller seat, this also makes a great choice for an infant and toddler or preschooler. Your second child has the option to sit in either the front or the back seat. This flexibility makes this a perfect option for families with multiple children. I also like that the Chicco brand offers long-lasting quality at an affordable price point.

It is Easy to Use

Two young children are enough to work without your stroller being hard to use. The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller folds and unfolds easily. Also, it has a compact fold, making this stroller easy to put in and remove from your vehicle.

This double stroller only weighs 34 pounds making it lighter than many of the other best models. All of these features make the Chicco Cortina Together stroller a wonderful option for families with young children.

It is Affordable

Double strollers can get pricey and for good reason. You want a product that is durable and will last. As with many product options, you get what you pay for. While many of the lower-end models or brands will work, especially if your budget is tight, paying more for a stroller usually means you are purchasing a superior product.

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is at a great price point to fit the needs of many different families. While it isn’t at the low end for price, it falls nicely in the middle range. This stroller offers amazing quality at a fair price.

Other Chicco Double Strollers

One of Chicco’s most popular products is the Bravo LE. They also have the Chicco BravoFor2 which is a sit and stand stroller that we have reviewed.

Why It’s My Top Tandem Double Stroller Pick

  • It’s a brand I trust: In my experience as a mom of two children, the Chicco brand served our family well and was the only travel system I needed to buy.
  • It’s pretty: I like the way Chicco’s products look. They are modern and classy without paying high-end prices.
  • It’s versatile: I love that this stroller allows your kids to sit in a variety of positions. This makes my life easier as a mom.

Best Graco Double Strollers

The Graco Modes Duo has mostly wonderful reviews from parents who like the space the toddler seat offers as well as the fact that it can be adjusted for different riding options, but there are also complaints that it is heavy and loud.  The Graco Uno2Duo Stroller is a single stroller that can be adapted to a double stroller.  Reviews for this stroller are mostly positive with parents loving the versatility it offers their family and that you can use it for one or two children and that it can change with family needs. 

Graco Modes Duo Stroller

Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller | 27 Riding Options for 2 Kids, Balancing Act

Graco remains a top brand in baby products across categories, and Graco strollers are trusted by parents. The Graco Modes Duo Stroller offers the quality and affordability we expect from the Graco Brand. With 27 riding options and easy click connect technology for car seat attachment, this Graco double stroller model will work well for most families. If you are loyal to Graco, this is the tandem double stroller for you. The swivel wheels make driving easy while the extra-large storage basket makes toting all your essentials a breeze.

It is a Trusted Brand

Graco has a great reputation for quality and affordable baby products. The Graco Modes Duo Stroller fits perfectly into the Graco product line and is a great choice for families that aren’t focused on looking overly stylish and want a brand they recognize and trust.

Graco also makes the RoomFor2 Stand and Ride stroller if you are looking for something like that.

Why I  Like It

  • It is dependable: As a market leader in baby products, Graco builds dependable products. The Modes Duo is no exception.
  • It doesn’t cost too much: The Graco brand fits nicely into the middle of the price range for tandem strollers. It also works as a travel system with the Graco car seats offering affordability and quality.

Check out our full Graco Modes Duo Review here on Experienced Mommy.

Graco Uno2Duo Double Stroller

Graco Uno2Duo Double Stroller, Hayden

The Graco Uno2Duo Double Stroller is easily the most creative double stroller on the market.

This stroller starts as a single stroller with all the functions of most travel systems including a bassinet setting and infant seat. However, when you have your second child, this stroller converts to a double tandem stroller. The base extends to allow for a second seat or a standing option. This is a great product option for families that know they want multiple children but only want to have to purchase one stroller.

It is Creative

I love that the Graco Uno2Duo Double Stroller gives parents the option to only ever purchase one travel system. It eliminates the financial and product waste by allowing you to plan ahead. This is a creative solution for growing families. Graco is a brand parents trust and this product demonstrates why.

