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The Best Toys and Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys 2022

What present do you get for a 6-year-old boy? Well, he wants toys. He wants things that make noise and move and do tricks (we did not suggest a drum set in this list; you’re welcome!).

We have a list of the best toys for 6 year old boys that are not only fun, but teach too. Everything on this list was picked for its ability to excite and motivate a 6-year-old boy. Go forth and shop, as we have taken away the challenge with hours of research and all the pros and cons easy to see in one handy dandy list.

The Best Gifts for 6-Year-Old BoysWhy It's BestRating
NERF Nitro DuelFury DemolitionShoots Cars, Set of 2, Great for Friendly Competition♥♥♥♥♥
Altair AA Wave RC Boat15 mph, 80 Meter Range, Great First Remote Control Toy♥♥♥♥♥
ThinkFun Roller Coaster STEM Building GameIncludes 39 Tracks, 36 Posts, 1 Car, and 40 Challenging Cards with Solutions♥♥♥♥♥
Crayola Light-Up Tracing PadPortable, Glows in the Dark, Uses LED Light♥♥♥♥♥
Educational Insights Robot Face Race GameMatching Game with 120 Robot Heads♥♥♥♥♥
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The Best Toys and Gifts for 6-Year-Old Boys in 2021

1. Nerf Nitro DuelFury Demolition

NERF Nitro DuelFury Demolition

Nerf’s Nitro DuelFury Demolition is not your typical Nerf gun as it shoots out foam cars into a ring of fire instead of foam bullets. The set comes with two guns and multiple accessories so two kids can challenge each other in the ultimate stuntman tricks. Nerf has always been a leader in quality and fun toys for kids but now they took fun to a whole level. Ultimately, boys will love this best toy for 6 year olds because the cars scream through the air as if shot out of a cannon. While this toy does not have any learning capacity, it sure is a lot of fun. Just right for a six-year-old desperate for anything with wheels.

Up Side 

  • Shoots tiny foam cars through a ring of fire or into roadblocks
  • Guns have a base for easier shooting on the ground
  • Fun demolition toy
  • Includes ramps, guns, rings of fire, cars, and roadblocks
  • 2 pack for friendly competitions or group play
  • Cars scream through the air
  • Great for zombie invasion play
  • Glows in the dark
  • Expansion packs available
  • No batteries necessary

Down Side 

  • A very small amount of customers had problems with the car jamming

Why You Should Buy

Boys will love playing with this glow-in-the-dark shooting car set. A great toy for imagination and for a sleepover to get boys squealing in delight. Finally, Nerf has expansion packs available to make this best toy for 6 year old boys even more fun for longer.

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2. Altair AA Wave RC Boat

Altair AA Wave RC Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes - Free Priority Shipping - Water Safe Propeller System for Kids, Self Righting, 2 Batteries, 23 km/h Speed, 2.4gHz (Lincoln, NE Company)

The Altair AA Wave RC Boat is designed for kids young to old and perfect for a first remote controlled vehicle because of how easy it is to operate.

Its simple controls, long-range, and self-righting feature make it fun to play with without risking losing the boat.

To keep fingers safe, the propellers only come on when the boat is placed in the water.

The boat has a special remote control frequency that allows it to be operated with other boats in the same area. This means you can race other boats without interference, which is great for multiple kids, parents and play with friends.

There is also a second battery included, so you can quickly replace the battery and get ready for the net race.

The self-righting hull works with a knob on the controller. It does take a little practice to get used to.

If the boat goes out too far from the controller (past 80m), an alarm sounds to let you know to bring it closer. There is a secondary alarm that alerts you to a low battery as well.

With speeds of over 15mph, this is fun to zip around all bodies of water.

Up Side

  • Low-battery and out-of-range alarms
  • Up to 17 mph
  • Easy to use
  • Hull has a self-righting feature
  • Extra rechargeable battery included for up to 30 minutes of playtime
  • No frequency interference from other controllers
  • 80m range

Down Side

  • Takes a little fiddling to flip the boat back over if it capsizes

Why You Should Buy

This boat is a good choice for a first remote controlled toy. Racing can be done with dad, siblings or friends and there is plenty of speed to keep the excitement going.

Check out our list of the best remote control cars for 6 year olds.

3. Think Fun Roller Coaster Challenge 

ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge STEM Toy and Building Game for Boys and Girls Age 6 and Up – TOTY Game of the Year Finalist

A six-year-old may be too young to ride roller coasters but not too young to build them with the Think Fun Roller Coaster Challenge STEM Toy Building Game. As you can tell, we here at Experience Mommy love STEM toys because learning can be fun. While your boy builds a coaster to soar above the ground, he will be learning logic and critical thinking with this award-winning toy. A great challenge to expand young minds.

Up Side 

  • Teaches logic, critical thinking, and building
  • STEM toy for 6 year old boys
  • Includes 39 tracks, 36 posts, 1 roller coaster car, base, and 40 challenging cards with solutions
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Comes with multi-level challenges
  • Award-winning toy

Down Side 

  • Pieces can be difficult to connect

Why You Should Buy

Roller coasters are no easy task to invent. Let your son have a taste of the planning involved increasing a spectacular ride and enticing thousands of people to a theme park. A best gift for 6 year old boys to decide if he has a future in creating rides.

4. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad 

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad Blue, Toys, Gift for Boys & Girls, Ages 6+

If you do not have room for an art desk you can give your boy this Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad instead. This art kit is portable and includes a light. Again, art supplies are a best gift for 6 year old boys as they are a way to let the imagination be free. A simple set by a dependable brand.

Up Side 

  • Dependable brand
  • Light up tracing board uses LED light
  • Promotes art and imagination
  • Includes coloring board, pencils, colored pencils, tracing paper, and blank paper
  • Portable for road trips or other uses
  • Paper locking frame holds sheets in place
  • Glows in the dark

Down Side 

  • 3 AA batteries sold separately
  • A portion of customers had trouble with the lights
  • May want to find thinner tracing paper

Why You Should Buy

Art has been an outlet for self expression since time began and now with a simple device your son can take his art on the road to grandma’s or to a friends house.

5. Educational Insights Robot Face Race

Educational Insights Robot Face Race, Fast Paced Color Recognition Matching Game, for Ages 4+

Educational Insights Robot Face Race Game is a great addition to your game cabinet if your child is struggling to read. The game does not require reading and can be a great stress reliever with the pressure to read so strong for first graders. Give your little man a way to relax with a fun game with the whole family. He may not be working on his reading skills but will still be learning attention to detail as he looks for specific robots. Great for younger siblings too.

Up Side 

  • A matching game with fun robot bodies and heads
  • A Robot Randomizer to shake and make the game more fun and challenging
  • Colorful and fun game board
  • Great for siblings or with friends over
  • Teaches attention to detail as you have to find the correct colored face, nose, eyes, and mouth
  • Includes game board, 120 robot heads, Randomizer, and 20 robot scoring tokens
  • Made by American Mensa
  • Great for kids who have difficulty reading and younger siblings as there is no reading necessary

Down Side 

  • This game is not for everyone

Why You Should Buy

In conclusion, this simple game offers challenges in a fun and encouraging manner to get kids laughing and relieve the daily pressures of life.

For more fun, check out our list of the best board games for 6 year olds here.

6. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set [Amazon Exclusive]

With the Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set (Amazon Exclusive) your six-year-old boy can fulfill his driving dreams as cars spin around the powered track fast speeds. Big boys and little boys alike enjoy cars on the track and now the track can come to your house. Even better, the track includes parking spots for many Hot Wheels cars to keep his room just a little bit organized. Besides spinning around the track, the cars can flip and continue on their little journey. What a wonderful toy for 6 year old boys to engage boys in excitement and pretend play.

Up Side 

  • A super fast car track set
  • Great for competition with challenging intersections, hairpin turns, motorized boosters, and large crash zone
  • Includes parking spaces for storage
  • Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Bright colors – orange and blue
  • Amazing speeds and cars flip

Down Side 

  • Use 4 D batteries to move the cars
  • A small percentage of customers have trouble with the track working correctly

Why You Should Buy

While this toy may need some hefty batteries it’s not an electronic toy per se as boys will actively enjoy the toy with a little friendly competition and attempt to keep a car on all four colorful tracks. A best gift for the 6 year old car enthusiast.

7. Kidirace Rc Bumper Remote Control Cars

Kidirace Remote Control Cars | Remote Control Bumper Cars | Set of 2 with Rechargeable Batteries and Wall Charger | Multiplayer Technology | Great Toy for 5 10 Year old Boy

Remote control cars are great fun. Bumper cars like these Kidirace Rc Bumper Cars | Remote Control Cars – Set of 2 are epic because they can take a beating and keep on moving. For this reason, boys will love grabbing a friend and racing these fiendish vehicles all over the house. Maybe send them to the driveway to bump into each other and not into your feet or kitchen cabinets. In the long run, this best toy for 6 year old boys will cost you a small arm and leg in batteries but will amuse your son to no end.

Up Side 

  • Two remote-controlled car toy set
  • Easy to use auto control
  • Multiplayer technology – race up to 6 cars at a time
  • Bumper cars for added fun
  • Realistic with rear engine and propellers
  • Builds motor skills and cooperative play
  • Includes a charger

Down Side 

  • Cars do not stay charged for long
  • Requires batteries

Why You Should Buy

Learning to use a remote control can be a great learning tool, like a coding robot that requires proficiency. In essence, let your son have fun as you sneak a little learning into his day.

8. Elite Hookey Ring Toss Game

Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games for Adults & Kids - Wall Games for Indoor & Outdoor Family Fun - Dorm, Garage, BBQ, Beach, Party, Camping & Yard Games for All Ages

Elite Hookey Ring Toss Game is a simple game to bring people together. Gather the family in the den or garage and toss a few rings for simple fun. While not a fancy toy, this is a toy to engage everyone from granddad to grandson and bind families together with uncomplicated recreation.

Up Side 

  • Great for kids and adults – great for family bonding
  • Challenging – promotes hand-eye coordination and precision
  • No sharp parts – safer than darts
  • Great for game rooms or on the back patio
  • Helps promote healthy competition
  • Thirteen numbered hooks – great for teaching numbers
  • Six ring of each color – black and red
  • Solid wood board

Down Side 

  • Expensive for a game
  • A few customers complained the game came without hooks

Why You Should Buy

A ring toss game will engage the entire family not just your six-year-old but he will love finally being old enough to play a game of skill with the elders in the home.