Why I Like It

  • It has great functionality: Strollers are expensive and take up lots of space. I love that this stroller makes planning easy and convenient.
  • It is the only stroller you’ll need: This stroller transitions from one child to two which makes it the only stroller you’ll need even as your family grows.

See our full review of the Uno2Duo Stroller here.

Best Tandem Strollers

Inexpensive but an Amazon choice product, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand is a 25 lb, lightweight option for either twins or two different aged children.  Slightly more costly, yet well rated among parents, the Joovy Caboose is not for twins but can be used for different ages and is lightweight at 23.5 lbs.  Much pricier, the Contours Curve is a high rated stroller that can be used for either twins or different ages, yet it is heavier at 39 lbs.  Top of the line when budget isn’t an option, the UPPABaby Vista works for any combination of little ones but is the heaviest option at 69 lbs.  

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Tandem Stroller

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Millennium

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Tandem Stroller is an affordable alternative to the higher-priced travel system tandem double strollers. This stroller allows for two infant car seats, an older child sitting and an infant seat, or one child sitting and another standing. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand offers a variety of seating options for both twins or two children of different ages.

It is Great for a Tight Budget

It can be difficult to find an affordable double stroller that will accommodate car seats. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Tandem Stroller is a great option for parents on a tight budget. This stroller also includes other parent-friendly features like undercarriage storage and a child tray.

Why I Like It

  • It is affordable: The best thing about this double stroller is the price tag. It gives parents a budget-friendly double stroller option without having to settle for an umbrella stroller.
  • It is lightweight: At only 25 pounds this stroller is lightweight making it easy to fold and stow.

JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller

Joovy Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Stand on Tandem, Double Stroller, Black , 38x21.25x42 Inch (Pack of 1)

The JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Stand-On Tandem Stroller is one of the lightest weight full-sized tandem double strollers. This stroller is compact, easy to fold and unfold, and lighter in weight than most other tandem strollers at under 25 pounds. Even though this double stroller is lighter in weight and more compact, it still has the extra features you want in a stroller, including canopies, a storage basket, and reclining seats.

It is Lightweight and Compact

Storing a double stroller can be a challenge, especially in vehicles. The JOOVY Caboose Too Ultralight Stroller is perfect for smaller vehicles or tight spaces. It is also easier to lift because of its lighter weight. This lightweight double stroller is great for travel or daily use.

Why I  Like It

  • It is functional: I love that the JOOVY Caboose doesn’t sacrifice function for its lighter weight.
  • It is easy to store: I struggled to find a place to put both my tandem travel system and jogger stroller. I even bought a different vehicle to solve this problem. I love that the JOOVY Caboose makes transporting and storage easy.

If you like the JOOVY brand, but prefer a side-by-side double stroller, be sure to check out the JOOVY Scooter X2. Click to read our full review.

Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller

Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller for Infants, Toddlers or Twins - 360° Turning, Multiple Seating Options, Graphite Gray

The Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller receives top ratings for its easy maneuvering. This stroller boasts a superior 360-degree turning radius that also works well on curbs.

Like with other tandem double strollers, the Contours model is a travel system to accommodate two car seats making this perfect for twins or different-aged children. The stroller is on the heavy side, which makes it harder to fold, but offers a variety of appealing features for parents like a storage basket, sun canopies, water-resistant features, and a smooth ride.

It Drives Well

Tandem double stroller travel systems aren’t always easy to maneuver, but the Contours Curve Double Stroller is specifically designed to make driving easy for parents. The wheel design makes this stroller easy to push around the block or through the tight aisles at your favorite boutique.

Why I Like It

  • It has a smooth ride: This Contours stroller is built to make driving easy with its 360-degree wheel design.
  • It offers features parents love: Not only is driving easy, but this stroller has all the bells and whistles parents want from large undercarriage storage to parent cupholders.

The Contours Elite is another popular tandem stroller. See how it stacks up against the ever-popular Baby Jogger City Select in our Contours Options Elite Vs Baby Jogger City Select review.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

2018 UPPABaby Vista Stroller - Henry (Blue Marl/Silver/Saddle Leather) + MESA- Henry (Blue Marl) Merino Wool Version

The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is a top-of-the-line tandem double stroller. This is the only stroller you will ever need for either twins or young children of varying ages. In fact, the UPPAbaby is designed to work with any combination of ages.

I love the UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, however, this was not my top pick only because of the larger price tag. At the price point, this double stroller may not be the best budget option for a majority of families. If you can afford it, this is a great, versatile stroller.

It is Versatile

I love the UPPAbaby for the versatility of its design! This stroller works with two infant twins, two toddlers or an infant and a toddler. The stroller also includes a bassinet that can be switched out to allow your baby to nap while on the go. This smart technology gives all the seat options you could need regardless of the ages of the two children using the stroller. This stroller even has an attachment available for a third child to stand on. If you need versatility, this is your best option.

Britax is known to be user-friendly and versatile, too. So can this stroller match up against a comparable Britax stroller? Read our Britax B-Ready vs UPPAbaby Vista article to find out.

It is Luxurious

If budget isn’t a limiting factor, then this luxurious stroller is a stylish and functional choice. The UPPAbaby Vista comes with full-grain leather accents including the adjustable handlebar. Other features include a rain shield, UPF 50 sunshade, lightweight frame, and high-end fabrics. If you are looking for luxury, the UPPAbaby is sure to satisfy you.

Why It’s My Luxury Double Stroller Pick

  • It is fancy: This stroller just looks good! It screams style while still offering all the functions you need on the go.
  • It works well: This stroller is easy to open, fold, and store. It has a variety of seating options to meet any need and it’s made to last.

More Types of Double Strollers

Umbrella Double Strollers

Umbrella strollers are the lighter-weight cousins of regular, full-sized strollers. There are so many excellent options for the best umbrella double strollers that we put them in their own article.

Besides being smaller, lighter and more maneuverable, you’ll find some of the umbrella models to have lower prices as well.

Double Jogging Strollers

Double jogging strollers are also a class of their own. If you have multiple kids and still want to keep up with your running routine, take a look at our selection of the best jogging double strollers

Unlike lightweight strollers, jogging strollers usually command higher prices. Their more substantial tire size, suspension, and ability to take a beating make it well worth the additional cost.

Stroller Wagons

Stroller wagons are an often-overlooked option for parents with two or more kiddos to haul around. Stroller wagons are a great way to transport two, three, and sometimes even four kids. Wagons now have all the functionality of strollers, including seatbelts, cupholders, and push or pull handles. 

We found all the stroller wagons that are actually worth your consideration in our best stroller wagon article. 

Comparing the Best Double Strollers

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Guide to Selecting a Double Stroller

When looking for a double stroller, you want safety, quality, and value. The Mayo Clinic offers a helpful guide on stroller safety, including tips for children with special needs.

The key to finding the best double stroller for your family is to evaluate your needs and your budget. Purchase the best available stroller in the category that best fits your needs.

I found that having multiple strollers for our family’s various needs worked well. I had a child with a medical issue that required a special stroller; therefore, I highly value the advice and insight from other parents on quality baby products.


Strollers are a big-ticket baby item and functionality is important. Start by determining what you will use the stroller for most often. Consider whether you plan to stay on city sidewalks or head off-road on trails.

For tandem travel systems, compatibility with bassinets and infant car seats is a key feature. And with two children, a lightweight double stroller is always good to have. Look for the features you need to get the function you expect from your stroller.


Double strollers aren’t cheap in most cases. Before you begin shopping determine your budget. It is almost impossible to find a double stroller under $200 that is a quality product. A quality and high-functioning double stroller can easily hit almost $1000.

Read reviews and guides like this one to determine which stroller option offers the best quality and functionality for your budget. If you do your research, you can find a good double stroller for under $500.