9. Original Walkaroo Steel Stilts

Geospace Original Walkaroo Stilts by Air Kicks (Steel) with Ergonomic Design for Easy Balance Walking (Blue)

The Original Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks with Ergonomic Design for Easy Balance Walking(Blue or Red) will delight your boy for years as he learns to walk and balance high in the sky. Well, not really high in the sky but a foot higher. Stilts are a chance for a little kid to feel taller and more in control of his own world. Short people understand. Finally, with the stilts he might be able to reach his own juice cup. Independence is a beautiful thing to moms.

Up Side 

  • Comfortable with an ergonomic design
  • Low to the ground
  • Adjusts to accommodate anyone form 54 to 78 inches
  • Made of tubular steel and rubber bottoms for maximum stability
  • Sturdy foot rests and foam hand grips
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Great active toy for 6 year old boys

Down Side 

  • Expensive but no more so than other similar products
  • Maybe too tall for shorter children

Why You Should Buy

Let your son’s imagination explode as he becomes a giraffe, a clown, a giant, or anything else several feet taller than he is at six. Also, stilts can improve balance and motor skills. Great fun for parties too.

10. Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot 

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set, Screen-Free Coding Robot for Kids, STEM Toy, Programming for Kids, 77 Pieces, Ages 5+

Still on coding, you can by your boy the Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set to continue encouraging growth in the digital world. Unlike the last toy for 6 year old boys, this one does require batteries and is a more physical experience, well a game really to program a tiny robot to do his bidding. A great tool to learn the ins and outs of programming.

Up Side 

  • 77 piece activity set – remote programmer, detachable robot arms, 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles, 27 obstacle building pieces, and a starter guide
  • Teaches STEM skills and coding
  • Ready to code straight out of the box
  • Screen-free coding – no phone, tablet, or computer required
  • Easy to use remote programmer transmits commands
  • Code him for up to 120 steps
  • Can follow loop commands and uses smart logic to detect objects in his path

Down Side 

  • Expensive
  • Requires 5 AAA batteries  for Botley and 2 Remotes

Why You Should Buy

Give the best gift the future with a friendly introduction into the land of computers and the intricate design process to help him be ready for the school.

11. WILD! Science My First Coding and Computer Science Kit

The WILD! Science My First Coding and Computer Science Kit is the best gift on this list. Because, this fabulous kit teaches sequencing, encryption, and coding without the need for a computer. Without telling a kid they cannot imagine in their head all the things a computer can do. With thirty tools and parts, your child can figure out mazes and codes. You can practically watch the synapses in his brain grow from this powerful learning toy that brings fun binary coding.

Up Side 

  • Fun game to learn
  • Teaches computer science
  • Create binary necklaces, ancient encryption devices, sorting races, mystery mazes, and more
  • Includes over 30 tools, ingredients, and parts
  • Simple to follow instruction book
  • STEM toy for boys
  • No batteries included – coding without computers!

Down Side 

  • Contains small parts that can get lost if kids do not store them properly

Why You Should Buy

Coding is the future but that doesn’t mean the world is ready to give up life and move into a virtual world. With this best toy, your six-year-old can learn the building blocks that brought computers and coding into existence and pave the path for inventing his own future.

12. HEXBUG Nano Nitro 

HEXBUG nano Nitro 5 Pack - Sensory Vibration Toys for Kids and Cats - Tiny HEX BUG Children’s Toy Technology with Batteries Included - Multicolor

Us mothers will never understand a boys fascination with bugs but the obsession is thee all the same, which is why he will love the HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy. Because what boy wouldn’t love computerized bugs that flip and act like real bugs? Beyond these few qualities, the Hexbugs serve no other purpose or special ability but to entertain children and get under foot. At least these bugs cannot bite your or land in your coffee cup.

Up Side 

  • 5 pack of tiny motorized bug toys
  • Each bug has 12 fixed angular legs
  • Bugs stay very balanced – can even flip back to feet to run again
  • Acts like a real bug
  • Can find its way through a maze
  • Batteries included
  • Tons of expansions for added play on pre-built bug playgrounds

Down Side 

  • Requires batteries
  • Expensive
  • Like real bugs, they will go everywhere – even under the fridge or stove

Why You Should Buy

Seems a few people bought Hex bugs to entertain their cats. If you have both a cat and kid they can play together trying to catch computerized bugs before they dash under the fridge.

13. Who Would Win?: Battle Royale

Who Would Win?: Battle Royale

Now, the Who Would Win?: Battle Royale is no lazy book, but one full of battles and beast ready to run into a fight head first, much like you’re little boy is ready to run in to life fearless. Still so full of questions, this book will answer a few and save you the search. He will know once and for all which would win a killer whale or a great white shark, along with several other epic battles. The books do not however, show a battle between Batman and Superman to put that argument to rest (but we all know Superman would win) as the books focus on animal fights. No animals were harmed in the making of these book gifts…we think.

Up Side 

  • Hard cover book for durability – also available on the Kindle
  • 5 Books in 1
  • Dangerous animals fight to win
  • Teaches about animals and dinosaurs including anatomy, behavior, and more
  • Features Wolverine vs. Tasmanian Devil, Rhino vs. Hippo, Alligator vs Python, Killer Whale vs. Great White Shark, and T-Rex vs Velociraptor
  • Comes with photos, charts, illustrations, and facts
  • 160 pages

Down Side 

  • Is a complication of other books in the series all in one book – better for someone who does not have any in this series

Why You Should Buy

Boys are obsessed with battles and want to know who is the strongest, what animals are the toughest, and who will win in a fight. This book best gift fulfills this little tough guy fantasy and promotes reading.

14. GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow Set

Toyvelt Bow and Arrow Set for Kids -Light Up Archery Toy Set -Includes 6 Suction Cup Arrows, Target & Quiver - for Boys & Girls Ages 3 -12 Years Old (Green)

A quiver, a light-up bow, arrows, and a target equal a kiddo learning to aim and increase their hand-eye coordination. But enough with the learning, he can be Robin Hood or a boy version of Katniss Everdeen or even a Scottish king related to Merida. Six-year-olds want to be fierce and in control and with the GoBroBRand Bow and Arrow Set he can be in control. Next, the arrows are suction cups and as a result, are quite safe for little siblings. Finally, this is a great toy for friendly competition, coincidentally, a skill your boy is working on now.

Up Side 

  • Comes with bow, quiver, six arrows, and a target
  • LED light-up bow with three light options
  • Suction cup arrows for safety and can stick to glass and other flat surfaces
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Great for practice and finding an interest in

Down Side 

  • A small percentage of  customers claim low quality 
  • Arrows may snap

Why You Should Buy

Buy this toy because of the learning potential and the powerful feeling that comes with engaging in a time-honored sport.

15. Hauck Nerf Striker Go Kart Ride On

Hauck Nerf Striker Go Kart Ride On, Blue and Orange

Not everyone has owned a Hauck Nerf Striker Go Kart Ride On but maybe you have seen one or something similar at the park or on the sidewalk near your house and wanted to get one for grins and giggles. Maybe you get this German-made pedal car to encourage your son to drive around outside. He can be the kid with the unique toy for 6 year olds that no one else has and kids will flock to the front yard to try out the vehicle. Your son will love all the attention along with the unique wheels too.

Up Side 

  • Fun driving experience
  • Allows better control of speed
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • No batteries required or charging
  • Race-inspired pedals, rubber wheels, 8 ball style handbrake, 3-point steering wheel, and steel tube powder-coat frame
  • Made in Germany
  • Adjustable seat and traction tires

Down Side 

  • Maybe too small for tall six-year-olds

Why You Should Buy

Any toy that takes your son outside and away from the computer or television is a best toy for 6 year old boys. Even better, this uncommon toy will draw other kids out for a chance to ride on a new set of wheels.

16. LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport Kit

LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 Toy Truck Building Kit with Trailer, Toy Helicopter and Construction Minifigures for Creative Play (310 Pieces) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

The LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 Building Kit (310 Piece) is a more mature set of construction blocks for slightly older boys. Your son will love he finally gets real Legos like his older brother or cousin and completely different in size from the larger more babyish Lego’s for younger child, you know like a five-year-old because that’s a whole year younger. Above all else, this construction set will encourage learning and growth with dexterity and hand-eye coordination but your kid will not even know he is learning as he makes a big rig and a helicopter.

Up Side 

  • Set includes pieces for a heavy truck, flatbed trailer, and helicopter
  • Includes two figurines – a truck driver and helicopter pilot
  • 310 pieces
  • Compatible with all other Lego sets
  • All of the toys work together for interactive play
  • Great price

Down Side 

  • No downside unless your son doesn’t like Legos

Why You Should Buy

As your son grows he will move past babyish toys to big boy toys and one of the best more favorite toys is Legos and the ability to building anything he can dream of like this truck and helicopter set.

Check out the best lego sets for 6 year olds here.

17. Kids Camping Set

Aokiwo 45Pcs Kids Camping Tent Set, Pop Up Play Tent with Camping Gear Tools Indoor Outdoor Pretend Play Set for Toddler Boys/Girls - Including Telescope, Walkie Talkie, Camping Tent, Stove, and etc

Kids want to camp but all the supplies can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, let your 6-year-old practice camping with this value set. It comes with everything little boys need to spend some time outside pretending to camp. The set comes with a pop-up tent, camping tools, fake food, working light, and more. He can spend days outside (safely in the backyard) enjoying a fun adventure with his best friend or teddy bear. 

Up Side 

  • Includes a pop up tent
  • Tons of fake food ready to “cook”
  • Comes with fun camping multi-purpose tools
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Less work for parents 
  • Everything is waterproof
  • Adjustable tools kinds can actually use
  • Fun colors children will enjoy
  • Fantastic learning toy with real-world application

Down Side 

  • Requires several sets of batteries
  • Tons of pieces for kids to lose. 

Why You Should Buy

Buy a few extra supplies and grab a few more boys to turn this kit into a party. Camping parties may not be a thing but with the stellar price, your kids may spend all day outside camping and eating cake by fake firelight. 

18. National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Dino Fossil Dig Kit – Excavate 3 real fossils including Dinosaur Bones & Mosasaur Teeth - Great Jurassic Science gift for Paleontology and Archeology enthusiasts of any age

The National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit lets boys become archeologist without a trip to far off Egypt or Turkey. With the included tools, he can brush, break, and remove debris to discover the secrets behind the stones. A best gift for 6 year old children to marvel at all the wonders still left in the world to discover. Even better, this toy will encourage a lifetime of love for science and history.

Up Side 

  • Fabulous price
  • Real dinosaur fossils – 3 different pieces – a bone, tooth, and poop
  • Fun learning toy for 6 year old boys
  • Great for motor skills and dexterity
  • Includes colorful instruction book with facts and pictures
  • More similar kits available by the same brand
  • Comes with digging tools and goggles

Down Side 

  • Some kits are missing the third fossil
  • Kit smaller than expected for many customers

Why You Should Buy

If your boy loves dinosaurs, buy him this exciting and best gift to engage his mind and curiosity in a life of fascination with history and the science of discovery.

19. K’NEX Group Building Set

K’NEX Education – Kid K’NEX Group Building Set – 131 Pieces – Ages 3+ – Preschool Educational Toy

Kid K’NEX Group Building Set 131 Pieces is a great beginner construction set. Unlike Legos, these toys connect in many angles not just stacked on opening a whole new world of building possibilities. Even more fun are the silly eyes and ears to create critters of every kind. A great STEAM toy to encourage learning more than science and math but also the arts. Also, moms will love the included storage container to pack the K’nex up and straight into the closet.

Up Side 

  • 131 Brightly colored pieces
  • Includes eyes and ears
  • 8 Building models – animal creatures such as a dog, butterfly, spider, and more
  • Improves dexterity, critical-thinking, and fine motor skills
  • Great for imagination
  • Easy to build for little hands with chunky pieces
  • Including correspondence cards for ideas
  • STEAM toy
  • Easy to store with an included container
  • No Batteries

Down Side 

  • Some people were missing a few pieces 
  • Expensive for what you get

Why You Should Buy

While this toy is meant for smaller children with your child on the cusp of little boy and big boy, most six-year-old will enjoy creating figments of their imagination. A great addition to any playroom.

20. Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword Toy

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Beast-X Electronic Saber, Sword Toy

The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword Toy is perfect for boys. Every boy is epic with a foam sword in his hands. He can be anyone and go anywhere with a blade in his hand. He can be a Highlander (there can be only one), or a zombie killer, even a pirate with this black and blue plastic sword. Features lights, sounds, and even a “beast mode” that is unlocked when the saber is swung 7 times. Give the best gift of adventure and imagination for the fearless six-year-old in your life.

Up Side 

  • Great for a Power Rangers fan
  • Easy to grip plastic
  • Lights
  • Reactive sounds (plus beast mode!)
  • High quality

Down Side 

  • A very small percentage of customers complained of the quality
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (included)

Why You Should Buy

In conclusion, this sword will last a long time and is great for the Power Rangers fan in your life. What better gift could you get your little warrior?

For more sword reviews, check out our reviews of the best Nerf swords here.

21. Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe

Minecraft Transforming Sword/Pickaxe [Amazon Exclusive]

Similar to the sword above, the Mattel Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe Action Figure allows boys to enter the realm of their choice. Of course, this toy is a little more specific and meant to attack chickens and pigs on the pixelated fields of Minecraft, but still, this toy will call to young boys the way only imaginative toys can. Plus, this best toy for 6 year old boys works double shifts serving as a pickaxe ready to mine ore and swiftly turn into a sword ready to corner any predator. Finally, any boy obsessed with Minecraft needs this toy to play even when he has been denied computer access.

Up Side 

  • Minecraft toy for fun imaginary play
  • Looks pixelated like the game
  • Transforms from pickaxe to a sword
  • Great for killing Minecraft cows, pigs, chickens, fish, etc. – also great for mining ore, stone, and other elements
  • Large size for realistic pretend play
  • Made of heavy plastic

Down Side 

  • The toy is a bit heavy for smaller 6-year-olds
  • Very expensive (but no other toy like it available)

Why You Should Buy

Versatile toys are epic because of their ability to be more than one thing at a time and because they open up the imagination like two genres of music opens the ears. In conclusion, buy this best toy for 6 year old boys not just because your son loves Minecraft, but because it’s a venue to open the imagination.

22. Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate

Roller Derby Tracer Boy's Adjustable Inline Medium (2-5), Black/Blue/Orange Tracer

Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate’s will have mom’s hearts racing as boys weeble and wobble through the first three or four sessions of in-line skating. Then, the young man has the light bulb moment and his legs stay up over the skates instead of off to the side and he is off like lightning with his arms held high as he speeds down a steep incline. That moment of freedom as they race to the bottom while the wind parts for his path is the reason to buys rollerblades for your son. To sum up, give the best gift of unrestricted movement and the joy of free falling…with brakes!

Up Side 

  • Adjustable up to four sizes by pushing a button
  • Comes in small or medium to accommodate size 12 to size 5 in boy’s shoes
  • Washable boot liner for less stinkiness
  • Removable wheels for washing too
  • Break on the right skate
  • Usable indoor our outdoor
  • Bright distinguishable colors
  • Helps to teach balance
  • Great form of exercise

Down Side 

  • Sensitive feet may need more padding than provided
  • Hard plastic that can crack – reported by a small percentage of customers

Why You Should Buy

Inline skates improve balance and teach open movement to encourage other skills along the way such as ice skating and skateboarding. Subsequently, these will be the best gift in the bunch sure to bring smiles to every little boys face. Maybe try them out at an indoor arena before venturing outdoors.