Remember, you almost always get what you pay for, and this principle applies to double strollers as well. Whether you have twins or are adding a new baby to your family, you will likely need to use your stroller for at least five years.

Not only that, but a quality stroller can often fetch a good resale value. Look for a double stroller with a metal frame like aluminum and sturdy wheels. Also, select a brand trusted for its quality.

FAQs – Double Strollers

Do I really need a double stroller if my kids are 2 years apart?

Okay, so I’m sure you are looking at the higher price of double strollers and asking yourself if you really need one. After all, if you have a kid that’s 2 or older, and then another one that’s an infant, you are questioning if it will really come in handy.

Honestly, there are two options for toting around 2 kids:

  1. Get the double stroller. It can hold the newborn baby and the toddler. Your toddler might not be in it every second, but at least you have the option.
  2. Invest in a great baby carrier. You can put the newborn in the carrier and by the time the newborn really needs the stroller, say around 6 months, your toddler will be older and more willing and able to walk on their own.

You’ll have to make the call based on your own family and how often you go places, where you go, how much your toddler likes to walk, etc. But I will say this: it’s always good to have the option of an extra seat when you need it. If you don’t need it, you’ll still get more storage space in the stroller.

Do double strollers meet the new Disney size requirements?

Yes! Thank goodness! Strollers have to be no wider than 31 and no longer than 52. And since you can’t take a stroller wagon into Disney parks anymore, a good double stroller is your best bet. If you need some specific ideas, check out our Disney stroller recommendations.

Should I get a tandem double stroller or a side-by-side double stroller?

Again, this is another choice that depends on your kids and your family. Here’s a good way to help make the decision:

  • If your kids are close in age and enjoy each other’s company, you will benefit from a side-by-side double stroller
  • If your kids have an age gap, you might like a tandem stroller better, since it will separate the new baby from the curious older sibling

Keep in mind that if you plan to use your double stroller as a travel system, putting a car seat into a double stroller takes up a lot of space, and side-by-sides are short on space as it is.

Are there single strollers that can convert to double strollers?

Yes! If you have any doubts at all about whether you need a double stroller, or whether or not your family is done growing, you should absolutely get a single stroller that converts into a double stroller. We recommend the UPPABABY Vista or the Graco Uno2Duo stroller as the best convertible strollers. Also check out the Baby Jogger City Select Lux for a fabulous convertible stroller option.

Do I need a double stroller?

If you are having twins, you will obviously need a double stroller.

What is nice to know, though, is that a double stroller can also be a great solution for two children of different ages, so if you have a baby and toddler, a double-stroller might be just as useful.

Some strollers even allow one rider and one stander, so if you have a 3-year-old who mostly walks but occasionally gets tired, he or she could join your baby or toddler on the stroller.

How much does a double stroller cost?

Double strollers are relatively expensive. A good double stroller can be bought for $500, but the price can easily reach $1000.

Is a tandem stroller better, or a side-by-side?

This is a subjective call. ExperiencedMommy suggests that twins might enjoy riding side-by-side, but that if you have, for example, an infant and a curious toddler, you might prefer the tandem stroller.

My children were 25 months apart, however, and the two enjoyed each other from the beginning. So, if we had purchased a double stroller, I would probably have chosen the side-by-side so that they could enjoy each other.

If you prefer to have a stroller that accommodates a baby and an older child, standing, that will be a stand-and-sit stroller, which is a tandem arrangement.

At what age should my child be out of a stroller?

Most children should be able to walk by about three years. Still, a child may occasionally need to ride, if you are going to walk 13 miles per day at Disney World, for example, or you are navigating a massive crowd or heavy traffic and need to know that your child is secured.

What factors should I consider in selecting a double stroller?

  • Your budget
  • How long do you think this solution will work for your family?
  • Side-by-side, tandem, or sit-and-stand?
  • Wheels (rotating? large for rougher terrain? and ride)
  • Stroller weight
  • Ease of collapsing
  • Collapsed size
  • Cargo weight limit
  • Sun/bug protection


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