Also, check out our selection of the best roller skates.

23. Elecder i37 Kids Headphones

Elecder i37 Kids Headphones Children Girls Boys Teens Foldable Adjustable On Ear Headphones 3.5mm Jack Compatible Cellphones Computer MP3/4 Kindle School Tablet Navy

Purchase the Elecder i37 Kids Headphones for your own sanity, because mom’s should only be forced to listen to so much Pokemon and other weird shows boys love. Seriously, who comes up with the weird graphics and all the farting packed into one boy show? Anyone remember Phineas and Ferb? Yeah, that cartoon was normal. Give your boy some headphones to prevent a headache. By the way, he will love the cool technology, so a double-purpose best gift for 6-year-old boys for the win.

Up Side 

  • Fantastic Sound
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Durable and does not tangle
  • Adjustable band
  • Folds for easy carry
  • Comfortable
  • Made for children’s head

Down Side 

  • A small portion of customers complained about the quality or of issues

Why You Should Buy

Avoid listening to weird boy shows or YouTube videos with a nice pair of headphones. A best gift for your 6 year old boy, and some quiet for you. Ahhh, can you hear that? Nope. Because the headphones work.

24. PLAYMOBIL Novelmore Grand Castle of Novelmore

Playmobil Novelmore Grand Castle of Novelmore Playset

As you can see, we choose a lot of toys focused on an imaginative play like the Playmobil’s Novelmore Grand Castles of Novelmore. First, your son will love building the castle. Next, he will love setting up for battle. Most of all, he will love all the little-hidden spots meant to allude to adventure. Also, a castle toy gives a small sense of the planning and detail required by life. Of course, he will not understand all of the aspects of planning like buying, cleaning, prepping, and other aspects but maybe he will understand an inkling and be better prepared for the future.

Up Side 

  • Great imaginative play – includes wolf, horse, and a treasure chest with treasure (among other things)
  • Functioning drawbridge and catapult 
  • Comes with breakaway walls, crossbows, and pulleys
  • No batteries or electronics
  • Great for cooperative play

Down Side 

  • Expensive

Why You Should Buy

Truly unique toys were replaced a few years back for commercial toys made of cheap plastic and identical to the majority of the other toys on the shelf. But this best toy for 6 year old boys is one of a kind – only a few similar toys exist and yet this one comes with a name brand and the promise of hours of fun.

25. Dinotrux Die-Cast Vehicles 

Dinotrux Bundle

The Dinotrux Bundle – Ty Rux, Garby, Ton-Ton, Skya, Revvit & Ace Die-Cast Vehicles gives you boy the best of two worlds: dinosaurs and cars. Who says dinosaurs shouldn’t have wheels? These vehicles look like prehistoric creatures but move around like cars. Maybe this toy is not for every boy, but this toy for 6 year olds will be up the right alley for boys who love both cars and dinosaurs despite the bizarre combination. Additionally, this set comes from a TV show and even has books in the set. Look below for a book in the same series.

Up Side 

  • Half-dinosaur Half-construction vehicles – like transformers but already transformed
  • 6 pack of die-cast Dinotrux
  • Each one has rolling wheels for playing
  • Includes Ty Rux, Garby, Ton-Ton, Skya, Revvit, and Ace
  • Cute toy from a television show
  • Bright colors and unique toy

Down Side 

  • Smaller than expected

Why You Should Buy

Let your son live in two worlds at once. One with cars and the second with creatures long extinct.  Coincidentally, a great toy for imaginative play because two worlds could not be farther apart than these two.

26. Toysery Remote Control Dinosaur

Toysery Remote Control Dinosaur Toy for Kids, T Rex Realistic Toys for 3+ Year Old Toddlers, Dinosaur Toy for Boys, Girls, Features LED Light, Glowing Eyes, Roaring Sound, Shaking Head.

With the Toysery Remote Control Dinosaur Toy your son can move past dinosaurs on wheels to dinosaurs controlled by a remote. That’s right, your kiddo can be in charge of the movements of a prehistoric creature. He can force the worlds greatest beast to walk or spin and light up his eyes.

Up Side 

  • Remote control dinosaur
  • Realistic appearance, sounds, light-up eyes,
  • On/off function
  • The dino walks forward and roars and can spin left of right

Down Side 

  • Requires 3AA batteries for the controller and three more for the dinosaur
  • Kaching! Pricey toy

Why You Should Buy

Boys love monsters and beasts and because of their youth believe they can handle even the most difficult creatures. With this remote controlled dinosaur, he can, in fact, control a beast.

27. Dinotrux Go to School Book

Dinotrux Go to School: Level 1 (Passport to Reading Level 1)

Remember the Dinotrux die cast toys from above?die-cast Dinotrux Go to School (Passport to Reading Level 1), a book for new readers ready to find bigger and more challenging vocabulary and fun pictures of trucks dressed up as dinosaurs. Anyone who loves the series will love reading this book as books based on characters are a great encouragement for young readers to find their happy place in the land of books.

Up Side 

  • Beginner Reader
  • The Dinotrux are nervous about their first day of school
  • Toys in the same set (see above)
  • Great illustrations
  • Fun for Dinosaur lovers
  • Promotes reading

Down Side 

  • Some people did not like the plot

Why You Should Buy

Books are not just word on a paper but an escapade into a new destination. This book is no exception just a dedicated world for a specific audience, those who love cars and dinosaurs. Books are always best gifts for 6 year olds!

28. Fly Guy Phonics Boxed Set

Fly Guy Phonics Boxed Set

While still on the topic of books, here is a silly series about bugs a topic we have touched on before. The Fly Guy Phonics Boxed Set brings a new teacher – a fly – specifically the Fly Guy and he wants to teach your child about the vowel sounds to improve his reading skills.

Up Side 

  • Teaches phonics – focuses on short and long a, e, i, o, and u sounds
  • Box set includes 10 books and 2 workbooks
  • Super popular Fly Guy Serious promotes fun learning
  • Paperback set – light weight for young kids

Down Side 

  • More like mini books than phonics according to a few customers

Why You Should Buy

The cute cartoon bug will keep your little man laughing so much he won’t even know he is improving his readings skills. Still in story format so a great gift for bonding with mom or dad for a bed time story.

See our list of the best books for 6-year-olds here.

29. Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel

Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel

Your six-year-old may be on the larger side of this art desk, but the Step2 Flip and Doodle Desk with Stool Easel will last for a while and encourage your son to draw and paint. A great organizational and quiet addition to the house to prompt an interest in the arts and unlock his inner potential.

Up Side 

  • Great value
  • Standing easel or sitting desk with large works space for arts and crafts
  • Magnetic dry-erase board
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes stool
  • Built-in storage
  • Teaches organization

Down Side 

  • Some say it’s smaller than expected
  • Assembly required
  • Desktop may not be able to take much pressure

Why You Should Buy

An art desk sells itself to the parents of a young artist. If your son has any interest at all in drawing, tracing, painting, or writing this desk gift for 6 year olds will become his office space to create his imagination on paper.

30. Roly Poly Farm by Pocket Pets

Pocket Pets Roly Poly Farm Vivarium/Terrarium (Assorted Colors) (Small Holds up to 250 rolies)

A few times in this article we have touched on gifts about bugs because young boys are so fascinated by the miniature world under the grass and all of its inhabitants. Now, with the Roly Poly Farm by Pocket Pets you can bring a bit of the bug world into your house and not the unwanted kind like fleas, ants, or spiders, but instead invited guest, cute little roly-polies.

Up Side 

  • Fun realistic design
  • Real working farm for Roly-Polies
  • Grow, fertilize, and harvest their own food
  • Bugs kept in by a specialized wall
  • Chia pets are growing and consumed by the insects
  • Can get special Rolies shipped to your home with voucher
  • Kit includes farm base, chia seeds, plant food, moisture sponge, and voucher
  • Learning toy teaches about the environment and bugs
  • Non-creepy bugs like spiders or roaches

Down Side 

  • Avoid this toy if you have a cat
  • Not great for people who have a black thumb
  • The voucher does not give free bugs
  • Expensive

Why You Should Buy

An insect farm is a best gift for curious six-year-olds. Sure he can visit bugs outside, but with this environment set, he can learn how bugs live and provide for themselves and plants.

31. JITTERYGIT Robot 3 in 1 Construction Set

Robot STEM Toy | 3 in 1 Fun Creative Set | Construction Building Toys for Boys and Girls Ages 6-14 Years Old | Best Toy Gift for Kids | Free Poster Kit Included

The JitteryGit Robot 3 in 1 Construction Set is a lot like Legos but comes with all the pieces to create a robot, animal, and construction car. Another STEM toy but this one allows your child to create a functional robot just without the computer chip brain. That you will have to do yourself. Also, comes with a poster for your son to color.

Up Side 

  • STEM toy – 3-in-1 set
  • Imaginative toy
  • Comes with free coloring poster
  • Great for role play
  • Pieces are easy to assemble and connect
  • Fully jointed for 360-degree movement
  • Other sets available
  • Similar to Legos

Down Side 

  • May be missing pieces
  • Lot of little pieces

Why You Should Buy

By now you know all the benefits of STEM toys to assist a child with brain challenges and important school-aged skills. This toy also offers robotic and building fun, right up a six-year-old’s alley.

Gifts for Similar Ages

How the Gifts Were Chosen

We chose the best toys for 6 year old boys based on the level of fun and also the skills your boy is working on right now. Toys to improve his understanding and new skills.

First, lets learn about the skills he is trying to master.

Physical Milestones

Gone are you little man’s chubby little legs now morphed into lanky longer limbs. Consequently, he may grow another two and a half inches before he turns seven! Don’t worry, your little guy still has plenty of energy and is ready for lots of physical play. As a matter of fact, you may spend the year telling him to sit down for a couple of minutes you can relax! Remember, he needs lots of exercise.

Here is what to expect this year. First, your son will be eager to show off his ever-improving skills, like running fast, jumping, skipping, and power walking. Second, he will be able to demonstrate much improved hand-eye coordination such as hitting a baseball or a soccer ball. Finally, he can follow game rules making sports a lot more relevant.

Emotional Milestones

Now in his first year of grade school, he has a better understanding of other people’s feelings as well as his own feelings. Also, over the year he will better appreciate not hurting someone’s feelings. By now, he probably has a huge desire to do for himself, such as wash himself without help, pick his own clothes, and basically become more independent.

Soon he will be making his own sandwiches and waking himself up on school days. Just joking, that’s a couple of years away. But, he will possess better self-control skills except when it comes to showing off. Expect a lot of showing off but with stability. In short, watch when he performs and keep consistent routines for his physical and emotional well-being.

Social Milestones

Now that your son is in big boy school he is ready for big boy relationships like more involved friendships. Now, he understands the benefits of sharing with his peers and taking turns. Woo-hoo! One small hurdled jumped over but a few more to go. For example, he needs words to go with emotions and you may want to help out his friendships by asking questions like, “Do you think your friend here wants a drink too?”

During this age, the family takes the back seat for little boys as they figure out friendship and teamwork with peers. He spends hours laughing and play with friends, forming bonds and enjoying camaraderie. Finally, while he still loves his mom, dad, and siblings, his independence fires up into a blaze and he may leave his family in a pool of smoke if a friend is ready to play.

Cognitive Milestones

As the year progresses, your little guy will retain a better understanding of right and wrong. Coincidentally, this new understanding may turn him into a mini policeman as he tells people what they are doing is wrong. Try not to get too frustrated as this is a helpful stage to encourage comprehension.

Another great benefit of this older child age is a longer attention span! He might sit through an entire Disney movie so you can finish that project you started when you were pregnant with your son! As a result of the longer attention span, he may be able to learn a whole lot of useful skills.

Here’s want you should focus on helping him with over this year. First, help him participate in small groups, which he will naturally want to work on but a little encouragement goes a long way. Second, help him with telling time. He may not be ready for a watch but try mentioning time to him often to improve time concepts. Lastly, encourage him to draw different shapes like diamonds.


With a larger attention span, you now have a broader range of toys to delight his senses. Therefore, the best toys for 6 year old boys on this list represent beginning attention toys such as more complex building kits, STEM toys, and slightly more complex books. Next, physically, your son is ready to move past trikes and to wheels that move farther and faster, like roller blades. Additionally, encourage artistic abilities such as the art desk by Step2. Finally, encourage imagination with toys like the sword or castle to let his imagination take him far from home.

FAQ’s for 6-Year-Old Boy Gifts and Toys

What is a good Christmas gift for a 6 year old boy?

Most 6 year old boys love anything with wheels, whether it’s something they play with on the ground, with a remote, or something they ride on. This opens up a bunch of options for Christmas gifts. Think toy cars, like Hot Wheels, remote control cars, or a peddle go kart! If you live in a cold climate, a peddle go kart may not work, so you could purchase a great indoor STEM or board game instead.

What is the best toy gift for a 6 year old boy?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) toys are great toys for 6 year old boys. STEM education is great for hands-on learning and stimulating the mind with critical thinking. Children can learn basic coding in an evergrowing electronic world. We mentioned a few coding games and toys in our list above. 

Popular toys for 6 year old boys typically includes anything related to trucks, dinosaurs, cars, sports, building, action, and playing games, among other types of toys. A problem solving toy or game is a great gift for a 6 year old boy because it gets the mind thinking and is educational, without feeling like learning!

What are some good birthday gifts for a 6 year old boy?

Just like our Christmas gift idea suggestions for 6 year old boys, we recommend anything with wheels! Purchasing a gift may depend on the time of the year too, whether it’s warm enough to play with a toy outside or inside for the most part. For warmer weather, a good gift for a 6 year old boy would be a pedal go kart. On the other hand, if the weather is cold, a good gift for a 6 year old boy could be a new LEGO set or board game! 

I see a lot of toys now geared towards coding. Does my son need to understand coding or how to code?

Your son does not need to learn coding but he will eventually be learning coding in school as the world is becoming a digital platform and all the kids are on the train. Coding toys will be the precursors to the lessons he will learn in school or on the Scratch website at home. Think of coding toys as you would alphabet toys that teach the letters but not reading. It’s just a step in the direction the world is going.

Should I let my son play with toys at the dinner table?

You can if you want but is this the precedence you want to set? Toys should stay in the toy room or his bedroom. If you allow toys at the table at six then he is going to want his phone at the table at 10. By 15, he will be on his phone eating without even looking at his food and eating so fast it will make your head spin.

Banning toys and electronics at the table (including for mom and dad) encourages family bonding, healthy conversation, and more importantly healthy eating habits. Eating without distractions allows kids to see what they are eating, focus on chewing, and only eat until they are sated instead of overeating. Start these practices now to prevent have to break habits in the future.

Wrap Up

If you pick only one toy from this list of 30 Best Toys and Gifts you should pick one of the following two: either the WILD! Science My First Coding and Computer Science Kit or the Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate.

The coding toy is a learning toy. Not just a learning toy but a coding kit that does not need to be online or have a device to play.

Second, the skates are an active toy with no batteries and will improve balance. Finally, while he may get a few bumps and bruises, this toy will promote a life of enjoyment in the great outdoors.


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Adrina Palmer is a stay-at-home-mom to three wonderful children and a wife to an amazing husband. She has a bachelors degree in Religion from Liberty University and works as a blogger, copywriter, and reviewer. Adrina is a Christian hoping to help other stay-at-home moms find the joy and simplicity as a mother and wife. In her free time she enjoys many crafts, writing, spending time with family, and reading. She would love to hear from you!